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Status Updates posted by SenKa

  1. My mate had a Cyberpower prebuilt blow up on him, cheap PSU took out the motherboard. RIP.


    Prebuilts are fine, but cheap ones often cut in dangerous places to keep margins high.

    1. amdorintel


      many factors would come into play

      how stable was the power coming out of the wall

      any lightning strikes

      were all fasteners tight

      but yeah dont cheap out

    2. Schnoz


      @SenKa Take a look at Gamer Nexus's reviews of cheap-ass Overpowered PCs. He ordered a 2080 Ti and got a 2070. Also they used a SINGLE stick of DDR4.

    3. SenKa


      @Schnoz The shame is the rest looked fairly good!


      H170 board, i7-6700, 16GB DDR4 dual channel.


      Bad parts were the PSU and cooler, which was a slim intel stock cooler like you'd get from an i3.

  2. Quote

    Sooo, I have been a very happy iPhone 11 Pro Max user as of late. The extra battery life over my XS Max is fantastic and I have LOVED comfortably making it through the day no matter how hard I hit the GPS chip and Bluetooth modems. My XS Max was also microscratched to **** and back because I did not use a screen protector. I wasn't even planning on upgrading to the 11 Pro Max, but between the massive improvements in efficiency allotted by the A13 mixed with "The worlds strongest glass on an iPhone," how could I say no?


    Well... turns out that's a half truth.


    The iPhone 11 Pro Max Glass is "the worlds most shatter resistant glass on an iPhone." Honestly I should have seen this coming as the only way to make a rigid, fragile material stronger is to make it softer, but such is life.

    Noticed gouges on my 11 Pro Max display, just as Linus noted in his review... Sigh. Full writeup on the Apple forums: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/250829831

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    2. dizmo


      There's a company that makes sapphire screen protectors. Might be worth the investment.

    3. Ryan_Vickers


      Or even just proper hardness 6 glass ones.  But yeah, so long as it's real sapphire and not the diluted crap Apple's tried to pass off in the past that also scratches at a level 6, that could be a nice improvement.

    4. dizmo


      It is. It actually looks super impressive, watched a review a fellow did on it. Wish they made it for more phones, but of course iPhones are the biggest market.

      They took the equipment from the failed sapphire company (GT something?) and tweaked the design.

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  3. Best productivity keyboard right here. I am using it actively as my main keyboard, love it. Space is a bit stiff, but I can get used to that because of how amazing it is otherwise.


    Image result for TG3 keyboard with trackpad

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    2. SenKa


      @DrMacintosh Honestly the only thing I can't type on is MX Red's, other than that I agree.

    3. DrMacintosh


      I might have lied. A Monster Energy Drink improves my wpm by about 10 words. 

    4. SenKa


      @DrMacintosh I'm consistent around 80-90 WPM, no matter what

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  4. WOW does a G903 feel weird after using a lefty deathadder.


    Speaking of, rip lefty deathadder. Its fixable but im gonna be spending some time modding it and removing weight, so it's out of service ATM.

  5. How big are airpods compared to Apples wired earbuds that come with new iPhones?

    1. Gegger


      it was literally just a case

      it's still on our porch with a sign on it that says "If this Airpods case is yours, it's right here"

    2. SenKa


      @Schnoz @Gegger Thank you both!

    3. Pascal...


      You mean Toothbrush heads ?

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  6. Does anybody have a black screen iPhone 6s? I am in need of a display.

    1. Schnoz


      Sorry man, can't help here.


      This might help: https://www.ifixit.com/Store/iPhone/iPhone-6s

  7. Anybody here have an Otterbox Defender on their 11 Pro Max? If you grip the case with 2 hands, with your thumbs on the inside of the plastic (touching the screen), does the case creak? Also, if your hands are large enough to grip the phone from both sides one handed, does it creak when squeezed?


    Thank you!

  8. What colour iPhone 11 Pro Max should I get? I'm probably getting a DBrand skin regardless, so it's all about the color of the stainless steel. Not getting gold, but stuck between Space Grey, Midnight Green, and Silver.

    1. SenKa


      That was how I felt as well, stopped in to the apple store with my trade in phones only to realize one of the screens were cracked. That's fixed now though.


      I may very well go green, im glad somebody else agrees on how good it looks! @Den-Fi

    2. Den-Fi


      I ordered mine in gray before I had a chance to see the green. Still waiting for it actually... they've tried to deliver it for over a week now and keep sending it to the wrong hub... sigh. I got hopeful since it said out for delivery this morning, but my normal UPS driver didn't have it.



    3. Tech_Dreamer


      it will depend on your dbrand skin design you're choosing for it imo. for regular use, i  like the space grey for some reason, fits in with the camera lens design in a cool way.

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  9. Every interaction with Apple support is a fight, swear to god...


    XS Max has a rattle and Apple Pay does not work, was told (after verifying location) I could walk in to my local apple store with little hassle and get my phone swapped out.


