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    Automotive Technician


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    Intel I7-7700k Delidded 5.1oc
  • Motherboard
    MSI xpower gaming Titanium z270
  • RAM
    4x8gb DDR4 Gskill-ripjaws 3200mhz
  • GPU
    GTX1080ti ScGaming-iCXBlack 11GB (x2)
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    CoolerMaster 5 Mid (white)
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    Samsung 960 pro 512 m.2 960Evo 500gb 850 Evo 500gb Toshiba 1tb HDD samsung 970 evo m.2
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    EVGA superNOVA 1000watt G3
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    2x MSI Optix g24c 144hz
    1x LG 34'' ultrawide 34GK950F-B
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    2 Corsair SP140 2 AF120 -EVGA 240 CLC
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    g502 Wireless
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    Bose/HD6xx/ Sennheiser gsx1000 /onkyo tr nx575 with 5.1 digitech procinema600
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    Windows10 Pro x64

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  1. I was having issues with my 9900k and ended up returning it; I stepped back into my z270/7700k which I delid'd and run at 5.1 - That being said, I see ZERO performance issues with all the games I play, and the FPS difference has no effect on playability or anything. I upgraded because I like to own the new stuff, until the new stuff sucks. Holding out on the 12900k to get the ddr5 .
  2. https://www.switch-bot.com/collections/store/products/switchbot-bot there's like 10 different versions of this tech available.
  3. In regards to intel 11th gen. I do have the option to get my money back and I still have a 7700k/z270 board at home that works just fine. I could go back to that platform and wait it out I have seen the 11th gen has diminishing performance to the 10th, is this true? As for 12th gen I haven't found much info but maybe I should wait. I am not limited to the store, they have agreed to let me do a full refund if need be. Honestly it doesn't matter if it is, they're allowing me to replace both because of the trouble I've had with their custome
  4. Budget (including currency): no Country: usa Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: high end gaming, possible video editing, multi-monitor with several programs at once Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): So long story short I have been having ongoing issues with my pc 9900k/z390 maximus xi board which is ultimately led to where I am now. I have been given authorization from my retailed to complete an excha
  5. OK, so what would you recommend I do with the board I was under the impression this was a top of the line board I didn't expect issues. The cpu I could rma to Intel or Microcenter can handle it.
  6. Could you please speak to me like a 4 year old. What would you recommend I do to figure out if it's cpu or ram concerns? The last time I had all 4 in without xmp enabled I was able to run several games and reinstall cod (which is 200gb) without nay slowdown. That game played multi-player fine but crashed during warzone after about 6-10 minutes in game. I got above average scores in r15 and r20 TM5 passed. Also about 1.2 would imply some trial and error no? What would you do to be sure you were changing the right thing for the right concern? I bel
  7. So quick update. Checked the voltages and timing in the bios everything looked to be where I was told it should. I began testing all of the ram individually after the TM5 extreme settings showed jo failures during the 4.5hr testing. For my mobo it rec slot a2 for single ch so that's where I started. The first 4 tests represent the sticks I had numbered 1-4 subsequent testing is in pairs. #1 spd pc4-25600 ddr4 xmp 3200mhz 16-18-18-38 Gskill intl f4-3200c Test start 17:39 test end 20:11 No errors Memtest86 freezes after several "bench marks" read write tests. #2
  8. A good portion of this is spanglish to me so I'll have to do some research and reviewing before I can get any kind of good data back to you. I haven't had issues with temps before but will keep it in sight. I'll work thru the recommendations. Thank you.
  9. Hey thanks! It's gskill 3200mhz that was running in xmp enabled . Not sure what you mean memtest at defaults? Do you mean at xmp off ? I didn't preconfig a custom test for memtest I just ran it. I will do another one overnight on this without xmp enabled. I suppose its possible that I now have 1 or multiple RAM sticks that aren't stable at their (naitve?) 3200mhz which is a bummer and I assume hard to narrow down.
  10. Replying to myself again, update reinstalling aprx 200gb file size (cod mw) on to ssd E MEMTEST86 results show failures, unsure of what Disabled XMP and ram now running at 2133 download is not being throttled at what previously looked like an ssd issue. i feel stupid.
  11. MemTest86-Report-20210108-170743.html
  12. OK so I have an update... Lots of failures found here. Not sure how to interpret it just yet. Also I think I've some how managed to end up in 2 posts about the same issue and I apologize so if a mod /admin could link or merge? Idk. Sorry. This is the link https://linustechtips.com/topic/1291224-is-this-normal/
  13. Duplicate concern Apologies. https://linustechtips.com/topic/1291472-prime-95-base-9900k/
  14. Currently in process of memtest86 wake me in 2022 ha.
  15. results found errors on worker 10 and 7