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  • Birthday May 29, 1986

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    Computers, 3d design, video editing, photography, cinematography, diy electronics
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    Grew up physically ... Still a kid mentally... ?
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    Just completed my masters... No job yet ?


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    Intel Core™ i9-9900k
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    Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero
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    32GB Gskill tridentZ
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    2 1080ti in sli
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    Thernaltake Core P5
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    256GB Samsung 950 pro m.2 SSD
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    Coolermaster Masterwatt Maker 1200 MIJ
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    ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q 24.5”
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    NZXT RL-KRX72-01 Kraken X72 360mm
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    Pirated windows 10 :v

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  1. none of the commands are working .... guess I have to ditch this install and start over ...
  2. I have debian 10 and kde desktop environment setup in my pc. So when I try to boot into linux (at kde splash screen) I enter my correct password nothing happens as if my enter key does not work to confirm this I started a terminal session (ctrl+alt+f#) and logged into console mode using my password. So why does not the enter key work in the splash screen? and why does the session dropdown menu is empty when it should show plasma? https://youtu.be/JprsiTXlr9Q
  3. The great linus says that hitting solid state drives with massive files wears them out. But he also says these days it's getting harder and harder.
  4. Don't fill it up and Don't hit it with massive files?
  5. Very interesting problem. Reminds me of my old days when I used to have really crappy hardware and really high hopes XD. But did you confirm that the card itself is not the issue? Did you test it on any other working (non hp pref. custom built system)? please Update
  6. There is a redneck way and an elegant way Redneck way tie a piece of fishing line to support the card from above. Elegant way - stuff an action figure or something small and thin (so it doesn't restrict airflow) under the corner... Take something a but taller than you need (slightly) then keep filing it down till it fits snugly. (don't use force to wedge things under your expensive card)
  7. Okay that makes a lot of sense. But are there any tips to fully utilize your ssd while making it last.
  8. I was saying about performance because the os continuously uses the drive ...so opening small tasks seem snappier when I used a separate drive. (I seen this with m.2/m.2 situation not sata ssd and hdds side by side)
  9. Should one keep the operating system on a separate SSD (nvme) and software on another drive? The OS ssd is understandable but should I keep software on another nvme, sata ssd or a traditional mechanical hard drive? For example the MATLAB is a 150Gig piece of software I don't have enough space to keep it in another drive and I don't feel like buying another 250G m.2 for just that and (stupid question) aren't sata ssds and a high performance hard drive perform the same (for software installs? I doubt it though ) So Windows and Linux dual boot on M.2 software on Sata ssd and
  10. I made a mistake (it is a 300m MMF tranceiver) Thanks for pointing it out
  11. Have two SFP+ modules (20KM transceivers) and A 5m duplex LC LC single mode cable. So I was wondering if I connect the modules together will I burn out the diodes on each end (the RX part) LRXP8510-X3ATL
  12. I know but I use this for things other than Gaming and I live south east Asia (Within A less developed country) So monitors over 22 inches has huge tax implementation. For example a 21.5 inch monitor is 200 USD where a 24 inch is 400 (even the same brand and line of products where it costs 270 or 300 at best outside and this tax applies even if you buy the products yourself and ship it bug daddy customs gets us every time)
  13. I am actually (Virtualization, linux distro testing and modding and lots and lots of Rendering)
  14. Simple question, Can the 2080 super rack up 100+ Fps on AAA games @1080p max settings? i9-9900k 64GB 3200MHz (Vengeance RGB Pro) Msi optix MAG241C monitor (not relevant)