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  1. Although LeMans does have corners, it's a predominantly straight track. even more so in the old school layout. But I suppose if you had an unlimited budget, and could close down the whole route, you might get closer to something like indy car averages. Which according to wiki the highest average for the Indianapolis 500 is 187mph over the course of the race, but given the road conditions vs a prepped track, you likely would not be able to maintain that high of an average pace across the US.
  2. believe it or not, these guys are probably getting pretty close to being as fast as reasonably feasible. I was curious on this same thing, so I looked up this years LeMans winning team averaged 133 mph over the 24 hours. So these guys doing 103mph average on public roads over 28ish hours is even more impressive.
  3. This would be about my estimate as well. 1440P is going to be completely jumped as a standard.
  4. They vinyl masked the taillights and any carbon trim to make it look more pedestrian and therefor draw less attention. They even heard the cops talking about them on the radio but could only discern it was a "silver sedan" which is about as ambiguous as you can get, it's much harder to be on the lookout for a silver sedan vs a E63 AMG.
  5. They did have an extended tank, 65 gallons in total. Basically you cannot carry enough fuel to do it all non-stop, so you have to weigh out where and how many times you're going to stop. There's a pretty good Road and Track article about these guys where it talks about how they actually stopped once more than necessary to get the total time stopped down. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a30085091/these-guys-just-drove-an-e63-amg-across-america-in-a-record-27-hours-25-minutes/ They had only 22 and a half minutes of time stopped on their trip. Really cool vid I watch yesterday with the guys: As far as the right message goes; the whole group has the philosophy that roads are made safer by people paying attention, not by limiting speed, which I would argue is actually the right message to be sending. EDIT: The car was a hopped up Merc E63 AMG disguised to look more pedestrian:
  6. It's pretty new, part of their new(ish) Atom line.
  7. That damn Acme Tool sale got me again. DCF890B 3/8th impact, DCE530B cordless heat gun, two 5AH batteries, a charger, and a canvas bag for $249.99. Usually the 38th impact is $190, heat gun is $110, and battery kit is $150.
  8. In the US the laws vary a ton from state to state, and may vary even from apartment complex to apartment complex. When I lived in an apartment the electricity was in my name, but the water/sewer, and garbage were handled by the landlord. Now I own one rental house, and I do it in a very similar manner, I pay for the garbage, water and sewer, but the tenant is responsible for electricity and internet service. There are many sites that can outline laws for a specific area, I'll link one below that does a reasonable job. https://realestate.findlaw.com/landlord-tenant-law.html
  9. To over the top for me, a simple Lariat F150 would do me just fine.
  10. Probably a 911 GTS for the warm months, and an F150 for the colder months.
  11. Buy a few acres a few miles out of town, then invest the rest in bonds, mutual funds, index funds and some farm land to rent out. I'd probably start commuting to work in something nicer than my Focus though; I'm only 30, too young to retire.
  12. Fudds gonna fudd. Lucky for me both of my local indoor and local outdoor host a ton of different shooting competitions from PRS to sporting clays to USPSA.
  13. I agree, leave the Mustang name on sports cars. Plus they missed a perfect opportunity to name it the "Circuit"
  14. I own a Beretta 92FS and a G19 (non-X) although my G19 is fairly extensively modified at this point. The biggest difference between the 19 and the 19X is grip length, they both share the same barrel length, but the 19X uses the grip length of the 17. Both are excellent guns in their own right and to be honest, you wouldn't be wrong to get either one. Both are going to be more than accurate enough, and more than reliable enough for whatever you need, so I'll call those a wash between the two. Glock 19: There are a lot of Glock haters out there but the fact is, they are actually pretty good learner guns because of their simplicity. I carry my Glock 19 concealed every day, and compete in USPSA (B class shooter) carry optics division once or twice a month, and shoot about 5k rounds a year through this particular Glock 19. Pros: Very simple, there are no frills with a Glock, which is nice for new shooters as there is simply less to keep in your mind. The aftermarket for Glocks (see above) is second to none, anything holster, mag carrier, sights, barrels, mag releases, mag wells, triggers, anything you want to change, you'll find a dozen groups making products for it. I'll even contest that the striker fired single action only trigger is better for a new shooter who is going to carry the gun. IMHO the perfect size gun for someone who is going to own only one handgun, on the large size for CCW but still doable, perfectly at home on a competition range, and fits the home defense roll just fine. Cons: It's not sexy, at all. Not as smooth as a Beretta 92. Maybe a little more snappy than a 92. Beretta 92fs: I love my 92fs, I'll never sell it. It's a much different experience than the G19, It's the only gun I own where I can feel the slide reciprocate when fired, I'm very aware of all the mechanics of the firearm as it goes off. It's kind of hard to describe. I searched all over for a 92 Inox "Ghost" (stainless trigger and safety as opposed to plastic) and am very happy that I found one. Mine is a range toy, and occasionally gets brought out for a USPSA Production run. I shoot about 500-1000 rounds a year through it. Pros: Very very smooth shooter, after a couple thousand rounds, you'd swear the slide is on bearings. It's an inherently sexy gun, I know that's just an opinion but I'm putting it in the "Pros" column anyway. I do prefer the alloy frame and steel mags of the 92 to the polymer frame and polymer mags of the Glocks. Cons: I'm just not a huge fan of double/single guns, especially for a new shooter; they're just a bit more complex to learn. For what it is, it's huge; I know the pic makes them look similarly sized, but trust me, they are not. For a gun in which you wish to carry concealed, this would be much more difficult with a 92 than a G19. I dont know if you care or not, but the 92fs' do not have a rail, so no weapon light which I consider to be an absolute must on any defensive firearm; but the M9A1s do have a rail, so that might be kind of a moot point anyway. Conclusion: Tough call. If you're only going to buy one handgun, I have to recommend the Glock over the 92fs; but if you plan on buying more as time goes on, buy the Glock, then a 92fs. I love my 92, I really do, but I do find myself shooting it and enjoying myself, then going right back to shooting the G19. I shoot almost an order of magnitude more ammo through the G19 than the 92fs, it's not that the 92 is a bad gun, it's certainly not, but the 19 just strikes a balance that it does everything pretty well.
  15. You're not asking about California, you're asking about one particular high school; there's a huge difference between the two.