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  1. It's so difficult to pick a particular video. Why? Because all of them were so good. Sure, the production quality was terrible (for ... reasons), but there was so many useful tidbits, handy tricks, combined with jokes, and an entertaining host. This was how i got into PC HW and SW: start with the basics, and that's what was great about NCIX tech tips. Although, the futureproof video was pretty useful to me as someone who was about to spec out a pc.
  2. Wifi transmits via microwave waves, or at least, it sits around there on the electromagnetic spectrum Anything right of visible light is dangerous (because it has enough energy to ionise). Radio and Microwave waves sit to the left. Our current scientific theory says no. Wi-fi is not dangerous If radio waves were dangerous it wouldn't matter, because light would kill us first. ARRGH MY EYES.
  3. Okay, that's good. I didn't want to believe it. This is Jessie and Totalbiscuit after all! But you've got to admit, it looked sus.
  4. So i've been watching the sponsored starcraft 2 coop videos with Jessie Cox and Totalbiscuit. With part 6, i've noticed that while using chrome (on both pc and phone), when opening the video, it skips to 0:09 seconds: right after the disclaimer that it's a sponsored ad. I know that youtube may save your video position, but i haven't stopped the video at the 9th second. In fact i changed the video position before closing the video to see if it was this. I tested this in firefox and it didn't happen. Here's the link, please try it for yourself and let me know what happens for you:
  5. Indeed. Previously it was having trouble activating. At one point, it stopped prompting me for activation, so i thought i'd done it. I didn't use it for a while, so i just assumed that they'd changed it, because giving away an entire program like this seems a little... generous. TLDR; I relinked my email and it worked.
  6. Basically perfect for me. Every time i'm eating, using the phone is just painful... If it comes to market, and they make the case for anything other than iphones, then perhaps i'd buy one. But then, you're giving up the protection that a good case gives you, so i'm conflicted.
  7. Edit: It seems like a great editing program. I still havent figured out what their business model is.
  8. Why does going to reset your pc relate to the issue here? Resetting your pc won't remove incompatible apps, it'll remove all of them (or at least, most) (except the ones from the store). Windows most certainly doesn't remove those apps due incompatibility. Hell, if win removed Battlefield 4, there would be hell to pay. 65 GB data, on a 400KB/s connection. No. I never got a notification. Although, since the notification centre in Win10 is so poorly implemented, i wouldn't be surprised if i missed it.
  9. Given how Microsoft have been acting lately, i'm not inclined to think that Microsoft will ever tell us how they regulate it. For example, just yesterday (after installing threshold 2) i found that my default programs had been reset. Why? well so that Microsoft could try to push MS edge on me again. It's this kind of thing that makes me glad that i only use windows for my games. Also, http://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2015/11/14/microsoft-windows-10-threshold-2-problems/ says that there was a notification?
  10. Removing it without notification that is. So first off, removing a program that I installed without telling me is horrible behaviour, but doing it because the program might have caused a problem? That's even worse. How do they regulate that? This program has a known issue, so let's remove it?
  11. I was saying that removing it because it might cause issues is even worse than removing it because it will cause issues. And then i was agreeing with you, and suggesting the implementation.
  12. have fun Alarm bells are ringing... I mean that situation sounds fair enough, but still it's Ebay... And no worries, i'm happy to help.
  13. That's okay mate, i'll get an email notification whenever you reply, so i'm in no hurry. 8 slots! Sorry man. You're testing with one stick of ram, and we're looking for a faulty slot that's affecting the whole thing, so unfortunately each slot has to be tested. If each slot passes, then i'm thinking that you'll need to test each stick of ram (in one slot!). If it passes that, at that point, idk. That's getting into the layout of the motherboard, and the connections between the ram, cpu and any other chipsets. And i don't engineer motherboards for a living...
  14. Okay, that's good. Have you enabled the ram XMP profile, and checked that the ram's specs match with what's shown in the bios (ie, ram speed and ram timings. There will probably be lots of numbers relating to timings in the bios, just look for a sequence like 9-9-9-24 (or whatever the timings are for your RAM). Or at least, that's how did it. So it's stable with just one stick of ram in place?. I know it's a pain, but could you please try the stick that is known to be good in each ram slot and test for stability. If it shows up clean each time, then that would suggest that all four mobo ram slots are okay (but i suspect that is not the case). I've found the following timings on corsair's website, for what i think is the same RAM, but please check the documentation that came with your kit. Tested Latency: 16-18-18-35
  15. That's even worse! Microsoft should just put a notification in action centre saying "program ____ may cause problems, because it is incompatible with this version of windows". A noob can click uninstall or ignore it and wait for update that will make it compatible, or a techie can just ignore it, because we know what we're doing.
  16. I'm not sure that 4GB is enough for GTAV. I recall using about 6 GB yesterday while playing it, with very few other apps open. So perhaps it's not the best test, since if it does crash, you can't be sure whether it's the problem prescribed, or a lack of available ram. If the game starts stuttering all over the place, that'll also be a giveaway.
  17. Ah if it's being used for other purposes then perhaps not. Unless you ran a couple virtual machines, which is also possible with the freenas "jails". Although, with all that going on, on one pc, i think we know why it's sluggish... What's the specs on this pc? Windows may be easier (especially given that it's already on there), but given all of the problems you've got with the current setup, a different approach may be required.
  18. Perhaps try the ram in the other slots? Reboot into safe mode and check if things crash. If not, then try in networking enabled safe mode (a slim chance on this one, but worth a shot). If there's still no crashing, then open all the programs you would normally open (while in networking safe mode).
  19. Ah, bad luck with that bitlocker problem. Do you know how it happened? If that pc is being used as a media server I think it'd be a good idea to use freenas. That should prevent drives from being encrypted by (i assume) most kinds of malware. Performance will be far better than running windows (less overhead). You can use plex within a "jail" (it's a freenas term...) as your media server, and there's a fantastic webgui that you can use to configure things. It works across windows, linux and osx. I would suggest that you backup what data you can and wipe every drive. You can do this one at a time, and juggle the storage around until every drive is clean, but remember to be careful about how you restore the data, else the drives will be in the same state as before). Keep in mind that freenas will probably want to wipe them anyway. This way you've now got a windows 10 license for something else! Whether you go with freenas or not, with this kind of motley setup, i don't think you're going to manage some kind of redundant setup. I've got three hard drives (two of them are 5+ years old) striped together, which means (i think) that if one goes, they all go.
  20. I can't say no to free stuff...
  21. If it's a tablet, then you might as well use a 10" tablet. If your in a situation where the tablet is too big, then use your phone. A 5" device is a phone. For example the nexus 5, is 5", phone. Or get something like a moto x pure, nexus 6, nexus 6p, note 5 and don't buy a tablet.
  22. Okay thanks for clearing that up guys, i'll grab an active cable when i get a chance. EDIT: Currently using a minidp to dp, to active dp to hdmi. works great.
  23. Okay, so that's this right? https://www.ple.com.au/ViewItem.aspx?InventoryItemId=619529 ugh $39 bucks )