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    16GB G-Skill 1600
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  1. I've had mountains of issues when I purchased my own 5700 XT as well. only the last few optional driver revision fixed I think all my issues. I'm on 20.5.1
  2. i do it all the time when my prepaid runs out. Not at Micro-center mind you, but I'm sure they'll accommodate if it means they get your money haha
  3. I purchased the Galaxy Buds from Best Buy on release. Loved them, until the left one stopped charging. Samsung support denied me warranty stating they couldn't find the serial number in their system. Especially since the serial is on the charging case and is extremely prone to scratching. It was un-readable. Had to give them the box's serial number. I wouldn't buy either.
  4. Perfect question as I just upgraded. I wanted an actual high quality monitor so I got the LG 34GK9501F only to realise after installing that my GTX 980 TI Golden Edition didn't support Freesync over G-Sync DP. So I was like, shit I got this magnificient monitor I got specificatlly for G-Sync so I just received today my new RX 5700 XT GPU, just a bit better than my old but I can finally use Freesync. TL:DR I had to Upgrade from 980 TI to RX 5700 XT for a compatibility technicality.
  5. I just stopped by your profile and saw that it's your birthday. 

    Have a good day! 

  6. Only on latest major update 1903. You couldn't beforehand. To remove all other apps, you need to go through powershell
  7. You do not need the recovery partition at all. usually those are for OEM to restore their own modified version of windows by the End-user. Just use your USB key when you want to reformat and that's it
  8. I have no problem buying RAM second-hand because it can easily be tested with Memtest86 and that guarantees perfect functionality. Buying HDD on the other-hand is very much not recommended.
  9. I just tried it on my own Vive with beat saber and "Alt+Enter" did put it into windowed mode without affecting the game itself.
  10. Is this why I can't connect to my VPN through McDonalds's WIFI?
  11. that might be the point for me. The people who have issues originally upgraded from 1803. (Note: 1803 was broken for us because of a mailslot issue making network communication between computers impossible) All the computers I build and configure are freshly installed with the latest iso
  12. running 1809 since the original release. also installed it onto every computer I configure at work (we're a OEM vendor) and I had no issues whatsoever as well The issues are so specific to the 0.1% that it shouldn't even matter. Though if Microsoft were to make feature updates optional for every single user that would fix all possible problem really. That way I wouldn't have to manually obliterate the Windows Update Service from every computer I make on the request of the customer because they want nothing to do with having to reboot their computer all the time for hou