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  1. If you house was wired by your uncle and father, who are not electricians, you've got bigger issues that can't be fixed with one simple cheap device.


    4 minutes ago, tech.guru said:

    you best to get ups and move out than. there is other things you could do but i suspect that would cause further wedge. your issue isnt a technical one but a emotional one.


    you know the solution is an electrician needs to look at the wiring. your father is putting everyones life at risk. i suspect you have seen other issues that leads you to believe poor electrical wiring. 


    that stuff is behind walls, you can easily fall asleep and something catch on fire. get good smoke detectors


    As above, you have bigger issues than your computer to worry about.


    In the meantime, you'll have to deal with the problems, but I would at least get a surge protected power block and plug everything into that, for a little bit of protection.

  2. Build I finished about 3-4 months ago.


    Photo's then the specs:



    Case:           Louke Ghost S1 MkII + 2 Large top hats

    MBoard:       Asus ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING

    CPU:            Intel i7-8700k @5ghz

    GPU:           EVGA GTX 1080ti 

    RAM     :      Corsair 32GB 3200Mhz

    PSU:            Silverstone SFX 800 W 80+ Titanium

    Memory:      Samsung 960 Pro 512gb

    Cooling:       Custom loop - 2 x 240 rads (one on the top with 2 noctua fans, one on the bottom with 2 EK Varder fans), EK-DDC 3.2 PWM (12V PWM pump), EK GTX1080ti block, EK Velocity CPU block, soft tubing with EK black fittings.

  3. Feedback from an Aussie with family attending for a second year.


    I'll add a few of items that would be nice to include next year.

     1. Set up lines for each booth with approximate waiting times posted along the length of the line, so people can see how long they will wait if they join the line at that point. It will help people decide if they want to join the line and also set expectations when waiting in line. This would have been good for the VR booth as on the day I saw a short line near the end of the day with about 10-12 people in it and thought great, I'll take the kids in for their first VR experience, but it still ended up being a 30 min wait. Also for booths with set times and set amount of participants you could indicate on the sign that its 4 people at a time and goes for 10 minutes each time, etc.

     2. Sit down areas and rest areas. Maybe some comfy chairs and coffee tables etc. Especially for the plus ones and kids who are dragged around all day and could sit down and rest for bit while their father keeps going around and waiting in lines etc. ;)

     3. Do a preorder for merch, so you can just show up and pick up on the day. Would cut down processing time a lot.

     4. The charity auction biding and cut off time was again bit unfair. Last year I put a few big bids for some items and at the end was outbid by someone who came in at the end and looked through the lists for the highest bid and just upped it by 1 dollar. Same agin this year, at 4pm on the saturday there was a mad rush with everyone grabbing clipboards and putting in the highest bids by a dollar. I think it should be either a true silent auction, where you drop in your bid and details into a box without being able to see the other bids, or an hour before the cutoff, take away the clipboards and if anyone wants to bid have them tell the attendants who can record it without telling them the current highest bid.

     5. Get a meet and greet area for Luke set up. He was stuck all day saturday at the main entrance hallway. Or give him and the other main talent a handler, someone who can take them through the crowds and politely tell fans sorry he is busy right now but will be at the meet and greet booth at these times.


    Other than that it was a great event again and my 2 boys, 5 and 10, loved it as well. I was a bit apprehensive about bringing them as last year was a bit of a mad house with kids running around everywhere, but this year was great. Everything was structured and organised and it really was a family event.


    Hope to see everyone again next year.


    P.S. Just arrived back in Sydney after extending our stay in Vancouver and then going on up to Alaska. If anyone is contemplating going, I highly recommend it. A beautiful part of the world to see and there is so much to do. Take the whole family, I will be again next year!

  4. Run at least 4gauge power and earth from your battery to your amp, the earth isn't necessary if you do the next 2 things, but I would still do it anyway. 1.Ground your amp to the nearest car chassis ground point with 4 gauge. 2.You should also upgrade the ground wire on your battery to the chassis in the engine bay with 4 gauge.


    Let us know how you go  

  5. Build another wall with a 1 or 2 inch gap in front of the wall in question. Insulate it with acoustic batts and double sheet it with 13mm acoustic plasterboard. If you can mechanically fix it off inside the apartment and seal all sides it will work very well for medium cost. If you can't mechanically fix it then use fittings that decouple it from the floor ceiling and walls completely and seal around the gaps with rubber seals.


    Do you have budget in mind for this?

  6. 3 hours ago, OmicronEta said:

    OK, first of all, even if you take the ITX with the i7 and 1080 to LTX, IT'S STILL an i7-8700k and 1080ti. It would be fine for no matter what you do. But if you have the time and patience and willingness to, You could put the i9/RTX in the Ghost and take it to LTX and put it in the Corsair when you get back home.

    That's my problem, the 8700 and 1080 is currently in the S1 and I've just finished the water cooling loop for it. The 9900 is in the 750d with the Corsair AIO and 2080 is still fan cooled. Not sure if I have the time to put the ek block on the 2080 and change everything over to the S1, and then put the 8700 and 1080 in the 750d and finish a full loop for that. God damn it, I need a clone.

  7. Hi Guys and Girls,


    I have a little problem in making a decision on what hardware to put in my cases. To make matters a bit more challenging I have tickets to LTX BYOC and will be taking the smaller rig to it, so keep that in mind for the below choices:


    Main tower case is Corsair 750D

    Motherboard is Asus Maximus XI Extreme

    AX1200i power

    Fully watercooled


    Second travel/LAN case is Louqe Ghost S1

    Motherboard is Asus ROG Z390-I ITX

    SilverStone SST-SX800-LTI

    Fully watercooled 




    Intel i7-8700K @5ghz

    Intel i9-9900k @5ghz

    Both can be water cooled with EK block or corsair AIO



    GTX 1080Ti

    RTX 2080Ti

    both are water-cooled with EK blocks


    The obvious choice is to keep both the i9 and RTX together and i7 and GTX together.

    I can put the i9 and RTX in the Corsair 750D for the best cooling and performance but I would really like to take the best LAN computer to LTX which would mean putting them in the Ghost S1.


    Could I please get some opinions and pros and cons from everyone.


    Thanks in advance.

  8. 3 hours ago, Mr. Cucumber said:

    Home, Held up by pillars and walls, Walls are 14 and 11.45 feet apart, Walls are made from bricks.  

    Based on it being a home and having brick walls taking the load, its going to be a no. You would need at a minimum concrete reinforced columns holding up that slab and the slab would also need to be at minimum 200mm thick 32mpa concrete. The columns would also need there own pad footings/slab and piered down into load bearing ground.


    Unless you have all the answers to the above for an engineer to look at you'll be wasting your time getting someone in to look at it. 

  9. Take it easy mate, he's not attacking anyone! We're all friends here.


    How about we help him by giving him programs to use:


    CPU testing and benchmarking:

    Intel extreme tuning utility




    GPU testing and benchmarking:

    MSI Afterburner with Kombustor

    Unigine Heaven Benchmark

  10. Need more info, what's holding the slab up, walls, columns, brick block or concrete? How far apart are the walls below supporting that room? Is it a house or industrial/commercial building?