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    Automotive Technician


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    Intel I7-7700k Delidded 5.1oc
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    MSI xpower gaming Titanium z270
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    4x8gb DDR4 Gskill-ripjaws 3200mhz
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    GTX1080ti ScGaming-iCXBlack 11GB (x2)
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    CoolerMaster 5 Mid (white)
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    Samsung 960 pro 512 m.2 960Evo 500gb 850 Evo 500gb Toshiba 1tb HDD samsung 970 evo m.2
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    EVGA superNOVA 1000watt G3
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    2x MSI Optix g24c 144hz
    1x LG 34'' ultrawide 34GK950F-B
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    2 Corsair SP140 2 AF120 -EVGA 240 CLC
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    g502 Wireless
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    Bose/HD6xx/ Sennheiser gsx1000 /onkyo tr nx575 with 5.1 digitech procinema600
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    Windows10 Pro x64

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  1. Then i suppose call me stupid and slap me silly' because I don't currently have it on and have this same issue.
  2. Mo screens Mo problems? Tested the "once you go ultrawide you never go back" ...thinking about jumping ship. Hey guys looking to get some help troubleshooting my displays. I upgraded from (2) g24c (24 inch 1920x1080 144hz 1ms) panels to moving them up and now having a 3rd monitor, the LG 34 inch 3440x1440 144hz (LG 34GK950F-B) underneath. The main issues I have been having are that I get RANDOM screen "flickers" that I would describe as a window momentarily flashing (a window that isnt actually open) I also have noticed the white color to changewhile using the monitor, such as now while typing almost like the brightness or contrast was bumped around randomly just a bit. In most games there are no issues running with the exception of the new call of duty which REFUSES to run over 60 frames and has terrible tearing even with gsync/freesync on. If I were to run Destiny 2 in fullscreen I can't use "windowed fullscreen" because frames also drop terribly below 60 during fast gameplay. In fullscreen it's good 99% of the time. As you can imagine this kills the having 2 additional screens up if I must TAB OUT and CLOSE the game to get to them or reopen the game, it's not quick at all and when doing it the main display looks like a crashed video driver for a couple seconds. The screens are all set to the same 144hz; They are all on Display port plugged into ONE of my two graphics cards. Drivers all up to date. I reeaaallly want to love this monitor but with all the trouble it's giving me in general usability... It may get dedicated to my Mac for final cut. My specs are in my sig. any questions or suggestions welcome.
  3. I have used two different ports and cables; I do not believe it is related to the MOBO; The first failure was on a completely different z270 mobo with a smaller psu; This failure is a newer MOBO and PSU; which came with new SATA cables. Sorry for lack of info.
  4. Hey guys, I've got a strange concern reoccurring. I have a bunch of different Samsung SSD's but one model in particular. My 500 gb 850 evo has failed 3 times on me. To explain the concern: Installing a game from steam ie:DOOM aprx 75gb install. The files completes the install (very slowly) sometimes the drive gets stuck at 100 percent usage at all times; even when not installing. After complete the files are left incomplete; validate and reinstall missing files, same concern missing files. Also noticing the entire pc stutters when the drive is being written to. Samsung magician software status is OK but shows errors all over threshholds and the Crystal diskmark testing shows a reduction of 20 percent in speeds from original. FORMAT the ssd and reattempt same concerns. Installed doom on another drive no concerns at all. migrated with steam to the 850 evo and the same concern, missing files not all written. I'm really posting here for theory not diagnostic. Why could this one ssd be repeatedly failing? The first 2 times I sent it back to Samsung they claimed there was no concern with it at all; that drive would stay at 100 percent usage 0 data transfer at all times. could be read but not written most often. This is the THIRD "new" replacement from them and its only been about 6 months and it's failed again. TIA!
  5. So in addition to the micro stuttering I keep getting I also have a new issue, when in game if I close the game on monitor one. the monitor says no source and it shuts down to 1 screen until I power cycle that monitor. This just keeps getting worse
  6. This is a Single pc at the moment. I think im still having quality issues, i was getting stuttering in rainbow six again. Going to swtich back to 1080 and go fullscreen instead of borderless.
  7. So this is how I've got it set up now . Montior 1 and monitor 2 are extended displays, The elgato (hdmi from gpu to hd60pro) it Monitor 3; I mirror 1|3.
  8. still trying to figure that out' it keeps switching my 1/2 monitors
  9. So i threw the Hd60 into the MOBO tonight, and ran it... first off I noticed WASHED out color on the monitor using HDMI passed through the elgato... on top of that I ran a test stream with rainbow 6' it was absolute garbage. total stutter fest. un-bearable . IDK wtf is going on . To be more clear. Previously I had two Display port cables to my monitors and it was the SAME picture. Running the HDMI through my elgato to the monitor after; the ingame looks GRAINY and even less smooth. No FPS drop in game; but stuttering on stream.
  10. I got the HD60pro already, just trying to figure out which processor to go with. pretty much locks me into a quad core, even though i was kinda hoping for 8/16 amd
  11. I have a z270 spare. So its 6/7th gen probably
  12. What exactly do you mean by rebuilding lol?
  13. I only was after the 1900x because the deal was that with an x399 for super cheap; I only thought to stay z270 because I have a spare board. I would prefer something higher core/thread with onboard graphics and avoid needing a gpu. Right, so it seemed almost like a sudden concern that now siege and even rocket league have some lag when displaying the preview in obs and streaming to twitch. I didn't notice it before. I went and uninstalled my graphics drivers and obs and fresh installed them. Also played around with a lot of settings in obs and even dropped from 1080 -60 to 720-30 still same issue, just mostly r6 any suggestions specifically? I wouldn't want to jump from an intel 4/8 to an AMD 4/8 doesn't seem cost effective I got the hd 60 pro for 50 bucks so I couldn't pass it up. I tried using the NVENC with my 1080ti's but it looks like obs only picks up a single on, I don't think r6 really uses both to their full advantage even when sli enabled.
  14. Like I said most games are ok even at 1080p 60. Some are crap even down to 720p
  15. I plan to use it for OBS streaming file storage and probably move a couple programs over to it but nothing too intensive. I wasn't even thinking about putting a dedicated GPU. As far as budget, I pretty much have almost everything I should need unless I went to a different chipset.