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  1. Imagine the shortage if self driving cars go mainstream. Has the US government done their investigation into the supply chain yet? Are they making it public?
  2. lol the vehicles at work are ancient jap imports that actually have some nice electronics in them. Some of the hondas have a CD player that can keep about 10 CDs in memory. At least one ~15 yo car has a vtech engine and a 7 speed gear box. I'd buy any of the models that dont have a CVT transmission.
  3. I got bored in lock down so I bought some RGB fans. Where I preferred my noctua fans I bolted the RGB over the top like a veneer. Side panel has been off since december coz ive been lazy.
  4. I'm surprised linus only needed 6 cores to drive his RGB play button.
  5. ice cream is best at 3am in the middle of winter. Be one with the frost. Also I'm not afraid of AI. I have seen robots fail in the workplace. Robots won't take my job. I'm like a god to the robots.
  6. your accounts have been compromised. You need to take your computer and phone into the back yard, douse them in fuel, and burn them. Then stay off the internet for 10 years. Seriously I have an account on this and the worst i had was spam emails claiming to have hacked my web cam and social media accounts. They say they have pictures of me watching pron and will send these images to my mates if i dont pay bitcoin. I know its BS coz I dont have a webcam and I dont watch pron, and i dont have much in the way of social media accounts. Funny thing is my mates would not be surprised if
  7. oh no i see the problem now. You need a seperate partition for EFI and the windows installation. Give EFI 100mb with FAT32.
  8. im not 100% on this but i believe UEFI boot needs NTFS. Try go to bios and change boot type to legacy, then hopefully you can install to FAT32.
  9. Linus should do a three month course of Bill Starr's 5x5 strength training program before he gets naked on camera again.
  10. I don't care for the trading cards on steam and I just learnt I can sell them. I am curious why are people buying my cards? What are they using them for?
  11. Use an algorithm that you can run in your head to encrypt an easily memorable phrase. For example a take line in a song and use every 3rd letter in the password.
  12. i have the 5600X and a 6800XT. it does not need to be overclocked