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  1. Fair enough, but I don't think she'll be using alcohol that frequently. Do you know of any laptop surfaces with that material?
  2. We just purchased a HP laptop, model 15z-ef100, and the edge is abnormally rough. There is an edge band of plastic that wraps around the unit and where it meets the other plastic is poor, to say the least. I plan on returning it. The size is not the issue, and while I wouldn't be opposed to a 17in option, I think material and edge design is key.
  3. I need help finding a good laptop for my wife. She isn't a fan of the uncomfortable to touch sharp edges in most modern designs, and the lack of in store options to feel in person makes finding the right choice hard. Something like the Macbook has a sharp edge on your wrist and she finds it uncomfortable to type. I'm well aware of the soft Alcantara on Surface laptops, but she wants something that she can easily clean with alcohol (COVID related sanitize mindset), and she'd ruin that material. I'm thinking a soft rubberized plastic or at least something with rounded edges. Internal hardware is
  4. Hello everyone, I've been requested by my parents to find a new laptop for them. My knowledge is mostly desktop PC so I am not too familiar with the current laptop market and can use some help. Here are the requirements I need to match: 1: Strong build quality. They want something all metal, or at least to match the strength of an all metal Macbook. Preferably a single hinge design, for strength, like the Macbook. 2: Windows OS. So the obvious choice of a Mac is out. 3: 15inch screen. Preferably with large bezels. This kills me, but they feel a large bezel outlines a
  5. Yeah I see that. The G13 looks to be more promising than a Nostromo, but still uncertain. Most YouTube videos dont fully or at all discuss the analog stick on these keypads. Its mostly viewed as an unimportant addon. Ill keep doing more reseach into others.
  6. The G13? I was looking at that, and it does seem to have a better analog stick than the Nostromo, but I want to be sure before I make another purchase.
  7. Hello everyone. I decided to try a Nostromo and am very disappointed with the analog stick. Beyond its slippery plastic, its basically a d pad with a plastic shell on top. As such, im hesitant to try the orbweaver. Is there a keypad that has a proper analog stick similar to a console controller? Thanks for your help.
  8. I'm in need of a second and third display to flank my current monitor for work. I have a 4k monitor already, so these two need to be 4k for the screen to scale correctly, and I need to place it in portrait. That said, I don't care about the specs beyond that. This is for work productivity so I don't need anything amazing. I've been considering the LG 27UD69P-W but I'd prefer a cheaper option if available. Does anyone have any good alternatives?
  9. Is there a way to control components separately with ASUS Aura. I currently have an ASUS Z270E motherboard, a ROG 1070 Graphics card and Trident Z RGB RAM, all being controlled via the Aura software. The software gives me the option to sync the components, but if I unsync them then they default to the rainbow. Is there a way to set them individually?
  10. I did some research and fixed the issue. For those who get the same problem, this is what I did to fix it. "All you need is to tape the power button with a regular tape in pressed (turned on) position. The laptop will turn on in 20-30 seconds and then you need to connect it wifi, then open any browser, open youtube.com and play any video. The main reason for that is to discharge the battery fully as quick as possible, so all firmware settings an glitches will be reset. When the battery is discharged and the tablet is turned off you need to leave it turned off for about an hour and
  11. Okay I did a clean install of Windows. I still have the same issue though. Any thoughts?
  12. I have not. Will I need to go through all of the windows updates again? The only reason I ask is that I'm currently waiting for the battery to drain, and I can't see any battery percentage, so I don't want it to turn off mid-update.
  13. Hi all, I just bought an Asus Transformer Mini for note taking at work. I travel often and it's easier to take notes as I work with a lightweight device such as this. I just opened it today and am unfortunately already having problems. Initially, the device would not turn on; even after a charge. I did a bunch of Googling and I got it to turn on by holding the power button down for 20sec. This seems to be the only way it will stay on as well, so I've currently got a rubber band wrapped around the power button to force it on. I've also noticed the battery icon is not listed in the t
  14. What are your thoughts on these? I've done some research over the past week and have found these 3 to be fairly well reviewed. https://www.amazon.com/Philips-BDM4037UW-40-Inch-Curved-Monitor/dp/B01N4KA2EL/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506216014&sr=8-1&keywords=Philips+BDM4037UW https://www.amazon.com/Philips-BDM4350UC-43-Inch-IPS-LED-Monitor/dp/B01E18XRY2/?tag=aboutcom02lifewire2-20 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071FFFRXM?tag=rtings-tv-bm11b-20&ie=UTF8
  15. Hello all, I'm in the market for a new monitor and decided I want to go for a large 4K 40inch display. I'm currently working on a 27" 1080p monitor from a few years ago and it's not cutting it anymore. I do a lot of design work so the extended real estate, both in size and resolution, will be hugely useful. I can google search options just as well as anyone else, but I'm clueless when it comes to the real detailed specs regarding displays. My computer use is 90% general use and design work, so I'm sure any of these monitors will work just fine. However, I do play games as much as