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  1. its in my OP im using 1080p 144Hz and VR
  2. yea i ended up getting a new motherboard coz i also wanted some better ram. I can afford it so i figured why not max everything out.
  3. but do i need a 5800x? I might connect up a youtube account and do some streaming, but i will def not have time for editing. It's quite a big difference in price.
  4. I wrote down my motherboard wrong! I dont have the tomohawk. I have the mortar titanium. It has an update for 3000 series but no recent update for 5000 series. Latest update was back in June. https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450M-MORTAR-TITANIUM I think I will need a new motherboard.
  5. what does my motherboard work with the new gen? what magic is this! I might actually buy a new motherboard as the one im looking at has pcie4 and built in wifi.
  6. im just playing games. My new GPU wont arrive until the end of Jan
  7. I just pre-ordered a Sapphire Nitro 6800XT. XD Do I need to upgrade my Ryzen 2600 CPU? I'm looking at the 5800X with the MSI MAG B550M motherboard. Total cost for the CPU+motherboard upgrade will be NZD$1144. Is there a cheaper intel alternative? Budget (including currency): 2000 NZD Country: NZ Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: fallout 4, dying light 2, half life alyx, doom vfr Other details existing parts: msi mortar titanium b450 ryzen 2600 32gb DDR4 ram 5700XT AMD 2X 1TB m2 SSD 1080p 144Hz monit
  8. Thanks. I break laptops before they get outdated. Which is why I'm looking at cheap ones. I broke my $2k macbook after owning it two months. Yea I am just making simple apps. Not doing anything professional.
  9. Hi I am looking at buying a chromebook and doing some android programming. Will any chromebook work or do I need a high end laptop?