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  1. _Hustler_One_

    keyboards from the big companies are junk?

    60% keyboard will give you much more room for your mouse movement, which I feel it's nice. If you dont work with spread sheets, you dont need num-pads, so TKL or smaller keyboards are better. Here, using a 60% keyboard is like when you using a Laptop, because most of less than 15" Laptops has 60% sized keyboard form factor, unless a laptop which 15" and above, they have dedicated num-pads. @geo3 share your thoughts?
  2. _Hustler_One_

    A Passive Cooler for Threadripper? Not quite.

    I wonder how the system will boot when there's no CPU fan connected to the motherboard as it will get an error message..
  3. _Hustler_One_

    Is it worth waiting?

    Patience is a virtue
  4. _Hustler_One_

    I need a white keyboard...

    Vortex POK3R White https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1240
  5. _Hustler_One_

    FSP Windale 6 CPU Cooler Any good?

    Actually the Windale 6 is a good choice, but in the end is up to you. We just gave something into consideration
  6. _Hustler_One_

    FSP Windale 6 CPU Cooler Any good?

    I had the Windale 4 on i7-8700K, it's decent cooler, while the Windale 6 i think it's much better than Windale 4. It was around mid 80C for 4.8GHz and 42C idle. But like I said, the fan is seriously quiet.
  7. _Hustler_One_

    FSP Windale 6 CPU Cooler Any good?

    I had the FSP Windale 4, the fan is same with Windale 6, which is SUPER QUIET! I mean it. it's 1600 RPM, even at full speed it's more quiet than full speed 1500 RPM Noctua fan..
  8. _Hustler_One_

    Should i replace this one i have a replace window opwn

    full speed or low speed if you set it up in fix DC mode the fan won't adjust the speed by itself, you have to turn on the "smart fan mode" to let the fan spinning at any speed according to the system temps... The constant RMP happens because the fan runs in fix DC mode. Like you locked the voltage at certain value so the fan is locked at a constant speed. If you want your fan to run at dynamic speed, you must turn that SMART FAN MODE on.
  9. _Hustler_One_

    Should i replace this one i have a replace window opwn

    From what I see on the graph is you run the fan in fix DC mode, check the smart fan mode on for the fan to adjust itself according to the temps.
  10. Here's the clue! looks like the PSU is failed. Any RGB will lights on once we push the power button without waiting the system to boot. But in this case I see the problem is the PSU because the RGB doesn't want to light on at all..
  11. _Hustler_One_

    DARK ROCK PRO 4 without the front 120mm fan

    If you decided to use a big tower cooler, don't bother to get RGB RAM modules, they can't get along well together. The Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT is the only big tower air cooler that doesn't overhang the RAM at all right out of the box..
  12. _Hustler_One_

    Noctua Nh-D15 fan

    You can figure it out based on these specs below, It's easy less than 5 minutes googling..
  13. _Hustler_One_

    9900k temps with 240mm?

    Yeah.. It's like buy a Lamborghini only for casual cruising around the road.. Who the hell want to waste money like that? Unless there's some unnecessary excess of money to throw away to get a prestige and bragging right out of that.. Using the 9900K without willing to overclock is a waste of money, and the willing to use a 240mm water cooler for it without overclocking is even bigger waste of money.. You supposed to use the i9 9900K like this, even more with a 240mm water cooler..
  14. _Hustler_One_

    GPU makes 'trr' noise when over 65% fan

    Check if there is a GPU fan cable which touched by the fan blade. I experienced the same noise after I torn off my GPU to change the thermal paste, and after I reassembled it, it makes that "Trrrrrrrr..." noise, so I recheck and found that there's one of the fan cable touched the fan blades.
  15. _Hustler_One_

    Dark rock 4 pro help, cpu fan error

    Can you connect the cable to the motherboard 1st before you connect the fans? This is also what I experienced with my NH-D15 on MSI motherboard, which the CPU_Fan header is blocked by the heatsink. I connected the fan cable to the motherboard CPU_Fan header before I even install the cooler, that way is much easier than connect the cable to the fan 1st before connecting to the motherboard. The easiest step order to get the job done is, 1. Connect the fan cable to motherboard CPU_Fan header, 2. Install cooler on to the CPU & motherboard, 3. Connect the cable to the fans and install the fans to the heatsink. That's how I did in dealing with a big CPU air cooler. Which splitter connector do you use with the fan? When we use a splitter cable for fan, let's say 2 way splitter cable, one of the connectors only has 3 pins available of 4 like [ I I - I ] while the other connector has all of 4 pins available like [ l l l l ] Make sure you connected the fan on the 4 pins [ l l l l ] connector and leave the 3 pins [ I I - I ] empty if you don't want to use the other fan.
  16. _Hustler_One_

    Ducky One 2 Mini

    I have one with the MX Silent Red. The key caps are great, build quality is good, the multiple angle stand is nice to have, the RGB system is awesome if you are kind of RGB person. It's a great keyboard. Earlier I was about to get between Vortex Pok3r and KBP V60 Type R, but ended up with Ducky One 2 Mini.
  17. _Hustler_One_

    RTX Sucks

    Regarding the raw performance I have to agree, but I still feel bad for anyone who paid the extra price because of the extra features but actually those extra features failed to project the extra price accordingly..
  18. _Hustler_One_

    What games should I play?

  19. _Hustler_One_

    Silent or no Pc

    Get any silent switches mechanical keyboard
  20. _Hustler_One_

    RTX 2070 for 1440p?

    No! watch the video about DLSS shared in that topic. It's a fail feature. 4K DLSS is like upscalled lower resolution, not even match it, it's even worse than upscalled lower res. horrible
  21. _Hustler_One_

    RTX 2070 for 1440p?

    Just want to share some important info, before you get the GPU..
  22. _Hustler_One_

    Got an Rtx 2070

    Just want to share some important info
  23. _Hustler_One_


    Use Ninite to install multiple most used software and applications at a time. This is good one to start.. https://ninite.com/
  24. _Hustler_One_

    RTX Sucks

    NVIDIA: "What do you think about the new feature of our RTX, DLSS? User: "Doesn't Look So Sharp. Details Lost, See Screenshots!" NVIDIA: "But it just works.." NVIDIA RTX, Develop Lies Since September.