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  • Birthday 2002-11-28

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    Ontario, Canada
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    Computers, Tech, Gaming, Food.
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  • CPU
    i7 3930k (4.20 Ghz 1.35v)
  • Motherboard
    Intel DX79TO
  • RAM
    12 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz
  • GPU
    GTX 680 (1400 Mhz Core Clock, 3700 Memory Clock)
  • Case
    Deepcool Matrexx 55
  • Storage
    Kingston A400 240 GB SSD, Seagate Barracuda 1 TB HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair HX1050
  • Display(s)
    Acer KA271 1080p 27" 1ms 75hz, Acer K222HQL 1080p 60hz 5ms
  • Cooling
    Hyper 212 EVO with Red LED fan
  • Keyboard
    Redragon KA552
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502
  • Sound
    AKG Earbuds
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. DoomTheAssassin

    Upgrade Help

    If you are just gaming your proccesor should be fine for now. Depending on your RAM slots I'd buy 2x8gb 1666 sticks for a total of 24gb. I'd also buy a 1660ti (2060 is a bit more of a gimmick if you just play competitive games)
  2. DoomTheAssassin

    Small Form Factor (Build Help!)

    Hi there! Id be happy to help with a build guide for you, what resolution will you be playing at and what is the resolution of your monitor. This information would help me get a perfect priced build for your specific needs.
  3. DoomTheAssassin

    I have an asus fx504GM wit an i5 8300H and gtx 1060 3gb

    This is a really badly written post, the title should be the issue and your hardware should be in the description. Thermal throttling? You have not mentioned the temperature the chip is reaching. Please let us at least know the temperature and voltage of the chip and a picture of your PC so we have something to work with.
  4. DoomTheAssassin

    Share your location!

    Eclipse Towers Penthouse Suite 3, San Andreas, Los Santos
  5. DoomTheAssassin

    Weird behavior on new flash drive

    Try testing it in a USB 3.0 Port where it won't be throttled.
  6. DoomTheAssassin

    Overclocking a 1060 with 500W PSU

    If its 80+ Silver you should more then likely be fine.
  7. DoomTheAssassin

    Overclocking a 1060 with 500W PSU

    You should be fine, my 4.4 Ghz 3930k 1.325v and OC'd 680 dont take more then 400w
  8. DoomTheAssassin

    dual channel ram

  9. DoomTheAssassin

    dual channel ram

    It will work but the motherboard will make both of the RAM sticks operate at the weaker sticks timings (if they have different timings).
  10. If you know someone that has a Mac you can always just go to them and install from their MacBook/Mac on to a USB OR You could go to an Apple store and install it from their MacBooks/Mac's
  11. DoomTheAssassin


    Its a overclockable 9700 (k) the (f) indicates that it is one of the 9th generation Intel chips that does not contain integrated graphics. Ill be providing a link to Intels information page on it if more info is required. https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/190885/intel-core-i7-9700kf-processor-12m-cache-up-to-4-90-ghz.html
  12. DoomTheAssassin

    Hitting 99 Percentile Performance on my 680

    Aight, Give me 10 Minutes.
  13. As the title says, Ive squeezed every last drop of performance out of my GTX 680, They card in question below is the card I used. Settings for MSI Afterburner: +100 Mv Core Voltage 132% Max Power Usage +168 Mhz Core Clock +460 Mhz Memory Clock
  14. DoomTheAssassin

    SSD Boot Drive + HDD Vs a Full SSD Rig

    The point of having an SSD as you boot drive is it can load up your core applications and windows much faster then it would with a normal Hard Drive. For example, my old 2013 laptop now Boots Windows 10 fully in 7 seconds as opposed to 45 seconds that it took with a normal hard drive. A Large SSD Is if you want ALL or your programs and games to boot up quicker where as a boot drive is only meant to help windows and a few core applications load faster.
  15. DoomTheAssassin

    Idea of a Custom Build

    I was thinking of gutting a PS3 Slim and a Laptop and then putting them into one single computer case. Would this project even be possible or am I delusional? If there is no case on the market that can fit them both under $150 CAD how would I go about designing a case for them.