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  1. Xkillerpn

    RX590 No signal

    ok start with this. Download DDU and use it Use new most updated drivers Also please tell us your hardware so we can help you
  2. Xkillerpn

    Gtx 1660ti vs vega 56

    Yes 3600 is more then good for what is to come. also if you dont mind fiddle around with stuff you can get a Acelero extreme 4 for the Rx5700 and have a really nice cooler on it.
  3. Xkillerpn

    Gtx 1660ti vs vega 56

    V56 Pulse is a good card and its the most cheap, if you go to the more expensive ones you are better of with a RX5700
  4. Xkillerpn

    Radeon VII EOL?

    Stop working? I think you are a bit wrong the, EOL not end of driver suport.
  5. https://www.raijintek.com/en/products_detail.php?ProductID=46
  6. Get a mortheus if you need a good cooler.
  7. Xkillerpn

    New Vega56, fans go full speed, no signal

    Hello, Did you use DDU to clean old drivers? Also use 2 cables from your psu to the gpu. If it has 2 rails they sometime can couse problems with the vega cards. If none of this solves it. RMA it
  8. Wait for july7 if not get a Vega 56 pulse they are cheap.
  9. Only flash this way, for safety ofc. Folder names and location will change on your system CMD in admin cd\atii atiflash -f -p 0 rx480.rom window will pop up and check bios flash, all good restart
  10. Hi Guys, I have a Fx 8150 + Corsair V formula Z and 16G 2400 ram 4*4. Is a Gigabyte GA-X79-Ud3 and a I7 3820 a good upgrade. I will OC the CPU I have a good loop that can take my FX with 1.47v at 60c. Its 100£ for the board and cpu. Or maybe I need to wait and see what Ryzen 2 has to offer? Thanks in advance.
  11. Artic cooling all the way. Cheap and easy
  12. DONT PRE ORDER EVER, wait for reviews
  13. Xkillerpn

    4gb to 8gb flash rx 480 help

    on your C drive name a folder atii (folder were the atiflash files are going to be) Now CMD with admin , dont open atiflash you wont flash it that way in CMD type CD\atii (click ENTER) now you are inside Atii folder type atiflash -f -p 0 ( 1 pci 16x slot) biosname.rom (click ENTER) Now wait restart pc, go to bios and disable your Igpu, restart again and if all ok it will boot with rx480
  14. Xkillerpn

    4gb to 8gb flash rx 480 help

    you wont get a 8g bios working, it has 8 512 moduls in there. cheaper then 1g ones. only the 1 gen cards had them. 4g will do fine at 1080p. Its a nice card.
  15. Xkillerpn

    4gb to 8gb flash rx 480 help

    I think so, just need to activate on bios. Just to flash. I ahev done all modded bios that you can do on a rx480 even running with 1.3v 1450mhz On a 4g card use the stock bios. 1175v 1365mhz and 2150vram put manual fan and dont use zero fan mode.
  16. Xkillerpn

    4gb to 8gb flash rx 480 help

    That card is 4g, easy fix Put that card on the second slot, put the 1050 on the 1 slot cmd with admin cd\'location' atiflash -f -p 1(second slot (0 for 1)) romname.rom restart put the rx 480 on 1 slot.
  17. Xkillerpn

    4gb to 8gb flash rx 480 help

    Dont flash you are going to lose DP ports, you can oc to 1365 and the vram to 2130, put 1175v on amd drivers and 50% powertarget it works great
  18. Xkillerpn

    Looking for a 1070 founders edition cooler

    Just get a cooler from artic cooling, you will be better off
  19. Xkillerpn

    Watercooling RTX 2070 EVGA

    You dont need a loop to get the most out of that card, Just get a accelero extreme 4, the limite of cloks will be the same, nvidia cards are really locked down. I have a accelero 4 really silente and good, my rx480 runs less then 60c, even with bios modded 1.3v 64c is the max
  20. Xkillerpn

    Which Radeon for Linux + Blender ?

    A R7 is around 599, 16g of vram and it has HBCC you can get even more vram alocated, for this price there is nothing on the market that can have the same vram. Radeon has really good suport on drivers in Linux
  21. Xkillerpn

    Graphics Update

    your cpu will bottleneck a rx480 or 1060. So with this is mind think abou a new cpu board and rams, before geting a new gpu. Ryzen 1400 or 1600 will be fine and cheap.
  22. Xkillerpn

    RX 570 (8GB) vs GTX 1660

    well for the same money just get a Vega 56 Pulse. Its 270£ in the uk. Its very hard not to go with that deal. Great card for the money
  23. With 1440p and 4k will be fine. 1080p you will bet some bottleneck, just use RES scale always to max and will be fine. Its still a great cpu.
  24. Xkillerpn

    Which RX580 should I buy?

    Get a used rx480 Nitro or Strix, flash rx580 bios, now you have a rx580, that what I did and it works well.
  25. Xkillerpn

    Motherboard very hot?

    ok so do you have an AIO? if so get a fan a case fan and point it to the vrm area and check if the temp will go down on the vrm sensor and ofc finger check if its hot. 100c+ those heatsincs will be burning. if all is ok and you dont get a finger burn then its a faulty sensor.