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  • Birthday Jan 25, 1975

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    West Sussex
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    5820k @4.6ghz
  • Motherboard
    MSI X99
  • RAM
    16gb DDR4 XSPC coolers
  • GPU
    Fury X Crossfire
  • Case
    2014 Area 51
  • Storage
    Asus RAIDR, Velociraptor, 480GB OCZ ARC 100.
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    Corsair AX 1200
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    Acer XB280HK
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    AIO cooling
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    Razer BW BF4 ed
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    Steelseries WOW Wireless
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    Windows 10

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  1. Big Chunguuuuuuus, Big Bad Chungus. Apologies for the water mark. I forgot I had reset my phone recently.
  2. When you troll hard and end up getting trolled yourself. I hated those DS logos on the fans. Decided to draw some up in red. Only my printer is running out of ink and this is what I got. Pink with light pink stripes lol. They were too good to throw away
  3. I mentioned an oddity with the case a couple of pages back. I promised to take pics. Designer at Kolink, after the case had been made.. "Oh s**t, it's totally wrong and doesn't line up !" Engineer at Kolink "Hold my beer and give me my hammer !" Did this too.
  4. Whilst digging around when I got here I found an old sheet of glitter red acrylic. God knows how long I have even had this. I don't even know what I bought it for, and a piece was missing so it must have been years ago. Drives looked a bit crap, so that looks a little better.
  5. Cables are here. I was just hoping to reach the board. Seems Phanteks are trying to reach the moon.
  6. Spent three hours doing this. Only to find I can't spell my own user name. Am going to leave it, to remind myself not to be a spaz.
  7. Update. I am currently clearing out piles of old wires and crap pulled from the PCs I have been stripping this year. So I am doing a big clear out, whilst doing this too. Earlier I fitted the PSU and wired up the USB 3 & C and the board headers. I also fitted in the PSU. Some more wiring etc. The GPU got a custom back plate also. I need to do something about the edges of the card, as that green is honking. I also need to finish the edges but the most important thing of all is it fits really well. The AIO
  8. Holy Mary, mother of god. One thing is for sure. I won't be needing a Christmas tree this year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLZmgyGhTaA&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=Zomb13k113r What I am happy about the most is how both of the remotes work with both of the RGB controllers. Meaning I have two, and only need to use one (so one spare).
  9. Doh what a friggin dumbass. I fitted the cooler in the wrong way around. Have fixed that. Started cloth taping as I have no cable ties, realised it actually looks quite good. Then I thought "Hey I can unscrew that bracket like thing and hide the joins behind there" then I realised it was riveted in. Seriously I have never, ever seen such weird design decisions in my entire life. There is the weirdest thing ever going on with the front alu behind the glass. I will get a pic of it when I take the glass off next. I'm starting to think this was a prototype tbh. I won't go
  10. Somehow I don't think this should ever overheat.
  11. I don't think so mate. It's very, very strange. Big Chungus is here... Big Chungus is big. Very big. *Morgan Freeman* "And it was that moment" yeah yeah. It comes in two parts, the base is separate. A size 10 for scale. Obviously for £45 the case did have two issues. Firstly there is no headphone wires for the front (who gives a toss) and secondly it wasn't built properly and they had not riveted in one side of the PSU "holder" thing. It was bent and flopping around. Th
  12. 2070 Super. Quite simply it is better than the 1080Ti. It also supports all of the features you will need going forward, including DLSS.
  13. Shh, that's the rock garden.
  14. Mmm, RGB and Noctua *rubs big fat tummy*
  15. Yay, I found the unfindable. It's only taken me since launch. A company out of France make blocks for GPUs that don't have any. Cool beans ! should arrive next week !