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    Windows 10 Tech Preview (LOL)

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  1. I mean, there's really nothing in our contract that prevents me from installing third-party software, as long as it's not malicious....
  2. Actually, I can connect to steam if I connect my iPhone to my PC and use internet tethering. It's just that it very troublesome to do... Specially if I'm in the middle of the work and suddenly I want "Miku-chan" wallpaper in my second monitor.
  3. I don't think Wallpaper Engine is available on another platform. Also there's no download link anywhere that I found online. Come to think of it, the only way you can download wallpapers in Wallpaper Engine is through Steam Workshop. So I assume it's only available through steam?
  4. "Hitfilm" and "Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 15" is completely free... Not lightweight though, but it's free...
  5. Hi, Can anybody help me? Is there a way to download a software that is only available on steam, without having to download and install steam client? The reason is that, our organization blocks steam so I cannot connect online. I manage to install OpenVPN but somehow I cannot login, it throws an "Cannot login" error. I also tried to search online whether its available somewhere but it seems it's only available on steam. It's not just a regular software, I really need it and I feel like it's required in my life. The software is Wallpaper Engine BTW..
  6. The paperlike sounds promising. Ok, maybe zooming might solve my problem about small text writing. Also when I tried the iPad with the pencil at a shop, only apple notes is installed and nothing else. I don't really wanna buy a new smart phone though, my iPhone7 still works fine. Plus if Im gonna spend money on new smart phone with good camera, might as well use it to buy the iPad instead. I dont know. I saw some galaxy tab with pens and some huawei tablet with pens too but I didnt bother to try them. Maybe I shouldve. Also to be honest, when I
  7. Thanks for the insights... A while ago I went to a shop and actually got a chance to try the iPad Pro with apple pencil and, I dont know if its an popular opinion but, I don't like it. It feels unnatural for me, I think because it lacks friction between the screen and the pencil. Its also not very precise when writing very small texts, which I always do because I want to cram as much info in one page/small corner. I also got a chance to try the Surface Pro with the stylus, the iPad is better than it, IMO. And I dont even like the iPad. I think I'm gonna stick with
  8. Doesn't seem anyone in the comments thought about so I think I might be able to help. I also have an iPhone 7. I have the same problem, charge my phone to 100%, go to sleep, then when I woke up, its about 20~30%. Tried to search for fix, but nothing. Turns out my phone is listening for siri command. Try to turn off your "Listen for Hey Siri" in your Settings -> Siri & Search -> Listento "Hey Siri"... That fixed it for me...
  9. Hi, Anyone here have recommendations for a tablet? Specifically for writing notes, like thats the only purpose Im gonna use it for... Up until now, I'm still using good'ol yellow pad paper for taking notes but my main problem about it is that when I need to review something, Most of the time, I need to flip a billion pages before I even find what I was looking for. I tried to search for any digital notepads on google, some looks good like the reMarkable and the Sony DPT-RP, but they cost like $900, lul. Most people though recommends iPad with Apple Pencil
  10. But is it better than dual x5660? I think I might go with @AskTJ suggestion instead and buy a used server with everything in it... That looks cheaper and easier...
  11. Oh! Thats actually a very very good advice, I did not think about that.
  12. Could you explain why? I guessing because of the BIOS but I might be wrong...
  13. Also base on my "research" LUL, x5660 is discontinued, so I'm betting finding a motherboard will be hard, but I think it's going to be worth it. I'm actually wondering if buying a newer AMD CPU instead will be better for long run? Like Ryzen 2700x? I can only afford one though, and thats for CPU only, LUL.
  14. Hi again, So cut to the chase, which is better for video transcoding/converting, dual Intel x5660 or single 2700k? So I have an old gaming rig with a 2700k in it and using it right now as a video transcoding machine mainly from raw video footage to mp4. Right now, my 2700k is doing just fine, but he's kinda slow, we're talking like transcoding a 100GB worth of RAW footage to mp4, and that's going to increase more in the future. So I tried to look for old multi-core server CPUs on ebay and I found a 2 Intel X5660 for $50! 50$$$$$$!!!!! So I'm just w
  15. DERP!!! Im an idiot... Someone unplugged my cable on the monitor... What a Piece Of Poo that effing F.... Anyway.. Case Solved!