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  1. Recently my wireless USB adapter decided to stop working after not using my computer for a while, my adapter had worked for about 6 months, no need to install drivers, nothing, thinking it was broke I tried it in another computer, straight away it started working, I'm on the latest version of windows 10 and yes I know it does suffer with issues around this. I've gone out to buy another adapter from another company and that still doesn't work in my computer but works in the other two windows 10 computers I've tried. Thanks to anyone can help, honestly Windows is taking the mick.
  2. Thanks for the help, I have it figured out now, I some settings weren't ment to be turned on in the ENB.ini files.
  3. Hi, I've been trying for hours upon hours to try and get my Skyrim to work with ANY ENB, I follow all the instructions set up all the files correctly drag and drop all of the right files, though for some reason when I boot Skyrim the text for the ENB host comes up in a really small font and when I boot into the game I am locked to 1fps, even though I'm running a i7 6700k and a 1080, worst of all sometimes it the ENB works then I shut my computer down and It stops working and I get these errors, I've tried both versions wrapper and injector and they both don't work, if anyone could help me I wo
  4. Thanks, I guess I'm going to have to see the difference, the help is really appreciated
  5. Sorry I'm still quite new to the side, just figured that out, thanks for letting me know, I'm going to be mainly gaming (80-90%) as I'm quite a hard core gamer.
  6. Hi everyone, I really need help on deciding on this, should I end up buying a 1080p Widescreen monitor or a 1440p one? Pros for 1080p: 144hz Refresh Rate Higher FPS Cheap Negative: 1080p content is sort of going Not as good looking Some games don't work with that high of a refresh rate Pros for 1440p: Better Looking (there are other reasons but I forgot) Negative: More Expensive Lower Hz (70hz - Cheaper, 100hz - more expensive) Is it worth paying the price for a 1440p monitor,
  7. Didn't know that dude, thanks for letting me know
  8. You still get different software, also better cooling; I prefer the MSI Gaming X for it's looks too.
  9. It may be more expensive but I'd recommend a MSI Gaming X, you get a option of the sound levels as well as a lot of other things, it's what I'm going to buy
  10. Thanks for the suggestion but I'm going to wait until proper ENBs start showing up.
  11. Thanks for helping me out
  12. Just buy it, this way you can support Microsoft (yay!) and not feel guilty also other stuff that I can't be bothered to state
  13. Thanks for the ENB names, may I ask why I don't want more than 100fps?