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  1. ahh... well, cleaning feet should just be done with a damp microfiber cloth. If you want new feet, which i would recommend, these have a good reputation. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Corepad-Skatez-Logitech-G703-G603-G403-Wireless-Replacement-Teflon-mouse-feet/222587055608
  2. Looks like a fine pad, probably from the same factory as the Corsair MM300 based off marketing materials. Do the feet look especially worn? You clearly have a baseline of a bad set of mouse feet in your rival 100. How do they compare?
  3. What pad are you on? Some wear down really quick and can create the same feeling.
  4. Just checked prices, think I'll be listing mine soon as well if you're interested Gigabyte windforce 3x model.
  5. Woo! Turning on advanced really did some magic 4.4 mil points as we sit, and my RTX 2070 is chewing on a 170k point WU.
  6. Uhh, better than usual actually... As a small business owner and full time college student i hardly had any time to tend to myself. It was just get up, go to school, manage my business, go home, do my school work for the day, go to sleep, and squeeze in a half assed meal or two somewhere. Now I have time to dedicate to myself, cook proper meals, drinking enough water finally... I haven't felt this good in ages. Classes of course moved online, but the way my professors did it was just throw all the assignments up online and tell us to have them in by the end of the semester. So, i have a solid 3-4 hours to focus on myself now. It honestly feels great. With that being said, the whole stay at home order really sucks. I am, for lack of a better term, and introverted extrovert. I love going to parties and hanging out with friends, but only for a couple hours. If i go any longer than that i just crash, and i crash really hard when i do. I haven't been able to really have any human interaction, other than my parents. It's honestly really tiring, but in a different way than too much social contact is. Overall up from a month ago, by quite a bit. Im sure you have, but have you tried oolong teas? I have chronic migranes as well, though they are somewhat infrequent now a days. Oolong helped a lot when they were really bad. I personally can't take any medication, so I searched high and low for anything that would. This is my preferred tea. Normally i'd link amazon rather than the company directly, but amazon estimates a delivery in ~29 days from today...: https://www.revolutiontea.com/collections/dragon-eye-oolong-tea
  7. This is a test of parsec, with a windows 10 host and macOS guest. I am currently running both over a mobile hotspot, and it actually isnt that bad... The compression is VERY noticable, but for just remoting in to my desktop it isn't that bad at all. The 3 issues i found immediately are that: I can't hold my mouse on the top of the display to show my macOS finder bar, I need to either switch to windowed mode or use the 3-finger swipe gesture (If you launch in windowed mode then full screen you can see it as as one would expect... not sure whats different about launching in full screen) Lack of multi-monitor on the free version kinda sucks I cant seem to right click (CTRL+Click) (EDIT: This was total PBKAC, at some point my setting was changed for right click in macOS settings...) For those curious, I have attached a pic of my remote screen so you can see the compression using a ~10Mbs down 1Mbs connection. It didnt get any better switching back over to a wired host and 5GHz wifi guest with my ~75/75 connection... And I am RIGHT next to my router. I can't say I'm quite impressed, but it also is much better polished than most of the other things i have tried and will likely become my new preferred remote desktop software for that reason alone. I have found teamviewer and anydesk to be a bit finnicky at times.
  8. Parsec sounds interesting, though the "not running as a service" issue really is a downer for how I'd use it... Though, I do some occasional remote login stuff where that ISNT critical so i will for sure give it a shot. Also, no iOS client really blows.
  9. Have my name out on a couple "for parts" cards that seem to have minor issues or may still be under warranty... Really looking to boost my numbers and give my poor GTX 670 a break GTX 1070, RX 580, and R9 Fury X.
  10. Darn... I did find these cards, which would make great secondary folding cards since all the damage is physical or non-critical (faulty display out ports). https://www.ebay.com/itm/GIGABYTE-NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-1070-G1-8GB-GDDR5-Graphics-Card-GV-N1070G1/303468573801?epid=14030519147&hash=item46a822f469%3Ag%3AARIAAOSwr05eNKJE&LH_ItemCondition=7000#viTabs_0
  11. Of course its giving my poor GTX 670 the chonker WU's, I think F@H is out for blood! Here's a thought, since as far as i can tell FAH doesn't much care for VRAM whatsoever, would it be possible to buy up a card with faulty VRAM, downclock it all the way to keep it stable, and use it as a secondary folding card?
