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  1. (18) From Sand to Silicon: The Making of a Microchip | Intel - YouTube stumbled upon this video and the comments cracked me up.
  2. I call this the Behemoth. This case was hard for me to set up. As a result the cable management isn’t where I’d like it to be but I do have it up and running. This is one of the most powerful builds I’ve done. Someone was kind enough to mention that I installed the rear fan backwards so as you can see, I got that fixed. Specs: I9 11900k Z590 Aorus master RTX 3090 FE 32 Gb g.skill trident z Aorus 1 tb pci 4.0 m.2 ssd Sandisk 2 tb sata SSD Wd blue 1 tb sata SSD Corsair 360mm elite capillix AIO cooler Corsair icue 5000x case
  3. Yeah, I gave into impulse essentially. I did read that ampere gpus are having issues which I think is always something that's possible during the first batch of a tech release. I suspect it is my motherboard but if not, hopefully Nvidia will let me RMA it
  4. Bought one from a scalper on ebay, the 3080 started giving me that issue and I was like screw it the 3090 is coming out, I won't be able to get a gpu at msrp anyway so someone on reddit sent me the link to the 3090 page on launch day and I was able to get one. I get the 3090 and its still giving me that issue. Now I know there's nothing wrong with the 3080.
  5. If I do a motherboard replacement and it still gives me that issue, it has to be from the GPU itself which is baffling because it's brand new.
  6. I have a 3080 also. Tried that in another slot and it did much better but I got some of the static in one frame briefly. I dont know why it would work fine when just using the desktop but in game, when it demands a higher power draw, that's where it has issues. I highly doubt its my PSU because it's an evga 850w psu that is only a couple of months old.
  7. I previously had a 2070 in my build and when I replaced the case, the card got stuck in the slot as I was taking it out. Took me a while before I got it out but I put my 2070 back in there and it worked. It doesn't like these ampere gpus though
  8. I have the FE, Which didnt have those issues.
  9. So i was lucky enough to obtain an RTX 3090. It started to have this issue where when I would play in game, it would have white lines go across the screen. I tried reinstalling drivers, trying a new DP cable, putting in new 8 pin cables, checking my power supply and today I discovered that the plastic piece on the pcie slot was loose and I guess it wasn't going in all the way because normally it clicks when I install a gpu but it didnt click. I did however have it screwed in the case securely. Im not having the white lines issue while on the desktop, just when playing games. Today when fiddlin
  10. Recently got a 3080 and a 3090 FE gpu. I have an evga supernova 850W g5 psu that is only about 3 months old and I got it directly from EVGA. For some reason, while playing games I am getting static white lines on the screen intermittently. So I'm having this issue with two GPUs but I should be able to run it since I have an 850W power supply that previously hasn't given me any issues. Whenever I replaced my case, I forgot to flip up the latch on the pcie port and my old 2070 got stuck in the slot and it took me a few minutes to get it out but I plugged it back in and didn't have issues.
  11. Of course we're going to have to wait until the 8th to know for sure. AMD has gone leaps and bounds from where it was just 5 years ago, Ryzen processors are great but the one area where it still lags behind intel is gaming. The 10900k at 5.3 ghz with 10 cores is still the fastest gaming cpu. I've heard the reason for zen 2 not being able to be on par with intel in gaming is something along the lines of the cache being separate on the cpu die but I may be wrong. I think if AMD can fix this problem, they may be able to match the 10900k with the ryzen 9 4900x. If they are able to achi
  12. I first got into computers when I was a kid. My dad would always build them and I would help him out,all I remember is that Radeon was a great graphics card and we would pair that with the pentium 4 that has hyper threading. I know intel had the pentium, pentium II in the 90s and pentium III starting in 1999. Then they came out with the pentium 4 family and after that, for their non budget desktop cpu's they decided to go with core 2 duo and dropped the pentium name and after core 2 duo, they went with core i3,i5 and i7 which is what they still use today. I've always wondered why the
  13. ive heard most people actually go for the 70 series and the steam hardware survey seems to back that up
  14. You'll definitely be able to max out your monitor's refresh rate in 1440p and if you get 4k 60fps in most demanding games with the settings maxed out, thats a deal at 699. Last gen, I think the people who bought a 2080 ti at 1200 dollars even before the announcment got screwed. Honestly the 2080 ti was a bad deal throughout its lifespan. Sure you got the best of the best when turing came out but it definitely wasn't worth even the msrp of 999.99 and really not worth 1199. This gen, nvidia seems to have gotten better about it. Don't get me wrong, the 2080 ti is a great card but that price is
  15. I thought your standard fps counter will show how much vram the game allocates but not necessarily how much it'll use. Like cod war zone says its allocated 10.5 gb vram but it probably doesn't use that much.