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Everything posted by totjup5

  1. Cool, I look forward to trying it on my nexus 7. I also ordered my droid turbo today, so hopefully I'll get a timely update for that too.
  2. Kind of odd when you consider Google already offers a music streaming service through Google play...
  3. Tegra k1 shield console with gamestream probably.
  4. I'm talking about the multiplayer lol, and based on the picture you posted I'm guessing you never played it.
  5. I'm using an HTC droid DNA, and it says my device isn't compatible. LOL.
  6. They don't have to dig. They're already notorious for shitting on pc gaming. They're a terrible company.
  7. This actually looks very nice, especially for the price.
  8. It's just a rumor, and vram really won't be a problem on a 4gb card anyway. You'd run into a limit in gpu power at high resolutions right now long before you'd hit vram limits.
  9. Evga has an amazing warranty, and you may be able to find a waterblock for the Evga variant more easily. I'm sure either card would be fine but I'd recommend the Evga one.
  10. I agree completely. I tried it several times and was unable to understand how people found it fun lol. And I've played a TON of different games in my time.
  11. If your cpu is overclocked you could try temporarily running it at stock to see of it fixes your issue. I had a similar problem not that long ago that turned out to be the result of a not quite stable overclock.
  12. I recently purchased an Asus RT-AC 66U and it's been fantastic so far.
  13. Could be interesting, although I've never been a fan of Netgear. Had terrible experiences with them in the past. It's all Asus routers for me now.
  14. I would say absolutely. It's had rough patches since launch, but the last update was fantastic, and there's a ton to do. It's looking like the next update to the game will also finally add vehicles which is great! I have about 260hrs in the game and it's still very fun to play! It's best if you play it with friends though, so if you want to play with a group feel free to add me on steam!
  15. I'm happy to wait and see what happens. Speculation about things this far in the future is rarely accurate.
  16. This reminds me of a certain story written by George Orwell.
  17. I would love to win! My SSD is nothing special right now lol.
  18. I've found the steering in that game just kind of sucks no matter what you're using right now.
  19. The game is really not very graphically demanding. It's just very cpu heavy, and not threaded very well.