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  1. Hi, check this mobo for example - https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/B460M-DS3H-AC-rev-1x/sp#sp also checked other motherboards and they say the same... One must be line in / mic in ports so don't know how to operate 7.1...
  2. Yeah I know, Ryzen is good now, also considering it, want to buy 6000 series GPU over 3060 Ti, but they are expensive so I hope we also get 6600/6700 versions, 6800 as I know cost 800$. Integrated graphics is not much needed. I want it for just gaming.
  3. Hi, most motherboards say that it can run 5.1-7.1 sound with just 3 audio jacks, but how do I connect my 7.1 speakers to it when 7.1 output needs x4 3.5mm output - Front, center, side, rear channels. while the mobo just jast 3 (where one may be just input) Is there an adapter to connect properly 7.1 speakers or how does it work? 7.1 channel speakers has 8 RCA connectors just for example, so x4 3.5mm to RCA (L/R) channel cable is needed. Thanks
  4. Need latest PC for gaming, in Q1 2021 new chipset will be released as I've read and I'm not in a hurry so New 500 series would be better as new 11Gen i5. PCIe 4.0 and M2 PCIe 4x4 support. The reason why I'm asking this is that I was going to build PC without GPU for now, and in Q1 21 I would buy new GPU, so it must be better to wait for all new models then buy now CPU-MoBo...
  5. I was going to buy i5 10th gen - 400 series motherboard and then wait to 3060 Ti I think but should I wait for next gen parts? Thanks
  6. here is one of many these type of formulas we use... also there are Pivot Tables. I think we need more cores/threads, this can't be single core only workload... =IF(AND(C15>=$B$4,IF(AND(AO15<$C$4,AO15>0),AO15,D15)>=$C$4,C15<$C$4),AI15*($C$4-C15)/(D15-C15),IF(AND($B$4>=C15,$C$4>=IF(AND(AO15<$C$4,AO15>0),AO15,D15),IF(AND(AO15<$C$4,AO15>0),AO15,D15)>$B$4),AI15*(IF(AND(AO15<$C$4,AO15>0),AO15,D15)-$B$4)/(D15-C15),IF(AND($B$4>C15,IF(AND(AO15<$C$4,AO15>0),AO15,D15)>$C$4),AI15*($C$4-$B$4)/(D15-C15),IF(AND(C15>=$B$4,$C$4>=IF(AND
  7. Not always 100% usage, but it hangs often, takes much time, sometimes I leave it overnight to complete. New Ryzen CPUs might not be in my region yet, also in this case I better build INTEL. Now we are working on i58265U CPUs on HP laptop. So we have performance problems, I don't know, it can be Windows fault, or office. Sometimes it takes much time if I Ctrl + or - rows... New 10 Gen i7 CPUs and other compatible parts will be available this months. Why? There are many formulas, I think we need more multi threads, also Excel shows all 8 cores processing when wo
  8. Hi, I'm planning to buy new CPU, 9th or 10th Gen. i5-i7-i9 which is better for big Excel files, formulas and calculations. Does more cores give better results in Excel case? Can i7 9700 give me advantage over i5 9400, or can i9 9900 give better results over i7 9700? Which CPU do you recommend? I think I'm gonna choose Intel CPU for some reasons. I got problems with working big Excel files (on Intel 8265U), it hangs, taks much time, ever for Ctrl + or - options. Not responding often, Thanks
  9. While choosing laptop there is no change to figure if the cpu is locked down or not by OEM right ? This can cost significant loss in performance... I said G series might be overclockable because in one 10 Gen Intel laptop with G series CPU had many configurable settings in BIOS unlike other laptops, settings like you would come across i.e GA-X58-EXTREME Bobo... So if they are not OC able what could those many settings be ? Remember it was more than one page of many settings. Configurable TDP-up """Configurable TDP-up is a processor operating mode where the proce
  10. Are you sure about this? So I better pay 8565U instead of 10210U? But the have same performance as I know. 8 gen CPUs don't have that limit I think, they can go up to advertised speeds. What you think of 8gen?
  11. Hi, I can differentiate the different types of screens but I'm sure what exactly does anti-glare screen means or what display tech is considered to be anti-glare - like matte? or glossy? or they is no link between this tech? i.e HP laptop here says: 39.6 cm (15.6") diagonal FHD IPS anti-glare micro-edge WLED-backlit, 250 nits, 45% NTSC (1920 x 1080) Can we guess what type of screen does it have exactly from these specs below? I mean, does that "anti-glare" mean that it is matte display or other type? or anti-glare is
  12. Hi, I wonder what is the purpose of intel releasing G1,G3,G5,G7 10Gen CPUs. Most laptops come with these CPU + they also have discrete graphics. i5-1030G4 v s i5-10210U What is primary difference between these two series of CPUs, U and G. Specs are mainly same, only G series has lower base clock. 1GHZ, vs 1.6GHz U series. I think G series has Iris Plus Graphics and maybe the CPUs are overclockable. U series has UHD Graphics and no overclocking. But if I'm not interested in both Integrated graphics and overclocking, w
  13. I forgot to mention > (Comparing settings for corresponding one FHD monitor and one 2K monitor) not just 2K monitor.