  12. Gahh. I havent been able to drive in so long, stay at home order. I dont think I ever showed yall my jeep as it sits now though, so I'll send some pics Still to come: Paint hood, cowl, and grill, replace windshield frame and wiper motor, front and rear bumper replacement 1993 Wrangler, 2.5L 4Cyl, AX-5 5 Speed manual, 31" tires on 15" ravine wheels
  13. Im using shockingly low power, actually had to check if everything was folding. ryzen 9 3900x, RTX 2070, GTX 670. All only drawing 520w from the wall.
  14. Another advantage of F@H Was doing a 5th gen iPod touch screen replacement, which required removing the battery and softening it's overly strong adhesive. I realized i left my heat gun in the garage and was too lazy to get it... Held the iPod to the back of my PC and it warmed right up!
  15. One of my GPU's is unable to, the other GPU has been totally fine and my CPU has needed some attention every couple of WU's. Pausing and re-enabling the slot has fixed it EDIT: setting client type to advanced got my lazy GPU a WU.
  16. Anybody else having issues finding WU's? Woke up to my CPU and one of my GPU's stick on "ready". CPU picked back up after pausing and re-enabling it. GPU has not... Brighter note! Currently sitting at 46 WU's and 1,2m points
  17. I can tell you that in my define R6, I added 2 top fans and played around with them as intake and exhaust. This system is folding@home right now, and per my measurements its kicking out ~600w worth of heat. I have 2 140MM's in the front, and one in the back. Those are stock case fans, the top fans are silent wings 3. Relevant specs are as follows: Ryzen 9 3900x, Stock cooler, RTX 2070, GTX 670 Top fans as intake: CPU temps never reached above ~75c, even while folding. Top GPU, the RTX 2070, was overheating even with the fans at full boar. Bottom GPU was uncomfortably hot, but more acceptable Top fans as exhuast: With both GPU's loaded, and CPU at idle, the heat kicked off my GPU's is managing to make the CPU idle at ~55-65c. This is almost certainly the result of the down-firing stock cooler, but i felt it worth mentioning. CPU temps while folding are solid at 83c. GPU temps are MUCH lower. I'm having issues finding work units on my RTX 2070 right now, but it normally settles in around 80c, the GTX 670 (which has been folding all night) is sitting at 75c. Both cards are Gigabyte Windforce 3x. This is my recommended config. But, in the end the only answer is the one you find for yourself with experimentation. You don't have a Define R6 as far as I can tell, so the above results may or may not be of use to you. Pick up a couple cheap fans, throw them in, load up prime 95, furmark, and HWInfo, and see what works best.
  18. Yeah, points seem a bit slow atm... Im folding at 1.6Mil points a day but only have 975,043 total as we stand after folding since the start of the event. But hey, in the end the research is being done
  19. The new one will perform slightly better, but the difference is minimal... @5x5 basically said what i would have said.
  20. One thing all this staying at home nonsense has done great for me, is given me the time i needed to work on my personal health...


    Im drinking 1L of water daily, minimum. Finally have the time to cook some good meals for myself, feeling lots less stressed... Moneys getting a bit tight, but eh. I'm getting by more than fine for now and feeling better than i have in YEARS.

  21. I should invest in a new secondary folding GPU, my poor 670 has chewed through 35% of this WU and has 5 hours left... On it marches though! And march it will
  22. Sounds like his hardware EDIT: Not so sure after i saw @LFreeman's post.
  23. Turned off wallpaper engine, and flipped my top intake to exhuast. Now solid over 1.6 Mil PPD. Wooooooo
  24. Looking at ~1.4 Million PPD with everything churning away at WU's Hope it helps