    Well, every bit of that was apparently a lie and I forgot how much the support sucks at my local apple store, guys are absolute cocks. Now im waiting a few days for Apple to send their replacement... Heres hoping the manager at the store is reasonable and offers me SOMETHING for wasting a total of 4 hours of my life and 60 miles worth of gas. while also giving me a massive migrane. Not to mention the same thing happened to me back in 2016 with a Macbook Pro...


    Been a user of apple products for 15 years, my decision to give them as little of my money directly as possible only gets more reinforced by the day.

    1. Pascal...


      So you would like to switch then ? 

    2. SenKa


      Not switching, just continuing to not buy anything through them. Second hand/distributors only. @Pascal...

  10. The 'OK' symbol, ? is now considered a hate symbol by the ADL.


    Fucking rip deaf people. ASL uses the same gesture for 'ok'.

    1. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus


      Fucking rip deaf people. ASL uses the same gesture for 'ok'.

      What do you mean? Normal people use that for ok. Everyone does.

      So rip everyone?

    2. Den-Fi


      No one:

      Me using ? in 2019:


    3. lewdicrous


      Did they already add milk or is that next?

  11. I picked up another curious TG3 branded keyboard. This one is also vintage blacks, but has an even stiffer space bar and has a built in touchpad! I like weird keyboards...

  12. VMWare Fusion is surprisingly well optimized. Running Windows 10 on my 2014 Macbook Air is fairly smooth. It chugs a little bit, but it really isn't bad at all.

  13. Hey guys, do me a solid and check out SenKa's Shop for me! This is my only source of income, and I really do appreciate all traffic my way!



    1. Origami Cactus
    2. SenKa


      Thank you @VegetableStu. I'll fix the images ASAP

    3. SenKa


      Post has been taken down due to an oversight I made while working on it. Fixing this now.

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  14. It seems my Mac Pro 3,1 is being picky... It won't touch Windows boot USB's, and every distro of Linux I've tried have failed.


    Here's what I've done so far:


    Clear Linux: Hangs after selecting boot device in the boot menu. Does not even attempt to boot


    Ubuntu 19.04: Does not boot, though does try.


    Ubuntu 14.04: Isn't even picked up as bootable


    Manjaro: Booting now, appears like it may be hung on 

    [OK] Started TLP system startup/shutdown


    Ugh... Doesn't help it's also refusing to touch Mojave (DosDude1 Patcher), and the DosDude1 High Sierra patcher isn't playing ball with me.

  15. Switching to Clear Linux and virtualization, finally! This is gonna be a fun project...

  16. "Fuck dude. Fuck me its hot as fuck"- Some guy who walked in the bathroom while I was washing my hands


    I think its hot outside... lmao

  17. Just got a brand new in box Deathadder Left Handed for $35.


    Was listed for parts by a lazy wholesale site that didn't validate returns. $100 mouse for $35 woot woot

  18. Logitech ships warrenty replacements in retail packaging... Nice.


    Replaced my G903 with a mouse that would last me longer, now I got an ez $120 sell

  19. I actually found a real program that rips your iTunes library to a format of your choosing. Nice. My free Apple Music subscription is paying for itself

    1. ripanotha2013og
    2. SenKa


      TuneFab Apple Music Converter. The free version will only do songs under 3 minutes, but $40 buys you the full version. I used Privacy.com to make a burner card to be safe, I'd recommend doing the same @flibberdipper

  20. Pulled my dying Seagate 1.5TB drive out of my JBOD array, I can now sleep at night

    1. Schnoz


      What did it sound like?

    2. SenKa


      It actually sounded perfectly fine, but SMART data was very concerning. Lots of reallocated sectors and lost capacity. I don't know how Windows 10 handles JBOD, if it would allow an array to reinitialize without one of its members or not. I just don't want to risk it, honestly. @Schnoz

  21. Coming from a G903 user, would the Razer Diamondback, Lancehead, or Deathadder lefty be the most seemless transition?

  22. Got my G903 down to 90g, already loving it.

  23. Picked up a Surface 3 Pro 128GB for $20 as a no-power device. Stupid low considering it is in flawless cosmetic condition with the type cover in a seemingly rare colour. Previous owner left it at the goodwill after they couldn't repair it. Ya wanna know what the fix was that both the previous owner and goodwill failed to do? Flex the device from the top to dislodge dirt under the power button...


    I'm not complaining! Downloading the restore image as we speak ?

  24. Vista is much better than I remember...

    1. Schnoz


      Only when on faster hardware.

    2. SenKa


      I'm on period correct hardware. C2D and GO 8700M. Still very snappy @Schnoz

  25. Just reflowed a 2011 MBP with a dying GPU, did it with an Ace Hardware heat gun too!


    Janky? Yes. Worth it for a $20 MBP that came with 8GB of RAM and in immaculate condition? Yep! Very happy with this, lets see how long it lasts!

    1. Schnoz


      i'd probably accidentally burn the entire building down