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  1. I don't understand what hes baaaahbbling about.
  2. Already purchased the H440. I really like the look and design of the H440.. and less of the 760T.
  3. You honestly... probably can't. But here is the question for you. You can buy a Shelby Cobra original. Perfect condition for $200. Or you can buy a replica Shelby Cobra for $30. They both look the same, act the same.. and to the general person they think of it as the same. However you get to an enthusiast, and they won't even consider the replica. A replica may look the same, feel the same, and act the same.. but it isn't the same.
  4. Hi everyone! I've used numerous razer mice, keyboards, headsets.. nostromo even. I loved their products. I even went as far as waiting months for their H440.. because I loved their stuff. However, I've started to lose my interest in them. Ever since I purchased their products in 2008, their software has been sucky. I hate it.. I absolutely hate the razer software. My saved profiles being deleted, the lag and crashing of their software. It has been a nightmare. But.. the razer naga was what really sucked me into buying the rest of their stuff. I knew there were comparable
  5. Well. A 32 GB SSD is fine if you want to have your OS only on it, and maybe 1 game. Besides that it is worth it to go with the better card. A better card and purchase a better SSD later on.
  6. Newegg is notorious for sending used products as new ones. Call them.. and tell them your situation. Either ask for a money back, or RMA.
  7. Gulrok


    I really like it... but I'm partial to shaft drive. T.T
  8. It is a vehicle that runs on air is it not?
  9. http://www.wired.com/2012/11/air-motorcycle/ Motorcycles have already been designed with this. and http://auto.howstuffworks.com/fuel-efficiency/vehicles/air-car.htm However, that isn't a poor idea at all. The problem with generating electricity is that they need to match electricity with the output or the electricity is wasted. Some of the wind turbines were compressing air when the output was greater the electricity needed, and then when wind wasn't strong enough, and they needed more output of electricity the compressed air would run the turbine.
  10. Last night I decided at 11:30pm I'd go outside to the garage and pull the shocks off the 82' project bike. After pulling shocks off.. which the springs will be painted black, and the tophats as well. I thought I would pull the engine. It has a few things that need to be addressed. 1. Nasty, and needs to be painted black. 2. Leak from left crankcase cover. 3. Clutch basket needs to be replaced. Also, incase you didn't know, a motorcycle's engine and transmission are together. You can't just pull one, you pull both. However, the rear part of the engine is the transmission
  11. Don't use fedEx.. Take a few parts out, GPU, and such. I'd find open cell foam and a box, and pack it into that trying to snug it as tight as you can.
  12. I started pulling bits and pieces off of the bike. I think tonight, or tomorrow I'm going to pull the engine out of the 82'
  13. Hi! My name is Trevor.. and this is my Bike. Bit rusty, a pile of junk, and I only paid $400 for it. All in all, I could part it out for more than I paid. This is a 1980 XJ650 Maxim.. not a small bike like a ninja 250, but not a big bike like a harley fatboy, or honda goldwing. I bought it in early July, fixed the carb problems, have have ridden it since. It rides like a dream, but has problems starting on cold mornings. Not only that, gas mileage isn't great.. probably 36mpg. Reliability, ehh... depends on the day. Did I mention sometimes it backfires through the c
  14. The sockets are the same so yes it does fit. As for the card and coolers I'd ask around for the best combination for your budget. You'd be surprised the extra potential you have if you shop around with more than one set of eyes.
  15. Gulrok


    Are you still around? I've sent a couple messages but no response.