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  1. I'm a college student and recently I got in a conversation with a psychology major about social media usage (she said I was "brave" for not using it). Her main argument for letting kids use it was that they need to learn how to use tech. I then brought up the counter point that despite having never used social media growing up I had built my own computer, installed Linux and MacOS on said computer, worked at a charity that donated computers, and became a computer science major(which I quickly noped out of). If a psych major who's supposed to be aware of this kind of junk isn't concerned a
  2. I am kinda torn on this. One the one hand, I despise most aspects of social media (why do you think I'm on a forum in 2021) and I genuinely believe that most people would be better off without it (see Facebook's recently leaked internal investigations on the rise of teen and pre-teen suicides and other mental health illnesses linked to their platforms). That being said, I'm also not a fan of my government telling me what I can and can not do. This is pretty similar to China's recent restrictions on online gaming, but the effects of online gaming are nowhere near as bad as what social media can
  3. Lol, I love reading this while the apple event is going on right now.
  4. Gundam in theory could work well in live action, but the results were less than memorable the last time they tried that.
  5. The Gintama live action movies were hilarious, but comedy is pretty subjective so I don't blame others if they found that one not to their liking.
  6. What I'm interested in is which event they're going to announce the new iPad model. I really want to trade up from my current one (32 GB with no expandable storage is a pain in 2021) but I can't do it through apple until it becomes discontinued. My money's on the September event since it doesn't seem like they have much to announce there, but I wouldn't be surprised if they have it at the October event since that would be more in line with the new Macs.
  7. Honestly, I think he enjoys his work. He’s been at that high school since the 70s and he also acts as an assistant counselor of sorts to the students. He is without a doubt one of the kindest people I know (even if most people tend to ignore him) He’s a runner himself so his job as a cross country coach is a good fit (even if his boss doesn’t treat him well). To give you an idea of what he’s like physically, several years ago he won first place for a three mile race for his age category. While I’ll admit his looks betray his age, he’s definitely more physically active and ab
  8. My god do I know a guy who does this. He's an assistant coach at my old high school who is 80+ years old, so it's safe to say that he isn't that tech savvy. I kid you not, to this day he still uses his school email address for everything (I can verify since I help him out with his MacBook Air). Newspapers, banks, credit cards, travel agencies, personal contacts, unemployment benefits, phone carrier, etc... all tied to his school email. Thankfully I'm pretty sure his iCloud account isn't connected to his school email (that's tied to an old Yahoo email account he doesn't remember setting up), bu
  9. Within this timeline I seriously doubt Apple would switch any of their “high performance” products to RISC-V such as the iPhone or Mac. That being said, I can see a lot of promise for this technology being used in something like AirPods, AirTags, or maybe even the Apple Watch.
  10. I can't help but wonder how practical hydrogen is for most consumers. I live close to a major university and they have a hydrogen fuel pump there, but for the vast majority of people the infrastructure just isn't there.
  11. I've heard reports that individuals who have had to get RMAs for 30-series cards couldn't be given a replacement due to the shortages and were given cash only refunds. Granted, that was several months ago so hopefully the situation has improved on that front.
  12. Also, $15 for gamepass (hundreds of actually good games) and XCloud (the ability to stream games to almost any phone, laptop, PC, TV, or Xbox) is just a great deal (until they jack up the price).
  13. See I’m in the opposite camp on this one. I think Microsoft has struggled with the “traditional” approach against Sony this past console generation and they’ve been trying to find a new way to reinvent themselves and appeal to consumers. Gamepass and XCloud are great ways for them to do this and there’s never been a better time to push these services. If memory serves, Sony has predicted that supply of the PS5 won’t be able to meet demand until after 2022. If Microsoft can push XCloud/Gamepass and this streaming stick as an alternative during these shortages they can (possibly) come out on top
  14. The base iMac doesn't come with ethernet in the power brick so you have to pay extra for it to have ethernet.
  15. I know it’s still in the renders and specs above, but I really hope Apple doesn’t move the Ethernet port to the cable like the they did with the new iMac. I’m not picky on my port selection, but I’d rather not have to buy a dongle for a desktop machine.