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  1. I would be ecstatically happy if I could get step by step instructions on a manual overclock for the i9 and the z390-e board as i’ve only found ones that use the maximus.
  2. It was my first build, i’d never even looked into building one until 2 weeks prior, I was following advice regarding noctua etc, I was simply telling you what my thinking was on the build, which unfortunately I’m stuck with because I don’t have another £100 for fans. As for the speed etc, obviously i’m aware of the heat vs speed issue, but I don’t know how to properly overclock so it’s really a moot point since I just use the ai and at present that seems to give far better temps but with lower speed, but in the past it did hit the 5 with 85deg which is within tolerance as far as i’m aware.
  3. Yea i’m aware about the smaller fans con, but I wanted noctua, I wanted rgb so the only option otherwise they would look huge was those with the phanteks fan rgb covers... I’m not expecting massive overclocks, i’m just after the 5 they promised as one of the reasons to get the i9
  4. They seemed within tolerance levels.. 85 degrees on load.. but then I wasn’t gaming on it most the time back then, I was doing 3d work and VFX.
  5. All sounding ok then. just hope the cpu itself is ok, if not and if I can work out where I purchased it, at least the replacement of it will be simpler than an aio
  6. Unless you’re taking custom loop (which I don’t have the money or time for) the Noctua cooler is constantly considered the best for the i9 l, sometimes just below the H150i PRO, but I am open to other suggestions if you have any.
  7. Guess I’ll have to order another kryonaut to apply to the Noctua NH-D15 i’m ordering in a few days then..
  8. I thought corsair thermal paste was supposed to be ok.. obviously i’m not talking kryonaut good, but surely ok for at least a year
  9. I’ve RMA’d the AIO as a precaution, and i’m going to pick up the Noctua NH-D15 instead, if the thermal paste is the issue, that should solve the problem, i’m also going to change the thermal paste on the GPU as a precaution too.. if none of that works I guess I’ll be back with the biggest problem being that I cannot remember where I purchased the i9 from so can’t RMA it at present unless I can track it down..
  10. Image attached.. I can’t imagine a thermal paste problem because it was only built in February and the thermal paste was pre-applied, the AIO is definitely working.. Idle temps are mentioned above, with ai-optimisation enabled around 30 degrees, without it, around 50 degrees.
  11. Hey, I’m having some issues with a relatively new build, in February I built the following spec machine. cpu: i9 9900k ram: Corsair 32gb 3600 ddr4 motherboard: Asus Rog STRIX Z390-E gpu: aorus xtreme 1080ti Cooler: Corsair H100i Hydro PRO (swapped both fans for Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM) Fans: 4 x Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM (3 as intake one as exhaust). Storage: 2 x 1tb Samsung 850 evo + 1tb hdd Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro (side panel swapped for tempered glass) Since building it I’ve had no problems (It has been on a 38% overclock using asus ai - not manual), but about a week ago I noticed c