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  • RAM
    8GB of whatever cheap DDR3 there was
  • GPU
    970 3.4 gigs
  • Cooling
    stock intel cooler. Who do you think I am? Linus?
  • Keyboard
    The grave mistake called MK750
  • Mouse
    The amazing choice of G502 PS

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  1. SwagMaestro

    Good and cheap ssd!

    Hell no. I don't know who recommended Samsung, the most expensive ssd manufacturer as a value option. SATA is fine, and if it was up to me I'd get a larger drive than a bit faster one. Go with the green
  2. SwagMaestro

    Good and cheap ssd!

    For sure, but it's sata, not nvme
  3. SwagMaestro

    Good and cheap ssd!

    Whatever's on sale and isn't chinese
  4. Hey bruh, if money isn't an issue, the Acer Thronos is only 10k...
  5. SwagMaestro

    Why can smartTV do smart things like phone can?

    They're not complicated, but controlling Android with the remote and the keyboard and the apps is just cludgy and meh at best.
  6. What screen do you have? What's the realistic budget? Do you intend to purchase screens? If so, how many? Where are you from? Will you be assembling it yourself? Peripherals? And most importantly, right now, in two hours? Can't it wait until you're ready? This stuff takes time to plan...
  7. SwagMaestro

    How to connect PC to Receiver for surround sound.

    From what I googled, it can't. I speculate, based on Linus' video on the matter that if your entertainment system uses TDS or Dolby surround, it can recreate it.
  8. SwagMaestro

    compatible question

    Can you somehow spring for a 240 SSD or save for a bit and get it later? Because 120 is enough for an os and very little else, if you want to have games on the SSD
  9. I gotta ask: why do you like using tablets? I tried many and they are just so uncomfortable to hold and typing on them makes me wanna commit Sudoku. I do fine with a six inch phone: it doesn't feel small after I'm immersed. So I guess you could say it takes only six inches to satisfy me. I'm genuinely asking though, not as poop throwing or "haha apple fanboi lmao". I just don't get it..
  10. SwagMaestro

    Rig maybe?

    RTX 2070 as a graphic card instead of a 2060 like you plan. For gaming, you really don't need more than i5 or i7, and your graphics card should be as best as possible. Disregarding that though, if you plan to also do video or photo editing, you need that extra CPU power and an RTX 2060 is all you need for 1080p 60hz gaming.
  11. SwagMaestro

    Rig maybe?

    Looks pretty good! Even though you could swing an RTX 2070 if you get a non K i7 or i5 and a cheaper board (If it's mostly for gaming) (Could go either way though, some might disagree with me)
  12. SwagMaestro

    What's better build or buying a prebuilt PC

    900$ isn't a lot of money, so I'd recommend building it yourself. It can be a little scary at first, but it's doable. Watch a few of linus' build guides - they are very well detailed and will help you feel more comfortable with building one. As for specs, I recommend, in general: Intel Core i5 8400/9400 (non k! means not overclockable) The GTX 1660 when it comes out/GTX 1060 or RX580 if you reaaaaly can't wait Whatever board and case fits you and is on sale (if you buy nonoverclockable make sure the letter before the two digits in the motherboard's name isn't X or Z but is H, B and such. ~500 watt power supply, 80+ bronze, nothing too fancy 8/16 GB of DDR4 ram, either is fine, according to your budget either 1TB of 2.5inch SSD or 240GB SSD and 1TB hard drive, first option being better. This should be about in your price range, don't forget to leave some funds for peripherals and a display if you need them. If you're buying a screen, don't bother getting something with a resolution of higher than 1080p. You or others may disagree with my configuration of parts, but My main point remains being - don't be scared. Watch lots of videos and hey! Linus even made a 1000$ recommended gaming PC. Check it out. You're in good hands with this community. Good luck.
  13. Ross' hug and roll meets Barney Stinson's ho to go system
  14. SwagMaestro

    PC Mouse That Uses Hand Pressure To Move?

    I'd definitely go trackball
  15. SwagMaestro

    Help me choose a good lightweight gaming mouse (2019)

    I too like the g502 spectrum, and you can get it refurbished for like 40$. Once thing that may deter you from Logitech (atleast the 502) and turn you to Razer - the left and right click buttons don't go over the edge, so you can't grab the mouse from under it like you can with razer, who's buttons go over the edge and give you something to grab. IDC about that, but I remember Edzel does