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  1. I leave the GAFA two month ago, i don't have a account of Google, Amazon, Facebook or Apple. For sure I keep my phone i use android for sure but it working, i just can't use play store but i find a alternative. I download my apps with extansion apk on duckduckgo. If some people thinking to leave your account from GAFA you can, i'm living proof. And a alternative to use always google for go to on your favorite website, you can just write the url in the bar or just be mark in your favorite. It sure is difficult to not use google search but if you can less often, i think is the good way. After that a alternative for amazon is ebay or alibaba and some other company, but i recommend to buy local, it depend of your citizen involvement. Ah! And for facebook my friendship is better now because i take more time of quality with them. And i try always to have a good relationship with the new people i met, i try to be more human and i think that make the difference. Finally i construct my own mailbox with a help of OBNL. I feel more free and ethic but the important it to follow your value :D

  2. Ok, good to know but can you do manually erase a ransomware. usually identify the bomb and the starter. You can find it in scheduale task, service, registry or start. Or the ransomware do just an encryption very tought for open the file? How was the level of difficulty of this kind of ransomware like affect some company. Which study or knowledge you need. I think it is more complicate i was thinking.
  3. I repair my computer of some virus last year and that was very easy to resolve this problem with ccleaner, combofix and anti-malaware byte and some click for delete file in the registry. It is always be simple or sometime you need very hi level study for resolve the problem. Thanks to share your experience about the reparation of a virus.
  4. I install siriusXM on a old radio who do some trail. I'm more happy now at my job. We can believe it a little tricky for recycling your old radio. For give you a idea of the quality of the sound (i use a lg G6 for record the sound) :


  5. Four OS multiboot, i feel free 😏

    1. imreloadin


      That seems a little excessive...

  6. Finally my LG G3 die, So i think the tricks to bake it is the last thing you can do before he die. I make a backup just before he die Youhou! :)

    1. handymanshandle


      I'd microwave it as its funeral.

  7. I confirm, when you have a bsd (blue screen of death), bake the motherboard of your cellphone. That work! :) my LG G3 revive!


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    2. veldora


      #bakedaf I'm surprised it didn't blow up, so the phone works perfectly now? 

    3. TheMountain28


      Yes better than before. Before i have sometime a problem with the wifi, now it work correctly. I will inform you, if they have some problem appear.

    4. Windows7ge


      The guide says it's suppose to help a moisture problem but I have a rather strong suspicion the issue will return. Think about it. The phone was sold to you in "working" condition. Then this issue starts and cooking it in your oven makes it work again. That in no way stills confidence that you won't see the exact same issue again.


      Reminds me of the whole cooking your GPU in a oven to "reflow the solder balls" under the die when the temperatures were nowhere near high enough to melt the solder but the GPU WOULD work again all be it for a brief period of time and then start having the same issues again.


      Keep an eye on it. I don't expect this fix to last very long unless it was really moisture related. Even then it will likely happen again eventually.

  8. TheMountain28

    Who owns firefox?

    Thanks for the Answer WereCatf. I will try to suggest to Mozilla to have search-engine, i don't understand he don't have this. we never know!
  9. TheMountain28

    Who owns firefox?

    Can we trust in mozilla for protect privacy? Mozilla have a kind of searcher like google search?
  10. TheMountain28

    Who owns firefox?

    Who have Firefox? A community? They haves rumors who said Google obtain Firefox, is it true?
  11. TheMountain28

    Key-Switches, Keyboards, and being bad at research

    We said to me, the best keyboard for gaming is a keyboard with a ps2 if you are a gamer. For blue switch, you will strong your muscle finger. Ideal for feel the keyboard like a developper. For green switch and red switch it more easy for the finger and soft. I recommend blue switch. I try to do my best for help you! Good luck!
  12. Don't need tunderbolt for make a gpu on your laptop. Replace your network card by this adapter or a another.





    1. imreloadin


      How is the performance lol?

    2. TheMountain28


      I can play call of duty World war 2 without any problem :D I change too the ssd in laptop with a adapter ssd link, it sound weird but that exist :)

  13. TheMountain28

    External disk WD SES detected but cannot acces to file.

    I resolve the problem. I go on ubuntu - disk - right click on the disk - edit change partition - for database windows. It was in mode EFI. Now is fonctionnal on windows. Thank for your help PineyCreek and Electronics Wizardy.
  14. TheMountain28

    External disk WD SES detected but cannot acces to file.

    I install all recommend app for WD and it cannot read them but it detect. I install the driver ( the driver say all it correct). I try in ubuntu to setup like mount and show in user interface. I try the second option default settings for mounting in ubuntu. Doesnt work in windows but ubuntu yes. I try in this moment a complete test for see any error.
  15. TheMountain28

    External disk WD SES detected but cannot acces to file.

    I cannot mount in the disk management. Is not available.