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  1. Danielx64

    What Happens When Windows 7 DIES?

    If it was easy to buy LTSC, then I am sure that more would be running Windows 10.
  2. Danielx64

    is windows 7 professional really the best windows?

    I can see windows 7 becoming the new XP - where people just won't let go of it.
  3. And that would lead back to my question that I asked before.
  4. My question for you is, should you really be installing software on a work computer without permission from your manager or IT department?
  5. I seen the same happen with HP desktops/laptops with the graphic drivers.
  6. There's a topic here about it:
  7. Danielx64

    I never realized how thicc Linus is

    Not just that, really needed?
  8. Danielx64

    World War 1

    Also an Aussie here as well and spent a moment reflecting what happened to all those who served our country so that we can have the freedom that we have today.
  9. Danielx64

    November 9, 2018 - The WAN Show Document

    Not only that, they posted a topic yesterday and deleted it too lol
  10. Danielx64

    Destiny 2 is free right now thru nov 18th

    As long as you get the game before the 18th you can keep it forever.
  11. Danielx64

    Can't access topic

    Hello, Got an email with the subject "November 9 2018 - WAN Show", I clicked on the link to open the topic and I get this: Also this shows up as well: Thank you
  12. The product is a nice idea, it just that the fact that Facebook made it is what kills it.
  13. Thank you but no thanks, I wouldn't buy any hardware made by facebook.
  14. Thank you for this, signed up to see where the fun is with this :) Does it need to be a real business?
  15. Danielx64

    I5 8400 or Ryzen 1600

    I thought that AM4 is supported till 2020....