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  1. They managed to pick a good one, supposedly, that is also one of the cheapest. But the real question is, does it work with Netflix?
  2. I really dont know how to navigate and use the event viewer. I will look into it though thx
  3. Update: no the entire PC freezes and it wont unfreeze. only rebooting solves it. I thought it was the mouse because once I was able to still use the keyboard while freezed, but I used another mouse and the problem persisted.
  4. this has been going on for some months now. Basically every now and then my computer freezes, mouse and video, I hear the system sound you get when you plug/unplug a device/jack and then it unfreezes. I suspect it might have to do with the front audio port because sometimes, when I plug in my headphones after booting up, I get a super big freeze. Is my front audio connector broke? I dont think it's a software issue, I checked realtek and amd high def for drivers in device manager.
  5. in the end I got a hub that hooks up to sata power and has a low/high switch on it, with 8 3pin's and got 2 140 pure wing 2's non-pwm. I realized that if I wanted to use pwm I would have had to: 1) have the cpu fan and case fans go at the same speed always, 2) spend more on pwm fans. Both prospects I didnt much care for. And to add to that, I thought that I'm gonna upgrade to a new platform in 1 or 2 years, and I'm gonna get a mobo with plenty of fan headers, and will be able to control all my fans through the bios through DC mode anyways, so why bother spending more on pwm fans and getting a complicated costly hub that wouldnt have given me an ideal situation anyways.
  6. Well, I'm stupid, the CPU fan header is PWM, so I could hook it up to that. So, the problem persists, and I cant even buy a couple fans because I dont know which type... PWM or not to PWM, that is the question
  7. yes that is not the issue, what I want to know is if I can control a non pwm hub through the bios and thus control all the non pwm fans connected to it
  8. yes that is true, I didnt know that before I started tinkering, but the problem starts with the addition of a hub
  9. basically, to sum it up, I'm looking for a solution that achieves all these goals: 1) I want to get non PWM fan 2) be able to control speed of all the fans from BIOS 3) use a fan hub
  10. Update, my system fan header isn't actually PWM, it is regular VCC, even though it has 4 pins... it tricked me
  11. My motherboard only has 1 sysfan header, so I'm forced to use a fan hub, since I want to add 2 or more fans (no controller, I have no front bays and dont want to use dials, want to control from bios). And I want to be able to control them all from the bios, which I would ideally do, by controlling the hub, attached to the pwn header. If I got a pwm fan hub, could I hook my 3pin fans to it and they would be regulated by the hub? I'm just trying to find a solution and save a couple bucks, also it seems weird to me that most fans that are bought on amazon or in general are non-pwm, while many people must use them with a hub or controller.
  12. This is the error "The instruction at 0x####### referenced memory at 0x########. The memory could not be read." This used to happen when playing PUBG. Closing the amddvr process solved it. Recently it started coming up when shutting down the computer: I go "shut down", the pc starts to turn off and then it gets stuck on that page that shows a program blocking shutdown and asks you to force shutdown, with that same exact error message. It's starting to become really annoying, especially considering I'm on a basically clean install of Windows7 on a new Samsung EVO SSD. Pic related is the error. Anyone had this same problem?
  13. people will take pride from any sort of exclusivity, no matter how insignificant...