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  1. I tend to agree, but what’s in a name? Many 1DX3 owners I know purchased knowing an R version would arrive in the very near future. Those that have it as a work tool will simply fund the replacement through taxes etc. Those that purchased as a hobby will either want to stick with an OVF for a while, or will chop in their current model for the new. I would suspect there are more reasons for calling it an R3, and one of those is to give room to respond with a new flagship should competition release something very superior on the spec front. Personally, I tend to not look at headline
  2. I wonder if an R1 is still a way off. Probably planned for some time in the future. Maybe this was meant to be the R1 but in light of development from Sony it was renamed.Canon are really showing what they can do. It is going to be an interesting time.
  3. I had the EOS3 and the EOS5. They are still in the loft. The eye controlled focus on both those cameras was innovative and for many, including myself, worked very well. Some people didn’t get on with it though. Will be really interesting to see how well it works in this new form. I got a notification from Canon last night regarding this camera. It doesn’t give much away but it certainly looks like a great tool. Not the tool for me though, I am hoping for an R7 simply so I can travel with lighter kit. I keep considering the R5 but that would also mean me lugging around more glass,
  4. Yes, and rightly so. Precautionary measures have to be taken to check if side effects are going to cause a big issue, or the vaccines continued use vastly outweighs any possible side effects. We will see in a few days I am sure. AZ has continued use in over 30s and has had a massive effect on the reduction in deaths where it has been used. Once more is learnt about the small risk of clotting the vaccine may be improved or the side effects understood to mitigate any risk.
  5. I think the people of NZ care about it. I am quite sure the people of Aus care too. NZ set a great example to many other countries and continue to do so. They developed their own app which is why they are not bound by the same rules. Here I. The UK, Scotland have done similar having a separate tracking app. This means they can still track people as they are not using the built in tool developed by Google/Apple. That is why I find this whole mess odd, you can track as long as you do not use our tool to do so say Apple and Google.
  6. It is still a choice. People can choose to upload the location gained from scanning a QR code at a venue. Nobody is forced to do so. If the government had developed their own app and not used Google/Apple tools then they could do this and still have the app on the respective stores as that does not break rules.
  7. It is not sending the data. The tracking works with QR codes that you scan at every business. You can choose to share that. At the moment the app really is not working. I know many cases where one person in a household has a positive COVID test and the app installed but nobody else in the same house has been notified of a possible infection. Something needs to change as it is clearly not working.
  8. We failed here to develop our own app and after wasting a bucket load of money started using the Google/apple tools. My point is that you can develop an app that tracks people and it is allowed on the stores. It is only if it uses this particular tool that it is not allowed. NZ have done a fantastic job on COVID from the start and in developing their own app can track locations using the QR code, which I what the NHS app is not allowed to do here. Yes, I agree it should be stored locally and the NZ app does that well.
  9. Summary An update to England and Wales's contact tracing app has been blocked for breaking the terms of an agreement made with Apple and Google. Quotes My thoughts I could not care less about this type of privacy on this issue, as long as the data is only used by the NHS and kept secure that way. I can understand Google and Apple on their stance, but for government apps their should probably be more room for negotiation. It is a shame the three parts of the UK could not have a single app then maybe we would have lower expenses as well a pickin
  10. Other cooling methods are currently being experimented with as well as combinations of them. Slapping them in the sea seems to be quite popular. There are even plans to experiment with orbiting data centres but that sounds extremely expensive as well as latency bound. Plenty of liquids have been tried and tested too. However, maybe there needs to be a technology change to reduce heat production in the first place.
  11. I agree it should be made possible to fix such devices, parts, tools and information made available. However I do not agree that things should not be ultra proprietary. We need innovation to push technology. If every company were forced to use more generic components then the industry would go stale very fast.
  12. Really? Is there any need to be name calling? When you don’t agree with someone it is better to be polite and argue your point in a calm, considered and informed way. If you just get angry and block everyone you don’t quite agree with you soon run out of people to talk to. Back on topic... I don’t agree with many things Apple do, but the iPad mini in particular really is a consumable device. 7 years is not bad for the type of device it is. Apple do a lot of things wrong, and a lot right. They are no different to most other large companies. Consider the price of an iPad mini and com
  13. Not always the case. Dell support usually X number of years past end of sales life. Fujitsu and HP do the same. Sometimes prolongation is available but not always. It depends on parts availability. Often it can be something like the custom PSU or a third party card that is no longer available new. They will not buy from the used market. I deal with this regularly. Often see kit purchased near end of sales, then it takes a year or two to actually put to use. By then it often only has three years before end of support. Network gear sometimes has a longer life but a lot of that is because it chan
  14. 7 years for what is essentially a throw away device is not too bad. The iPad mini was really just a big iPhone sans the phone bit.
  15. And your point is? One is a piece of hardware, the other is an operating system. You really cannot mix the two. Apple have stopped support of the hardware, but the OS will still run. There is not a lot of PC hardware supported after 8 years. You can buy spares on the used market, just like you will still be able to with this Apple product.