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  1. FlappyBoobs

    Complete noob dumb question.

    Yea totally above board. Microsoft Provide all the tools you need. If you are concerned then give them a call. Part of buying a license is included support, and they'll walk you through the steps of transferring your license. (the steps are also available on their website)
  2. FlappyBoobs

    PSC to PayPal

    What country are you in? You might be able to get a pay safe mastercard, and you can just add that as a payment method to PayPal.
  3. FlappyBoobs

    2 Keyboard driver on same system?

    You can have at least 127 keyboards all plugged into the same PC and working at the same time. (that was the max number of USB devices on a single host controller, I assume its not changed with newer standards) Sounds like the perfect challange to revive channel super fun.
  4. FlappyBoobs

    Windows 10 Start menu programs locations

    The one that doesn't point directly to your user account. (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs)
  5. FlappyBoobs

    Windows 10 Start menu programs locations

    One is for programs installed for all users, the other is for programs only available to your user.
  6. FlappyBoobs


    But if you can't get iso then that is your next best option.
  7. FlappyBoobs


    As long as you unplug everything and let it dry you can even use sterile water to clean electronics. So yes, you can use "ethanol alcohol" to clean electronics. However, it doesn't evaporate as quickly, and you still need to find it in super high concentrations (70%+) for it to be really effective. Lower concentrations will work, but not in the same way as you would expect. Basically if you are thinking of using vodka, then don't, but if you can get actual 70% cleaning grade ethanol then it will work very similarly to iso. Ethanol IS used as a cleaner, but iso is used more commonly because it doesn't dry out your skin as much. What country are you in? maybe you could pick up the better stuff from a medical supply store.
  8. FlappyBoobs

    what is this worth

    Can you post what it is you are talking about. You need to login to view that link.
  9. FlappyBoobs

    Code readability vs length

    If the programmers have to spend an hour working out what stuff does every time they fix a bug it's not a good situation. However your programmers should also be able to quickly see what basic "short code" does as well. It's a fine line to find the best solution. For example a programmer should be easily able to read: variable = (cash >= 0) ? "no kids 3 money" : "no money 3 kids"; as if (cash >= 0) { variable = "no kids 3 money"; } else { variable = "no money 3 kids"; } without any issues at all. If that's the sort of thing we are talking about then yes, shorter code is better, but only in simple situations like this. If the conditional statement was more than calling one function or performing one assignment then it should be the full fat version. If we are talking about the people that would write "short code" by doing: if (cash >= 0) { variable = "no kids 3 money"; } else { variable = "no money 3 kids"; } Then, well, you need a PFY branded cattle prod in your desk.
  10. Step 1. Read your company handbook on devices issued to staff Step 2. Decide if being fired is worth fucking about with hardware that doesn't belong to you (I am guessing they have the common rules for hardware issued to staff) Step 3. Catch up on all the WAN shows you've skipped through. Alternatively you can just buy your own machine and fuck about with that instead. If anything goes wrong, you will be destroyed by IT, I've done it to several members of staff who couldn't understand that a work issued machine is a WORK ISSUED MACHINE. It is not yours, it is not for your kids to play with, it is not for looking at porn or playing games it is for work. Your own device is yours to do with as you please.
  11. FlappyBoobs

    New phone

    What do you use your phone for?
  12. FlappyBoobs

    Second hand water blocks with red staining

    What exactly is a "really good price" remember the RGB CPU block is about $80 brand new direct from EKWB (cheaper in many online stores). IMO buying a used water cooling setup is like buying used toilet paper. Even if it's only lightly soiled it's worth nothing unless you have a fetish.
  13. FlappyBoobs

    Cant connect to internet after building PC

    Do you have a "no network" icon? a "network connected but no internet" icon, or no icon at all? What happens when you look at the network card in device manager? what happens when you look at the connection settings in the network wizard? You should write out the basic troubleshooting steps you took otherwise we'll be here until Intel release 7nm CPUs.
  14. FlappyBoobs

    FileZilla Pro multiple users?

    Users are setup on the FTP server. Filezilla Pro is just a client.
  15. Cable quality doesn't affect signal as long as the cables are the same standard. There are two types of core and 2 types of shielding. Multistranded cables are cheaper, more flexible and better suited for if you move them around a lot. Solid core is cheaper, but not flexible (constant movement will make them brake internally and you'll have a dead cable). Both of them offer the same performance (solid cables tend to be on backbones, stranded for patch cables). Then you have shielded and unshielded cables. Unshielded is cheaper, but more prone to interference, shielded is, well shielded and doesn't have as much of a problem with this. You also have foiled and unfoiled cables. Foiled cables put the shield around each set of twisted pairs and unfoiled don't. You can have any combination of those types of cables, the most expensive being multicore, shielded and foiled cable. Your choice of the "best" is down to what your application will be and what interferrence it will get. After that it's down to the quality if the plastic the cable is wrapped in.