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  1. I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm just questioning whether it was a wise decision.
  2. I think the only thing they did wrong was the fact that they ever even decided to release the game for seven (?) year old hardware. It was bound to be an extreme challenge, and I don't understand anyone who thought for a second that their advertising would resort to promoting a technically inferior version of the game. Granted though, preventing reviewers from showing footage of it is not only shady but outright misleading. It's an understandable desire to reach as many consumers as possible, but I'm not sure whether they've done themselves any favors here. Immediate finances aside
  3. I was considering an upgrade from my iPhone X this year, but I'm having a hard time justifying that to myself. Outside of the squared edges, this is the fourth phone in a row that looks basically identical and doesn't offer any compelling new features. They didn't even manage (or were willing) to reduce the size of the notch. From the front this could literally be the iPhone X. I get that 120hz would've been another hit on the battery, but at the very least it would've offered a more substantial reason to purchase the new phones. As it is what is even the reason to choose the Pro l
  4. I'm surprised they didn't address the new iPhones in this event. It was rumored that they wouldn't I believe, but it makes me wonder how much of a delay this year's iPhone release is going to have. Oh well, I can't say I was terribly interested in the new Apple Watch and iPad, but iOS 14 arriving tomorrow is a nice surprise, i didn't expect it that quickly after the event.
  5. Well, consoles aren't portable, for one. With smartphones you also tend to have a lot more variety in the types of applications that you might want to use while consoles will probably never run anything that isn't gaming or streaming (i.e. entertainment) related. You could also make a strong case for the fact that owning a smartphone is pretty much mandatory in our modern world (given the reliance on communication and digitalization of even public services). So imo there's a reasonable argument to be made about smartphones requiring some sort of regulation, i.e. by making side-loading a mandat
  6. I'm not familiar with how console game releases work and how much of a cut Microsoft or Sony take from developers (and whether or not it differs when the games are sold online versus off the shelf at a retailer), so I can't comment on it. If the situation is similar, I might feel the same way about video game consoles, but smartphones are very different to consoles in many ways, so I think there are lots of things to take into consideration for a comparsion like that.
  7. I think it's fair for companies like Apple and Google to take a cut of the revenue developers generate while using their platform and / or service, but with Apple's App Store, the fact that there's no alternative does make it a questionable situation. I'd like it if they implemented the option for side-loading apps in a way similar to how it works on the Mac - i.e. make it a setting to "trust unsigned developers" to prevent less technically inclined people from getting themselves into trouble too easily, but give others the option to work with their device however they desire. Of c
  8. I always prefer a standard restaurant. It's a lot less wasteful and the food is usually of much higher quality as well. Plus, you never have to eat the barely identifiable lukewarm remains of whatever the restaurant forgot to refill.
  9. I remember the Verge's video on facebook moderators, it painted a horrific picture of the job. Unsurprisingly, it also didn't exactly sound like the contractors did a great job of outlining what exactly would be within the scope of a moderator's daily tasks. Ultimately there needs to be complete transparency as to what type of content these people are going to be subjected to, and I suppose a general risk bonus plus a daily limit wouldn't exactly be a bad idea either. Unlikely, I suppose.
  10. The iPhone 6 is a particularly bad example because it had a single Gigabyte of RAM. I was using the 6S until very recently and it still ran perfectly on the most recent iOS versions. And no, they don't generally "make your phone run worse" - I don't know where this myth comes from. Of course your phone will eventually become sluggish if you keep installing apps and never consider minor maintenance such as a battery replacement, but an OS update in and of itself will not generally make the phone "run worse". Yes, again, there are instances where major hardware changes might make your ph
  11. I still think that two years of OS updates is too little for a flagship product. Samsung's pricing at the high end basically matches Apple, but with an iPhone you can expect to comfortably use your 1000€ phone for 5 years, especially if you're willing to do a battery swap along the way.
  12. I mean if we've learned anything in all these years of WAN shows, it's that Luke is practically a family member to Linus. At least when it comes to subscription services. So I suppose isolation isn't necessary.
  13. DRM existed before game stores and of course it could just be integrated into the game. As much as I understand that piracy can be a legitimate concern, it's not a valid reason as to why I would have to install all of these additional applications.
  14. I just hate the fact that every single company nowadays is making me install additional bloatware I neither want nor need. I mean, I get it. Companies don't want to pay Valve a substantial amount of money for merely distributing their game, especially when we're talking about big AAA titles that are likely to make a lot of money. I just want to have the option to simply go to a publisher's website, pay for the game I want and install only that. I don't want to customize my Origin profile, manage my Uplay gold access subscription or do whatever in the Epic Games Store community. All