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  1. G502 and K70, but I have a friend who would love to get this stuff
  2. Okay, i'll give that a go, thanks for your help
  3. Sorry, i wasn't very clear in what I was saying. I'm exploring the option of buying a new modem/router and then turning the old modem/router into a switch. The old modem/router doesn't need a connection from the ISP, I just want to make use of its ethernet ports. The new modem/router would be setup as a modem/router normally would. thanks, thorpj
  4. Thank you for picking up on my error there: the ISP "modem" is a modem/router. Sorry. I had hoped to avoid double NATting, so perhaps using a new modem/router and turning the ISP modem/router into a switch would be a better option. My guess for the settings I need to disable would be: Disable "Use Router as DHCP Server" Disable NAT Disable these Disable Wireless Router Radio Disable IPV6 Is this okay?
  5. So i've got a rather terrible ISP modem, and i want to put setup a router, so that the modem only handles the input of internet traffic into the local network. As far as I can tell, i need to connect an ethernet cable fron an ethernet port on the modem to the WAN port on the router, and then enable full bridge mode on the modem. The trouble is, my modem doesn't have that option. Here's the configuration options that it does have: Also, another option would be for me to use the ISP modem as a switch, and buy a modem (it'll cost a tiny bit more than the router). TP-Link C5 AC
  6. Your usage isn't going to change because you have a new phone. If one 1GB is enough for your HTC, it'll be fine with your S7. An exception to this would be if you decide to install all your apps using data, in which case you might not get through the first month on 1GB. Just use wifi. Personally, i need 3GB. See, you're the only one who can figure out if xGB/month is enough. Unless that number is something stupid like 0.01/month or 50/month
  7. I found this < http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32491872/starting-programs-on-multiple-desktops-using-powershell-in-windows-10 >. I don't know where to start with this. I've only just begun to learn C#, but automating this process would be very useful for me, so i'm going to keep at it.
  8. n vote favorite I have a Surface Book, which i use to take notes. I'm looking for a way to automate the following process: Note "VDx" refers to the virtual desktop feature within windows. x is the particular virtual desktop* Onenote UWP is the Win10 metro version of Onenote (ON). It could just as easily be replaced with another ON2016 window, but i'd prefer if i could use ON UWP here. Onenote 2016 is the desktop version of Oneno
  9. Ah you're right that's the correct location However, my keyboard is about two months old (Corsair k70) and i've never spilt anything on it, so how PrtScr is occasionally pressed, when i'm not pressing it, is beyond me.
  10. I've just tried win + prtscr and that has the same behaviour (flash the screen dark for a second and save the screenshot to Users\____\pictures). I only press the windows key (or Win + tab or Win + s), i never press prtscreen, because the snipping tool exists, so this is rather strange.
  11. As it says in the title, what's going on? I'm on Windows 10. I've done a malwarebytes scan, but i don't believe that this is malware.
  12. That you did, but then that's the fun of linux Win + X then K will bring up disk manager. That win + x shortcut is a handy little thing
  13. There's a lot of low end gpus there... http://i.imgur.com/ZyijZGN.png
  14. Fair enough if you want stats from people on this forum, but your friends represent a very small part of the pie that is the steam hardware surveys. There's nothing wrong with steam stats to represent steam users.