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  1. The charger only support the original configuration so i think i'll just have to get a bit fancy with connecting the batteries that way when they are depleated they can be put back to the chargers specs. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi, so i have these batteries that operate on 11.1V and i want them it to be 18v But after pulling them apart they seem to be wired in a way that each battery or "cell" has its own wire between one another. What i want to know is weather or not i can remove all those inbetween wires add the extra 2 batteries on the end to get the required voltage and just charge the batteries from the end facing positive and negetive. Thanks,
  3. yeah its probs in Sydney, if they get a little mula in the budget a Melbourne or Adelaide server would be very nice
  4. i just seem to have a terrible time getting videos to load on the new floatplane.com site. running from home at a 70mbps down and 40mbps up, tried at work which is a 40/40mbps fiber line i'm 500 ish kilometers north of Adelaide SA.
  5. i tried running aida64 and after 5 minutes it thermal throttled to by 10% and was in the high 90's to 100's C the whole time, this was after i tested the IHS re applied a generous amount of Arctic MX-2 thermal paste and made sure the cooling block was tight and im only running on stock clock speeds and voltages. not really sure what to do now other than attempt to lower the clock speeds and make it perform worse but expand its life span.
  6. when i set windows power mode to balanced and closed google chrome the clock speed goes from a solid 4.6Ghz to under 2.8Ghz which lowers the temperature to sit happily on 30C... So yeah its just Chrome being Chrome lol
  7. i wasn't able to do this as i'm too inexperienced to understand the vast amount of settings available on my motherboards bios, i might get in contact with gigabyte themselves or continue to research this as i find the time.
  8. it appears to be idling at 4.6Ghz and 1.2V- 1.3V which i agree is unnecessary just to sit on the dekstop... should i do something about this? and is the fix a windows or bios one? Edit - Motherboard is a Gigabyte Z390 Arorus Pro Wifi and i haven't done any bios updates to it.
  9. Wicked, the last thing id want to is damage and expensive chip like that but if it doesn't ring any alarm bells i shall set and forget, till it needs the dust blown off of it lol
  10. thats a relief to hear lol. Thats a good idea i'll give that a crack when i get a chance next, i will also apply some nicer thermal paste while i'm at it.
  11. straight to the point, i have a H150i Pro liquid cooler and a i9-9900k and it struggles to get idle (1-5%) under 40 degrees C i'm not 100% sure but to me that's a bit high for idle, playing gta 5 it only gets to about 30% - 40% usage and about 60 degrees C all 3 fans are on 1500RPM and the pump is 2700ish RPM. the case is the fractal define R6 and the Rad is mounted on the top with the fans pushing air out the top and the thermal paste is stock. i have heard things about the CPU lids not being flat preventing bad contact, and in order to rectify i would have to sand it, that is my worst case s
  12. oh i wasn't aware they had intentions to change it. Thats good then i look forward to it.
  13. IMO it would look a lot cleaner and nice if the mic and stand wasn't in the shot because its never centered and even tho its not in focus its still an eye sore and doesn't compliment the nice background at all. is there no way to rectify this while retaining sound quality?
  14. yeah every morning i refresh the mwave and PCCG websites, hopefully soon.