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  1. No game deserves it. It was a crap year. In any other year the GOTY finalists people are putting up this year would be thought of as just "good". Like Jedi Fallen Order, it was good, but it wasn't anything special. It wasn't God of War, or Spider-Man, or Red Dead, or Horizon or ... This was a year of mediocrity and corporate group think, a bunch of games that played it safe and followed a formula set by a far better game before it; with a little "Im a genius" artistic nutcasery from Kojima thrown on top. In fact I think its the worst year in gaming this decade. Bring on 2020!
  2. APUs getting a generation ahead number scheme is dumb. 7nm Zen 2 should be 3000 series, if its cpu or apu. Only thing their CPU division is doing that I am disappointed with right now.
  3. From a few weeks back. https://www.digitimes.com/news/a20190924PD203.html AMD took the retail desktop market from them almost completely, Intel still cannot meet DEMAND for 14nm. AMD has winning designs, and they took my business from Intel this year, but at the same time it appears Intel's largest problem is not being able to make as many processors as people want to buy.
  4. This is what I use. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B5F5VKM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 As LogicalDrm noted, its all controlled as one. Its kind of a downside, but since all 5 fans I am controlling with it are 120mm case fans, I don't mind them being synchronized. And it is really easy to set up that way too. If you are going to go this route I'd get 2 controllers, use one for the D15, and one for the Case fans.
  5. They e-mailed me back yesterday night. Just asked for my address and proof of purchase, and said they'd send them to me free of charge. Product page says my U14S came with an extra pair, I don't have them. I don't remember having them, but I cannot rule out having them ending up in the collection of stuff that gets toss in the trash after a build. Still find it odd this is not something you can just buy, like the replacement fan, or mounting bracket, but if they are giving them out free I guess thats why.
  6. Yeah I did their contact form today. Haven't heard back yet.
  7. So I have a Noctua U14S, and I want to attach another fan to it for push/pull. To do that I need another set of fan clips, and I cannot find them anywhere. So I am hoping someone knows how you can get a set? This is really mind blowing to me that I could not find it on Amazon or NewEgg. Does no one ever add a fan? Or break a clip?
  8. That is not how blacklisting works. Anyone who works with him will be smeared a pedophile and blacklisted as well. His career is over. That his incredibly libertarian views on sexuality have nothing at all to do with software makes no difference. This is interesting piece by one of the people who got him removed from MIT. https://medium.com/@selamie/remove-richard-stallman-appendix-a-a7e41e784f88 I particularly like how she embraces that this is a blacklisting for wrong think, by starting with "1. Richard Stallman has problematic opinions." Then notice how at the end she veers off into other far left issues that MIT has failed to appease her on. Tech is ruled by leftwing people who think and act like Stalinists now. There is no future in it for anyone who commits the sin of wrong think.
  9. The Facebook thing I don't see a legitimate reason for, but Google Analytics is actually a powerful tool in understanding how your website is being used. My own company has used it to help understand how users move through the website, whats working and not working, and improve things. You want your Government running analytics on websites to confirm they are working as intended and figure out problem areas.
  10. California not involved with the probe. I wonder why? Why would the "progressive" leftwing Government of CA, which constantly rails about these evil corporations, not be joining in with 48 other states against Google?
  11. Here is what you do. Ban cell phones from class rooms. They can still have one at school, it just cannot be brought into a class room. Therefore the learning periods of the day cannot be interrupted by it, yet the student still has a means of communication to take on the way to and from school, and utilize during recess/lunch/free period. If a student takes a phone into a class room, and is caught, the teacher confiscates it. Minor offenses, and where the teacher believes it was accidental, its given back at end of class. Greater Offenses, and the teacher knows its deliberate, its given to the administration to be held until a parent comes to retrieve it.
  12. I don't really care. I don't find it difficult to plug in cables that are keyed, every one that I own has a tactile bump or embossing that you can feel to know which side is up, so like when I plug the cables into my monitor I know by feel which way the cable needs to be turned. I wonder how many people didn't know that...
