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  1. Oh I had the pin sitting on my desk, I didn't lose it. It was just so mangled up it would be pointless trying to get it back in. I really don't know how the previous owner screwed the pins up this bad.
  2. I'm a little hesitant to try booting it up incase I damage the CPU. Is there any risk of that happening? I found one data sheet but wasn't entirely sure which side is which so I figured my safest bet was coming here and hoping to get the attention of someone that knows more about this than I do. I'll keep looking for a sheet. Cheers!
  3. Very little. The main selling point would have to be more cores, more vram and priced closer to a 3080. I reckon it will cost right around $950USD.
  4. I bought a used $20 1155 board that had bent pins, all but 2 were extremely easy to fix. The last 2 were sorta stuck together, (no fuggin clue how that happens) I tried separating them for a while and eventually got pissed off and got aggressive with it, one of the pins popped out and the other is back in place with a little piece of the other one stuck to it... I don't know the importance of these 2 pins, but I do know that you can get away with some missing pins depending on what they are. Here is some images of the socket if anyone could help me out. Sorry for the poor quality: https://imgu
  5. Glad you got it working. No time wasted here mate, happy to help where I can.
  6. Considering it mentions Force Awakens, it's from sometime in 2015.
  7. Managed to get an order in for an ASUS TUF 3080 before they ran out of stock, haven't received it though, and they haven't even shipped it yet
  8. We can only assume that it will use less power than the 3080, how much? no clue. But you can get away with a 700W PSU running a 3080 depending on your system setup. Power supplies can use a little more than what they're rated for, it's not really recommended though.
  9. I haven't dealt with that platform since 2010, I can hardly remember much. I just Googled the RAM and it's 1.7v stock. Could be your problem, might be worth investigating. Other than that the motherboard could certainly be damaged.
  10. My point is is this hardware you've only acquired recently? How do you know if it even worked properly before you got it? Doesn't really matter. The RAM sticks should be in A2, A4 and A6. If you have them in a weird configuration it won't register in Windows. Do you know what voltage that RAM is? Should be below 1.65v or problems can arise. Edit: Got the DIMM slot ID's wrong. You want to use A2, A4 and A6. Basically just the orange slots.
  11. Tell him to wait until Intel comes out with a PCIE4.0 platform
  12. Is this a build you've had for years or only recently purchase second hand?