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  1. https://www.newegg.com/corsair-hydro-series-liquid-cooling-system/p/N82E16835181009?Description=water cooler&cm_re=water_cooler-_-9SIA4REA1P0181-_-Product Wth is with the price
  2. I want one where you can can the color of the shell with a settings option
  3. Gimme a good place to get Cables i Need a Cable that Goes from fan to powersupply and not have 5 Hard Drive Power hookups on it.
  4. I have a Ryzen mini system thats toataly enclosed as in im too handicaped to do the metal work and other stuff to get all the light n stuff out. So as long as stuff runs i don't care.
  5. I wasnt gonna get it I just saw it and that it ran windows mobile I thought maybe could run a striped down windows 10 out of sheer curiosity. But with the price tag it probly wouldnt be worth experimenting
  6. I'm wondering if you can put windows 10 on it. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=0N6-001A-000D2
  7. mk that gives me some options thanks I really dont like the fans that AMD gives out with their CPU's thanks.
  8. it was AMD in general i was looking for a new board but i'm not crazy about the new fan coolers i have a coarsair water cooler (Corsar Hydro Series H110) Don't qote me on that ) on mine now. I was wondering if it would work or would I have to get a fan thing.
  9. can AM3 cooler for a chipset work for a Rizen chip?
  10. Hey i,m thinking of building a new pc but i don't know what i need to do for a case. Pls do a show on cases best prices a best bang for my buck.