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  1. It depends who you are. I have $5 cheapo mice that are 15+ years old that work fine... But I also have my origional game boy headphones and they still work, so YMMV
  2. Do you actually have any problems? Or are you just wondering why it isn't using all 6GB?
  3. Start V Get User Input V Does user input exist in array > No > Are there more values in Array > No > "invalid" V V Yes Yes V V "Valid" Get Next Value (here's where you draw a line going back to "Does user input exist in Array")
  4. What do you mean by the audio software? The popup that comes up when you plug in a headset? That's the only audio software I have on my Dell machine, and it's standard for any machine that uses it. The software is just Waves MaxxAudioPro
  5. I've had to use apple devices for work, and using multiple accounts in reality is a bit of a nightmare. You CAN do it, but there are always remnants of the first account that pop up from time to time. I've not tested payment methods though, but app store accounts seem happy to be swapped, although you could find apps being deleted from the device when you switch between accounts, so get an unlimited data plan first!
  6. If your basement has high humidity or moisture, then you have bigger problems than it affecting electronics, call a building surveyor cause ya'll need to fix that asap. If you have a "normal" dry basement then it's no issue at all. My gaming PC is in my basement, as is my FILs home business server...no issues at all.
  7. Is it the same though? Made for kids means the content is made specifically for kids, like peppa pig, where as new Yankee workshop (there's some Norm for the older tippers) is suitable for all audiences but is so not a show kids would enjoy.
  8. I have no idea what you mean by super, that's not a key on any windows keyboard I've had, but F12 to open powershell is super easy, barely an inconvenience. Create a shortcut to powershell, right click, properties, shortcut key. Then press the shortcut key and PS opens. You can also do this exact same thing for PS scripts, allowing you to run any command with any combination of keys. I personally would set it up running a PS script to remap the keys properly, but you don't have to.
  9. What do you mean "unlike windows"? You can map any key to do anything you want in Windows.
  10. What cert do you need? If it's local dev then you can just create a new one. If it's for deployment then you may have a problem.
  11. Thats what I was wondering (so thank you for saying it). I've just upgraded my old monitor to one that supports gsync over freesync and the experience with it on compared to my old non vrr panel is outstanding. Everything feels smoother now, even at 60fps, and I can't imagine gsync would have been worth either the extra cash, or the downgrade in specs I would have taken if I went with that instead.
  12. It's 2019 what are you doing printing that much? Can you tell us what you are printing? and how many pages per day/week/month? You may be better off getting a service contract where they lease you the printer and maintain it than buying a home office type printer. If you are doing the same print again and again, or could cope with a 24 hour turn around then you will likely find that a printing company will cost you less to use than doing it yourself.
  13. Before doing it ask yourself "how does someone offer a relatively expensive service for free?". The answer is that you are not their customer, you are their product. Your information will be sold to anyone that pays for it, and with a VPN usage log they're gonna have some interesting data on you I'm sure.
  14. Make sure it's a MY 91 and not a MY 92 registered in '91. The MY 92 to MY 95 cars had the biodegradable wiring harness, and that will total the car if it's starting to go.
  15. I've just bought the Samsung CHG70 32" it's 1440p 144hz freesync (gysnc compatible) HDR 600 curved screen, at the top of your budget. It's a freaking amazing monitor, but takes up alot of desks pace with the stand. There's a little ghosting in windows but it's barely noticeable and in games it's non existant. The curve really gets you immersed in games, and you genuinely use periferal vision because it's gigantic which really adds to racing games if they're your bag. I use a 34" dell ultrawide (also 1440p but wider) at work and the 16:9 is a much better home monitor than the ultrawide. Ultrawides are amazing at productivity, but a 32" 1440p screen feels bigger in terms of gaming than the ultrawide IMO.