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  1. I need to access a library of folders over the internet through File Explorer. Any help?
  2. I got 4 prints lined up. I'll try 220c next one. so I believe so, on the first layer it all sticks,but once it builds the bottom (I do .8mm walls/floor/cielings) it starts to barely show, once the walls start up is where it gets extreme (photos)
  3. This image is best showing a bigger piece where the edge is warping up. but the smaller pieces right beside it are staying in shape. This is an attempt without any type of printing reinforcement. the brim did the same thing and the sled is a lot of wasted plastic.... it's the Ender 3 Pro. PLA 1.75. nozzle 200c bed 60c and I use a gluestick on the bed to help it stick.
  4. I got two custom built desktops on the same network. one is two is I can ping them in cmd, under the network explorer on PC1: and if I click on the PC2, I get this error: and when on PC2, I don't even see PC1. I don't know what to do...
  5. I'm pretty handy with tech, looking at getting into 3D printing, wanted to see if someone can give me a head start on researching. budget is $300 preferably, $400 max. Any recommended printer kits?
  6. Any programs to auto-tag/add meta data?
  7. I want it to tag it from a databass, so I can pick tags like "70s" "electric" and all the songs with those tags it'll bring up. So a program that has an online database for adding meta data to songs? I want to be able to create playlists easily.
  8. Any recommendations on software to sort music?
  9. Looking to buy around 25 RGBW A29 (standard USA size) light bulbs preferably smart/app controlled. Where do you recommend buying them?
  10. I need help getting an older firmware version.
  11. So I own a Samsung Galaxy S8, and the bluetooth volume control works. it fades the volume up and down. All good. A friend also owns an SGS8, and the volume slider moves up and down, but it's either "on" or "mute". No fading ability. Both phones are up to date. The device we are connecting to is a Logitech Bluetooth Audio Reciever. little $25 dongle thing.
  12. I want a lock when I am near, like an RFID lock but it is always open when the card is AWAY, and it will lock when the card is within reading distance. It does not have to be RFID, can be a pressure/button lock. (button pressed is closed, button depressed is open.)
  13. HeyKitty


    I've tried the Blue Yeti, didn't like it. I got the AT2020, it's pretty good, wasn't sure what else was out there.
  14. HeyKitty


    best microphone to capture a conversation in a furnished room, 14ftx23ft. budget $800 and under. needs to plug into a PC, I dont mind buying things to convert XLR/TRS