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  1. Anything with lights that are on when the device is off, don't make me reach around the back to unplug it
  2. The Wago 221 series connectors, to give an exapmle, are rated for up to 85 celsius ambient altough they dont say how low. They dont give a vibration rating on the website but the point of "maintenance free" is that it doesn't come loose. sealing connections in a wall is a tame example, Connections also get buried under ground and in other more rough environments
  3. Most wago terminals are classed as maintenance free which means they have to stay on pretty much forever and can therefore be sealed up in a wall etc under UK electrical regulations If they are also in a maintenace free enclosure.
  4. Self amalgamating tape is what is used in cars. It basically molds itself together and wont come apart
  5. How is the performance on those? Do you use specific fans?
  6. I replaced the fans on my MSI armor rx580 with random 120mm case fans. I should have expected the performance to suck because of the low RPM/static pressure but I did it anyway and yeah I went up to 85° in furmark at stock settings with the fans at full RPM. When I ran the test again after the GPU was warm it went up to 86° and I stopped it there. For reference with the stock fans I can overclock the core by 100mhz, the ram by 250mhz, raise the power limit to 150% and stay below 80° but it's obviously much louder. Here's some pictures. I made a couple of mistakes with the bracket on
  7. Whatsapp compresses images alot. I used to have issues when sending pictures with small text because my boss would complain that im not taking clear pictures but i could see them without issue.
  8. Thank you for the responses, i had forgotten about the switch which is on the microsd to sd adapter. i had to blow a compressed air can into it as well as it wasnt recognising the change initially. The tab on my adapter is closer to the contacts for writable and further away for write-protection. Thanks again for the help
  9. Hi, i used an SD card as a windows 10 installation disk. Now i would like to remove the tool from the card so that i can use all of its capacity again, however i cannot format it as the disk is 'write protected'. Please can anyone help me either delete the installation media or format the card? Its a 32GB Sandisk extreme Micro sd HC. Thanks
  10. Clipsal C-bus is a very high end home automation solution (owned by Schneider electric) which uses din-mounted relays and dimmers in a distribution board to feed the end points on the circuits. Switches and sensors are linked together with a special cat5 cable that is rated to run alongside low voltage cables (low voltage = 50-1000v). Every switch has memory and stores it's own programs which means there's no central hub which can fail, auxiliary devices can also be used for input and output (e.g. fire alarm turns all hallway lights on).
  11. I am really enjoying the soundcore liberty air 2's. I've had them for a couple of months now and the battery, sound quality, and app are all really good https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07ZHDYH6P?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  12. I'll try cut a nice pattern with the multi tool or something
  13. I bought this case https://aerocool.io/product/cs-1103/ and it's made so you can mount front fans to it but there's nowhere for the fans to pull air from apart from a tiny hole at the bottom of the front cover once it's been put back on. Is there any point in installing fans there? There's no air for them to pull into the case? This is my first build so any help is appreciated