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  1. whats rip about this lol. it's a update that lays out things to do till TD2 is out for current players to earn stuff for.
  2. lol what. basically unplayable? i unlocked my operators with renown and i'm a casual as fuck player who only plays co op with my friends every now and again when we get the urge to play and i didn't need to grind "100s of hours to get a few operators" did you even play r6s. i barely crossed 50 hours of playtime and i have all the operators i cared about playing.
  3. so you gonna complain about lootboxes being in the division too? since its from ubisoft? hmm? i mean like it or not but lootboxes are basically an industry standard at this point. unless its completely outlawed globally it ain't going away period. so how do we stop this from being "predatory"? making sure kids don't get to buy this type of boxes. if you're an adult or at least like 18+ you should be capable of making your own god damn decisions with your money. The devs don't need to hand hold every single player and hope they don't dump all their life savings into lootboxes. the lootbo
  4. so they are expected to just say don't buy our stuff because of increased prices? obviously they cannot control what retailer sells at. being a business they undoubtedly want to maximize profits and high demand with limited supply offers huge returns. management and shareholders probably can't give 2 shits about whats happening as long as they see the products fly off the production line as soon as they are ready and that is what exactly is happening. What benefit is it to a company like AMD to bump up production to keep up with the inflated supply. what happens if the crypto market co
  5. the entire article seems pretty sketch imo. "industry sources". no hard facts only hearsay. Plus they can't seem to figure out how AMD doesn't profit off retailer markups. Sure HBM2 was expensive, probably more than what they have anticipated and planned for. however they can surely still take the cost hit easily.(you don't design a card like this and only plan to make like 50 dollars in profit. How can it even cover R&D which should be a big factor. imo they probably planned to make like $200 per card?) They make money off frontier editions, vega 56 from non full functioning dies. s
  6. yeah i don't mean that it might be a bad thing. I feel like the article talking about it being bad for investors cause of the whole X, non X thing don't really make sense. AMD pretty much hit their Q1 target from their Q4 forecast despite being a bad quarter for tech.
  7. i seriously don't feel like the projected 1% gross margin decrease for Q2 is due to people purchasing the non x variants over the x variants. Sure savvy enthusiasts might go for the non x version for the price to performance ratio but likely the majority of common folk buying might just buy the x version cause theres an X in it. the current Q1 results have 1 month of ryzen 7 sales. Q2 will be a mix of ryzen 7 and 5. since both are cut from the same wafer wouldn't it make sense for the ryzen 5s to be significantly less profitable than the ryzen 7? ryzen 5s will likely outsell ryzen 7s he
  8. easy way to describe this situation would be that, particular subreddits get more outside attention as compared to other threads. say you are browsing the web and you happen to browse upon a thread in that sub, maybe a friend or something linked you to it. maybe that that sub isn't you cup of tea so you read and move on instead of subscribing. there will also be subreddits where number of subs are more or less equal to impressions due to the fact that maybe not many other people are interested in that sub except the subscribers themselves. a more niche topic perhaps. you can just ima
  9. while i agree that when it comes to ITX, its usually for the prosumers, its not exactly true that ITX builds costs more. conversely, you are likely to spend less. when you compare a good ITX case to a good ATX one, most of the time the ATX costs more. you can argue that there are cheap ATX cases no doubt, but thats not exactly fair is it? there are also cheap ITX cases. motherboards don't exactly cost alot more than their equal counterparts. not an earth shattering amount anyway. PSUs are pretty much equal as well. if comparing something like a sfx600w gold from silverstone to a evga 60
  10. I play the division and the dx12 patch brought my 380 nitro from 45fps to 55-60fps give or take at the same settings. While I had to reset my OC since the latest drivers doesn't sit well with multi monitors. Noticeably better with a lot less dips/stutters.
  11. recall might also be related to the reboot loops plaguing many sets of devices across multiple regions
  12. So my Acer S7-392 just died on me. (Refuses to turn on regardless of what i do, battery reset etc) Now i'm considering a new laptop while i send my S7 for warranty. (Will probably re-purpose it after i get it back for something else or sell it all together) After my experience with an ultrabook I don't really wish to go back to the 15w sku processors. Namely the U part. Even though the i7-4510U in my S7 is plenty fast, it chugs along when i'm doing lots of things. So i'm pretty much limited to something with a 4core sku and at the same time i don't wish for bulky gaming laptops si
  13. the enthusiast market isn't where the money is at. mainstream i.e 970/390 and lower is where the bulk of the market is. why launch a flagship card that would more than likely make up the minority of their margin when you can lead your launch with what makes you actual money. So it makes sense to launch the more mainstream class cards first that will more than likely go into prebuilts and laptops. We should also take the word "mainstream" with a pinch of salt nowadays. AMD seems to be pushing VR to be mainstream and a 970/390 class card is like the minimum. Extrapolating from that and it w
  14. btsync. keeps all my files between my pc and laptop synced no problem