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  1. Go to 16:52. He gets a prank call, he immediately hangs up and says "well, it seems we've got some fans of Linus", and then goes on to say "if you are on that side of the argument, then you are with those people who are doing that". He seriously needs help, this isn't normal.
  2. I'm interested, why do you say they are filled with jerks? I mean, that doesn't really happen at all lol. You're either lying, or not giving the full picture.
  3. This isn't true, I had to use a 750 Ti when my 780 died and I could run GTAV on mostly high settings considering. Maybe had to turn one or two things down, and nothing was on absolute ultra, but still. I also played MGSV on high settings with it (I rushed out to get the 750 Ti in time for MGSV when my 780 died a week before release). Either way, the 1060 is still the better choice, but don't underestimate the 750 Ti if you can get one very cheap.
  4. It's not closing down. Why exaggerate and make a mountain out of a molehill?
  5. Oh really? I only had a quick glimpse at some current listings. I won't be buying a second one for a while anyway, but if they are cheaper than £190, then even better.
  6. Thinking about getting a second 970 instead of upgrading to be honest. I can get a second Gigabyte Windforce for £190 on eBay. Much cheaper than a 1080, and plenty of performance for 2560x1440 and/or 144hz gaming.
  7. Not sure if this is sarcasm, but the G5 is pretty excellent, as is the G4. If his 4 broke, I see no reason not to upgrade tbh.
  8. Don't get Razer headphones.
  9. Except that card is £30~ more expensive than a standard Gigabyte 970. And it's by Sapphire. And it's AMD. I'll stick with the 970 thanks.
  10. Alright, thanks for the help. Going to grab the standard G1 then.
  11. Mm. Do any of these numbers mean much in reality? Seems like a stretch for an extra £30. My gaming is limited to only 1920x1080 too, right now.
  12. It's £305 on Scan. What are the differences with the Xtreme version?