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  1. I suggest a tech quickie on ad bubble. Freakonomics did a 2 parter on effectiveness on ads. Stuff like 60% of ads aren't even seen and how search engine ads lose money for big players like eBay. https://pca.st/episode/da1e2604-4782-48c7-bebe-bf40951634dd
  2. They have stated they use American Apparel not American Eagle. As far as I know they are not related.
  3. @LinusTech@nicklmgHas LMG looked into partnering with American Eagle instead of the current supplier that you use? Leverage the options for the main AE and the womens Aerie line for LMG merch. Of course without the LMG branding but something new. Having gotten a few LTT merch over the past couple years,As a dude, I find the American Eagle fit and material more (not by much though) comfortable on my skin. Definitely need a new design for hoodie, all the stitching on that old design irritates my skin a lot. Wish I could have returned that one on time.
  4. These ROG reboot folks have made it clear they have seen LTT and yet have trouble with PC building/component to identify. There has to be a way LTT can make a guide that can appeal to that audience and teach them. Lots of graphics and on screen texts perhaps. But there seems to be an audience ready to learn outside of the average PC tech person.
  5. Summary Facebook is accelerating it's push in Indian market to help transition small businesses to digital. Quotes My thoughts Deals like this that are happening in African and Asian countries will affect the world and are important to pay attention to. Google, Microsoft and others are actively investing in developing markets. After Facebook purchased WhatsApp for industry record amounts, the plan to monetize it is being made true soon. WhatsApp usage started in India due to it's original ability to postpone sending messages until later lik
  6. Over the few times James has been on the WAN show he has mentioned a few podcasts he listens to. I am very curious to hear more of what he listens to because I have enjoyed his mentions. He seems to be really good at curating. Either a small segment on WAN Show written by James or full on Hosting a short show on CarPoolCritics would be my suggestion. I really hope to hear James and other LMG members on what they listen to in terms of podcasts and any relations they can make on how it has impacted them or their view of a subject.
  7. Hey LMG, can you try to do techquickies and when travel is safe go to India and have videos on the vehicles that have replaceable batteries? I am sure Linus would want to check out the electric bikes that are popular, with one such that I know of that instead of charging it up at a station, they have a system to just replace the battery instead. There is a car version of this model as far as I am aware as well.
  8. I like the idea of just getting fan submissions for what kinds of things they have difficulty helping non-tech literate people and doing one big live stream answering those questions. But I can see most of the issues would arise when using something completely different. You can show how to work with an Asus router all day and get no result because the other party has a locked down ISP modem combo.
  9. I would like to see LTT series that is the antithesis of Black Mirror. You have your regular content that sheds light on ongoing issues with technology/security/privacy (especially on WAN show). Can we see an ongoing series that delves into envisioning a more positive Star Trek like utopian technology world would look like? Just leave out any negative thoughts and practice some sort of stubborn optimism to create one instance of positive influence on society each episode.
  10. Hey, I have a dumb question. If I have an access point range extender. If I set the SSID to be the same as my router, will the network switch over seamlessly?
  11. Hi, I am trying to host team video conferencing on Discord. We have had many drops and glitches. The rest of the team wants to move to Zoom and just pay for it. I would like to avoid that but having trouble finding something cheaper. Discord/Slack have the per person payments and this is just a First Lego League team. We wouldn't want to pay that much for everyone. If anyone has experience with Server Boosting performance. I would like to know have you had any issues after boosting to lvl1? Did you have problems on the free version? We have people on laptops, tablets, m
  12. I would like to see more in depth factory tours. More along the lines of documentaries that encompass the entire process pipeline to some extent. I would assume much of it would be explained through graphics. Seeing stuff like raw programming wouldn't be entertaining but to get really technical you could do these tours and give a few mins to explain the company culture, project management styles and how the teamwork allows for the creation of a product.
  13. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/ok-boomer
  14. Is the Luke and Linus Star Wars Commentary going to be some sort of cross over episode with the WAN Show and Carpool Critics but like the live tweeting version? I would really be down to have Linus flesh out his ideas on how the sequel trilogy could have been. I really enjoyed the concept and would be very interested if this Luke/Linus Star Wars Commentary was a stepping stone to a more fleshed out "fanfic". I say "fanfic" because like... if the creators don't care why does it matter.
  15. Hey LMG, Any chance you guys could setup something like the Roast but awards? Or just integrate with LTX? Would be really awesome to have dedicated ceremonies for tech channels that the broad "Tech" category that the Shorty Awards just doesn't cover. Best Tech Commentary, Best Hardline Build, Best Build Guide etc. And then for Floatplane just the YouTube equivalent but FP, maybe when its out of beta. I could see a new Floatplane channel on FP dedicated to celebrating FP members. Maybe like a one time fee to view the single awards stream every year?