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  1. So I got a new USB device and I thought I had 4 more working usb ports in addition to the 4 working ones. So I get back home plug that bad boy in and all I get is the "USB device not recognized", tried all 4 of the free USB ports multiple times and it just doesn't work. Then I unplugged my keyboard and plugged in the new device and it works just fine. So I plug in the keyboard in one of the 4 free ports - it doesn't work. What is happening? The 2 not working ones are on the motherboard and they are colored in this nice shade of aqua. And the other 2 not working ones are on the case
  2. alright fair enough. I really thought it could be just a card overheating or his psu not being powerful enough. Thanks lads!
  3. We're kinda in a pandemic right now and with all time high cases in the country and all my relatives live very long distances away unfortunately
  4. fair enough. one problem is that I dont have an oven to ruin
  5. could it just simply be that the card is overheating? in the pictures the card seems to be covered in dust
  6. So I found this GTX 960 on craigslist for 20 bucks and the guy only specifies that "the fans spin and LEDs turn on but there is no signal". If I could get that bad boy fixed I could make a nice buck! What could be some easy or just obvious ways to fix a problem like that? Is it even worth trying? I'm trying to get in contact with him to see when it started acting up
  7. How I assured myself that it was indeed something wrong with the onboard ethernet controller was, I took out an HDD from a laptop in which the exact same ethernet cable worked. I start the computer with the laptop HDD and yeah, ethernet was not working. Then I put the HDD back into the laptop and it was working fine.
  8. I found the problem. The built in ethernet controller in the motherboard is unfortunately dead. But that sparked up another idea, if I would buy a PCI-E Ethernet Card, would it work? Or are the Network cards dependant on the built in motherboard one?
  9. I took the laptop apart to get the HDD from it, so I could drop the driver installer. That worked but then at the end I got an error "The realtek network controller was not found. If deep sleep mode is enabled please plug the cable"
  10. Ight so the pc just got done resetting and its still not working
  11. I guess I dont have anything else to try left, well fingers are crossed again
  12. I got a question, if I make like a small partition of my HDD to backup the files I need, is the partition going to get deleted?
  13. Just restarted the pc to get into the bios again to see if any of those 2 appear in bios. They dont