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  1. Hi, I wonder if connecting external GPU using Wi-Fi or M.2 PCIe slot works for most laptops ? I've seen some videos people doing this without problems, so can it really be done for most laptops? Thanks
  2. I need to wipe data because of selling. So other users won't be able to recover it. I wonder how cCleaner is good, I know it's not best but I hope it is ok
  3. Hi, I sometimes need disk wiper software and most time I use cCleaner Disk Wiper feature. Do you recommend it or there is better alternative? Also x3 overwrite must be enough right to completely wipe data? Thanks
  4. Hi, I really want to buy 25 inch 2K or 4K monitor, I do not need desktop PC and video cards. I'M LAPTOP FANBOY! 1. I wonder if there are FHD laptops or (2K/4K ones also) which supports higher resolutions via HDMI/USB-C/DP ports. - I want to have laptop with FHD screen mainly, and option to support 2K/4K resolution via HDMI (2K or 4K laptop is also OK if it allows me to use 2K/4K monitor at native resolution) to connect it to 2K or 4K monitor and use it's native resolution. - So are there any brands which supports 2K-4K resolutions to external interfaces, like HDMI? Thanks
  5. Hi, as you know playing 4K video on FHD monitor give way better, clear image, more detailed. I wonder if playing FHD video on 4K monitor can give better image quality, clearness, more details compared to playing FHD on FHD monitor? Is it possible to get better image playing FHD video on 4K monitor? I think no. Thanks
  6. ok, I know Intel Smart Cache is cool but it's way small compared to 12MB L2 cache, - Intel's Smart Cache dynamically allocates the total cache to cores which require/do more jobs... Like 1 Core can utilize whole 3MB cache or 2 cores 1.5-1.5MB... but 12 MB l2 cache is x4 more cache than 3MB Smart Cache, so each Q9650's core can get 3MB cache... I wonder what advantage (if it has one) does Q9650 CPU with 12MB L2 cache have against i3 2100 CPU with 3MB Intel Smart Cache. Can it be measured with some (specific) benchmarks? They offer same performance in my opinion but 12MB L2 cache one might think must be advantage. OR because they are previous gen CPUs and are slower then new counterparts, maybe 12MB L2 doesn't make difference - like - slower cpu + more cache and faster cpu + less cache. Thanks
  7. As I guess, this >>> Intel® Optane™ Memory H10 with Solid State Storage (32GB + 512GB, M.2 80mm PCIe 3.0, 3D XPoint™, QLC) has the 512GB M.2 storage + 32GB Optane memory and we can use 32GB optane if we have additional HDD in the system right? 512GB M.2 is already fast so if we do not have additional HDD in system the 32GB Optane would be useless right? Yes, they says it is optional as the storage 512GB, so some models come with Optance while others don't. 1. Intel® Optane™ memory is optional.
  8. Should I user PerformanceTEST soft to measure CPU performances? I use UserBenchmark often but do not know how good it might be to actually measure CPU power. Why ? What is good software to benchmark CPU? No, but I want to build Intel for now, Ryzen 5 1600 is available but 1600AF not, What exactly is AF? Is it like Intel's "i3 9100F" without Integrated Graphics? 1600AF isn't available here but 1600 is. No, I just wanted to know the performance difference btw those two. i5-8265U doesn't offer good big (100MB) excel performance I think, it's like even my i7-3632QM does it better than new i5, idk for sure.
  9. Ok, so this option (RST Premium w/ Optane System Acceleration) in BIOS doesn't necessarily mean that laptop has dedicated Optane memory right? In which slot does the Optane goes? In M.2 or it has dedicated one?
  10. Hi, I have laptop ASUS X509FJ with 256GB M.2 SATA SSD and 1TB 2.5 HDD. I want to install Windows 10 to SSD and put my files in HDD without any accelerators and Optane stuff. BIOS has 2 options in SATA mode selection: AHCI and Intel RS with Intel Optane System Acceleration. 1. Does this option (RST Premium w/ Optane System Acceleration) in BIOS means that my laptop has Optane memory or it is just controller name? 2. Does the Optane memory is like M.2 SSD? It must be physically installed in laptop to get Intel Optane work right ? 3. Which option (AHCI or Intel RST w/ Intel Optane) should I choose to get proper performance in my situation? Which is, I do not need Optane at all, I want 256GB OS and 1TB DATA storage without any acceleration, RAID or HDD caching. Thanks
  11. Hi I must choose PC and I wonder which would be better for workload, excel performance i.e. I know i5 is laptop CPU but I wonder if it can be better than i3 desktop. UserBenchmark says that i3 is better in benchmarks. Thanks
  12. Asus VX239H, playing 4k video on YouTube on my monitor has much better quality than playing same video on 1080P. I.E - PERU 8K video. Scaling really improves quality but I wondered if there is noticeable difference in quality bewteen native 4K ULRTA settings, without scale and FHD ULTRA with 200% Scale (software 4K). I need to decide if it worths buying 4K monitor or play games on FHD monitor with scale set to 200$. If there is no difference then buying 4K monitor is waste.
  13. Do you think that 67% sRGB and 45% NTSC specs would be same quality monitors? As I know sRGB only cover about 72% NTSC color space. which I guess means that 100% sRGB is like 72 % NTSC, than we can say that 45% NTSC is like 67% sRGB, but HP's 67% sRGB monitor (IPS maybe) is much better then Asus's 45% NTSC monitor w/o IPS. Maybe because HP has IPS monitor that causes display to be notably better.
  14. Hi, I wonder which would have better image when playing games. Which would look better? I.E playing Shadow of Mordor / Shadow of War 1. ULTRA Settings, FHD monitor and 200 % scaling 2. ULTRA Settings, 4K monitor and no scaling Thanks