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  1. That is correct but how often do you need computation in home automation? ESP32 is power enough to drive a touchscreen and smal web server at the same time. Automation is not about having the most computing power, it's about having just enough.
  2. Actually they are not well priced. For playing around and home automation projects things like ESP or Arduino are better suited, easier to program/understad and cheaper. RPi are more of an novelty thing that lives on thanks to its comunity and a lot of PR work. Do like what RPI Foundations are doing and I would love more engagement in project like that.
  3. When storing something you don't need to get a loss as long as you store it properly and when it comes to hydrogen you definitely DONT want a loss, would be pretty dangerous to be in the house. And you miss understood me about the 30%. They got 30% left at spring because they used 70%. You can get 0% storage loss with gasoline if you use airtight container, that is however not advisable for long time storage due to pressurisation with temperature differences. Hydrogen are stored in high pressure containers do no leakage there. If you are storing liquid hydrogen you will get losses but we are not talking about liquid hydrogen here. Both the cars and the houses are using compressed hydrogen in gas form.
  4. What? No! Whole idea is to generate hydrogen under the summer and in the winter when Skellefteå hardly have any sun they use more or less hydrogen only. House in the article I linked had over 30% storage left in the spring. The loss of stored hydrogen are 0%. However there is poor efficiency when converting from electricity to hydrogen so you get a loss there but you are only converting excess energy so there si no real loss. Next gen organic-hydro-solar-cells that will enter the market soon will sidestep the electric conversion by using some kind of organic reaction with water and sun and be much more effective in collecting hydrogen. Did you look at the link? As I said there are whole communities using that kind of conversion right now and with access energy during the summer creates more then enough hydrogen to last whole winter. So no it's more then experiments.
  5. I have a hydrogen car and so do most of my coworkers. Infrastructure (Refuling) are becoming better and better and with new solar cells where that directly make hydrogen do so you can make your own fuel. I'm on the list to buy a set of those to put on my roof. I don't know why there is no much false/miss information about hydrogen and it's risks. Here in Sweden we have whole houses completely off grid with solar cells generating hydrogen out of water an store it under the house. Just the cells on the roof of the house generates enough hydrogen during the summer so you will have enough to last the winter. Right now are whole communities, more then 100 households, planned to run on hydrogen only with enough over so everyone can run their cars to. I can provide Swedish sources if you want to, only found one in English and it's not complete and somewhat outdated: https://www.zerosun.se/
  6. Why on earth would they use hydrogen in liquid from? Current system used in cars and truck are compressed gas. No one in the right mind are using hydrogen in combustion engine, is there any manufacturer that do? Hyundai where first with hydrogen trucks and they use fuel-cell. The tanks are extremely safe, you can even shot them with rifle without even a leak. For extra safety are the gas are divided into 2 or more tanks on smal cars and trucks there is a lot of them. I would be more worried with batteries, remember they are also explosive if damaged.
  7. Yes but you EXTREMELY different view on this is remarkable. This makes for really confused viewers.
  8. Not only was GN video extremely fun, with bribes and all but also surprising. Do not understand why TLL did't speak about the extremely poor 8k performance.
  9. That is the standard Google networks tools for Chrome that are free for schools, enterprises have to pay. The schools in my aria uses that with good cusses. Again you cannot install ANY app that isn't on the allowed list and I doubt that admin would put a keylogger on the list. No teacher get root access, they get a type of admin account but not root. Yes that admin account might have less relaxed rules but again the MAC address is tied to student computer so it would not help.
  10. Except same second you try to access school network it will role back to previous install according to rules set by the administrator. Except again, as soon at the MAC address show up on the network and have the wrong version installed it will revert. If you hard lock your version of the OS you wont get access to the network. So yes you can have two disks one you use home and then swap when you go to school but that is hardly something the school would care about. The only way to actually unlock your computer so you can install what you want is to figure out the root password and activate the developer mode. But even then you risk ge get caught are high once you login to the network.
  11. Have you even seen the administration tools for Chromium/Chrome OS? As administrator you can see live what's installed on every single computer in tree. If you somehow missed to block any software it's easy to remote uninstall. Googles administration tool are really good and you cant install anything without the admins approval. The block is on execution level with CRC, any file with the wrong CRC that try to execute are instantly deleted. This one of the reasons why schools really like Chromebooks.
  12. Most schools have any app install disabled by admins so I don't see this as a problem. If they don't I guess they will soon.
  13. Sony has a newly acquired 1.4% stake in Epic and most likely some kind of upcoming cooperation on the PS5 market. So think it would be bad to sue them.
  14. The current company, the one SoftBanke are selling was co funded by Apple. Previous iterations of ARM was not in question here.
  15. What are you talking about? This is taken from ARMs homepage: Source: https://community.arm.com/developer/ip-products/processors/b/processors-ip-blog/posts/a-brief-history-of-arm-part-1 So yes Apple is co-founder of ARM.