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  1. not sure you understand what lossy means.... Also, backing up your stuff isn't a gimmic lol it's just a good practice.
  2. And what will you do if you ever want to back up your phone to a pc or flash a rom.... bluetooth headphones suck too btw. Way too lossy.
  3. If they do my note 7 will be my last samsung phone.
  4. 2300 Mhz is a pretty crazy number..... I doubt 95% of cards are capable of hitting that even with watercooling.
  5. I really like my two 1080s, I wouldn't trade them for a Titan XP. In games where SLI scaling is good they destroy one titan, and when it doesn't they still really aren't far behind, so to me they are the better option. That's just me though.
  6. It will bottleneck in cpu limited games like Arma but you should be fine for the most part. I would definitely say a cpu should be next on your list of upgrades though.
  7. I'd like to win the blade. I'd use it for Lans or when I go to my friend's house to play pc games. I'd also use it for when I'm at college.
  8. It's most likely a cpu bottleneck. The game has serious issues with cpu bottlenecking in areas like geothermal valley. I even get occasional framedrops in that area of the map in dx11 with 2 1080s and my 3770k @ 4.8ghz.
  9. This is the first thing that came to mind when I read Microsoft oneclip lol https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/fGCqYlVtWqQjy0WE5JiZNDz7Hov-gM4Ilcjn74I_-aNBQOpzFbSqJvXo9IQ11T33SxrGbnGDVRdSJSz_AiAPyuef2IBAT_VekPZ8nWkR82w2loCUPuuo9hskbw
  10. I'm really liking the note 7

  11. That's great news for AMD. I just hope Vega can perform.
  12. Because one is a released product and one is an early engineering sample. The chip isn't finalized yet and they probably haven't hit final clock speeds. They did it to provide a 1:1 comparison and demonstrate the IPC of the zen chip vs the Intel chip. There's no use arguing over it when we don't know what the release version of zen will be capable of. The point is, clock for clock, according to AMD, zen is ahead of broadwell e. Unless you are a horrible fanboy that should excite you. We won't know whether the clock speeds will be able to match Intel's offerings until launch but based on my past experience over clocking AMD CPUs I'm hopeful they will. However, even if the clock speeds aren't up with intel it could still provide some much needed competition in the CPU marketplace if they price it right, and force Intel to respond in a more meaningful way than sitting on their asses like they have basically since sandy bridge. No matter how you look at it, even if this chip can't go much higher than 3.2, this is a good step for AMD and a good sign for tech enthusiasts.
  13. Kind of hard to tell with the amount of uneducated blind and hate that goes on on this forum. Maybe try notating with /s next time.
  14. My 3770k is still alive and kicking but I'm really looking forward to zen. If these numbers hold true that's my next upgrade path regardless of what Intel brings to the table. If AMD is making this strong of a push I want to support them.
  15. That's how I felt when the Titan x was announced month after I bought two 1080s....
  16. It runs really well on my desktop. constant 60fps. I plan to try it on my laptop later. My two biggest problems with the game right now is that it has semi frequent crashes to the desktop, and that the FOV slider doesn't work...
  17. Did you disable the 30fps cap in the settings menu....