  13. All I know is the code Honey provides works. So it is possible I could use the $20 off on a smaller order, and do multiple orders, but then you are also dealing with cost of delivery and the actual hassle of getting your order in multiple parts.
  14. I tried turning on ultra low latency and played some Battlefield, then I turned it off, and played again. I cannot tell the difference. Would make for an interesting LTT video, can anyone tell the difference in a blind test for Nvidia and AMD. I did have GSync on, if that does make any difference.
  15. I think its mainly where you can use it. Like its awful for Amazon, always trying to make me buy through 3rd parties. And a lot of other big retailers. Beyond the ridiculous $20 per order savings on my Groceries, I've not gotten anything great out of it beyond a 30% off coupon I used on a clothing site. All told its saved me about $80 in 3 weeks. If this Safeway thing continues on, it may make me $1000 by next year.
  16. I've been using the Honey extension for a few weeks now. For most things it seems to just give me the coupons I already got in an e-mail or advertised on the site. Which is great. Yet then there is this $20 coupon I keep getting at Safeway from it. A coupon Safeway has never sent me, and I cannot find anywhere. Yet it works. Which gave me this feeling that I am somehow pulling one over on Safeway, that I have somehow gotten this secret code that I am not supposed to have and using it to cheat them of $20 a week. I mean who gives out an unlimited use coupon of $20 off any order no strings attached? What if the code is only for employees, and it says so on the employee handout that had it, would Honey be committing some sort of fraud offering it? Woud I for using it? I do not know what circumstances it was given out, but certainly suspect that it was not for general public use. I guess the question is, is it unethical to use coupons you were not supposed to receive?
  17. I am not sure about low profile keys, but I do like that design. Especially the full media keys and the volume wheel. I could see myself buying it if my G710+ ever fails. Unfortunately for Logitech they built it like a tank so I'll never upgrade.
  18. Everyone fighting to get in that line better be some poor parent who will take that $50 in savings for a full tank and be able buy their kid a birthday gift. Otherwise they need to really rethink their priorities.
  19. This thread is falsely named. The intention and effect will be to increase the amount of content online, not to reduce. Censorship is what is currently happening. Massive corporations who control the internet getting to decide what speech is allowed. Censoring what they find politically objectionable or damaging to their profits. Then hiding behind legal protections which were designed around neutral platforms. And dont give me that garbage argument that there is no bias. They locked the Senate majority leader's Twitter account for sharing a video of protesters THREATENING HIM WITH DEATH OUTSIDE HIS HOME, a video that also showed them shouting a hashtag that Twitter promoted by putting it in trending. Yet numerous other accounts commonly share threats they received without being locked. Like Sarah Silverman just did. And that is just the most recent obvious example of just one supposedly neutral platform's intentionally partisan enforcement of intentionally vague rules. Speech has moved almost entirely onto the internet, it cannot be allowed to be controlled by a few mega corporations, the Government must step in.
  20. They clearly think some of the information given does not line up, and the purchase is fraudulent. I don't see the big deal here, they obviously have a system to detect fraud, and for some reason the OP set it off. They obviously have a vested interest in preventing fraudulent purchases and identity theft. Provide them the data to verify identity, or buy from someone else.
  21. So its an anonymous post, SUPPOSEDLY by an employee, and the allegation amounts to whining about his boss being too demanding, spending money on a nightclub and having people sign non competes and NDAs for payment? Yeah I don't care. Even if it was true. If its against your labor laws, take them to court. Otherwise QUIT.
  22. Tips, assuming confined space. Wall mount the monitor on an arm that swings out and rotates, so it can face you, not your roommates. While also freeing desk space, and enabling you to push it away against the wall if need be.
  23. I recently discovered these and I think they are awesome. Thermal Paste Wet Wipes! https://www.amazon.com/Noctua-NA-SCW1-Cleaning-Thermal-Pieces/dp/B07MXGXNDD/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=noctua+wipes&qid=1564422389&s=gateway&sr=8-3
  24. Well I think I needed 125% for my 3900X. I'm thinking of getting a new case, might remount the CPU when I do that, so I might try it again, and get the bigger tube.