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  1. Also, $15 for gamepass (hundreds of actually good games) and XCloud (the ability to stream games to almost any phone, laptop, PC, TV, or Xbox) is just a great deal (until they jack up the price).
  2. See I’m in the opposite camp on this one. I think Microsoft has struggled with the “traditional” approach against Sony this past console generation and they’ve been trying to find a new way to reinvent themselves and appeal to consumers. Gamepass and XCloud are great ways for them to do this and there’s never been a better time to push these services. If memory serves, Sony has predicted that supply of the PS5 won’t be able to meet demand until after 2022. If Microsoft can push XCloud/Gamepass and this streaming stick as an alternative during these shortages they can (possibly) come out on top
  3. The base iMac doesn't come with ethernet in the power brick so you have to pay extra for it to have ethernet.
  4. I know it’s still in the renders and specs above, but I really hope Apple doesn’t move the Ethernet port to the cable like the they did with the new iMac. I’m not picky on my port selection, but I’d rather not have to buy a dongle for a desktop machine.
  5. Honestly I’m just waiting for ARM or Nvidia to hire a team of mercs to break into this guy’s office and take back control of the company. Either way, the movie they’ll eventually make about this should be a fun watch.
  6. Just out of curiosity, could you elaborate more on your setup? I have a spare router and a friend who doesn’t use wifi at home (he uses his iphone’s hotspot for everything) but would definitely benefit from being able to use AirPlay.
  7. I wouldn't go so far to say that prototypes are easy, but I agree. The industry is still years away from this becoming a viable product for consumers.
  8. While I do think European competition can be good for the payment processing industry (increased competition is always good for consumers) I do have to wonder how effective it will be. While the list of banks that have signed up for this project is impressive, it is no indicator of what the adoption it will be like. As far as I can tell, other than government related payments (I’m assuming), businesses and consumers will have no real incentive to use this system. Also, are there any other non-paywalled sources for this? I’d like to read more into this but I don’t have a Financial
  9. absolutely. I think the only people who see 30% as too much don't realize that 50% cut is actually the standard for retail. And as you explain, steam does offer a lot more than just a place to buy a game, its a social network. Here’s the thing, retail needs to take a 50% cut in order to maintain profitability since a location needs to pay its utility bills, workers wages, rent, etc. All Valve has to do is pay their AWS (or whoever runs their servers) bill, maintain software that’s several decades old by this point, and spend a bit on random RnD projects. Granted this is a massive ov
  10. Btw, I fully realize that if this was a post on Reddit I would be getting thousands of downvotes. Let’s try and have the comment section be more than “Valve good, Epic bad”.
  11. Sorry for the formatting, I’m on mobile Summary The indie game developers behind Humble Bundle Wolfire Games have filed a class-action lawsuit against Valve for monopolistic control over the digital game distribution market and the way they have used that to charge a 30% cut for all sales that pass through them. An interesting complain being brought up against Steam are the significant restrictions they have on their Steam Keys which developers can generate to sell on other platforms like the Humble Bundle Store. The suit concludes stating that if
  12. This is the part that I'm really surprised by, most likely due to the in house nature of M1.
  13. Short answer: If you need the cash, maybe. Long Answer: A “relative” of mine who I’m close to currently works at an Amazon Fresh facility here in the glorious nation-state of California. For those of you who don’t know Amazon Fresh is Amazon’s grocery delivery service and they have multiple refrigerated warehouses stuffed with food in a fashion very similar to their regular prime delivery service. I am not kidding when I say that you are more likely to catch COVID ordering from Amazon Fresh than from going to your local supermarket. Even pre-pandemic this warehouse would hav
  14. If you care about mic quality for calls/zoom then the Anker is pretty good. I can't speak to the music/sound quality tho.