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    6700K @ 4.7GHz
  • Motherboard
    Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1
  • RAM
    16Gb 3200mhz 16-18-18-38
  • GPU
    980ti 1490/7900
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define S
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    Various SSDs
  • PSU
    EVGA 850 G2
  • Cooling
    Full custom loop 420mm+360mm rads

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  1. have screenshots of my pc running for over 200hrs somewhere, the pump will give you plenty warning before it fails, the bearing on a D5 will be noisy as all hell before it stops in my experience with them. Can't comment on other pumps, I use a bicycle pump and pressure gauge to test my loop for leaks before coolant goes anywhere near the pc, this means I don't have to worry about leaking coolant when its on, also its a lot faster to find a leak prior to filling.
  2. You stated 15c delta yes? 15c is pretty decent, personally as long as my gpu doesn't hit 50c and my cpu doesn't go over 80c I'm happy. The 1080mm rad with all the fans on in the first image is mine, it will be going into the loop at some point so i can run all the fans at pretty much idle in my rig. Its easy to get caught up on the numbers, but as long as you're getting good temps on your parts, it doesn't sound like a jet engine and all your parts are running at their best possible clock speeds, you're golden. ?
  3. Loop order doesn't matter. It's not an open loop, you close the lid on your res the loop is now sealed, its a custom loop. Your case will restrict some heat output, this is normal. D5 and bigger rads will lower temps up to a certain point, rads lose their effectiveness the cooler they are, if you want your coolant to be almost the same as ambient then buy some bulkhead fittings and plumb one of these into the loop.
  4. Honestly, if IBT AVX MAX passes like 20 runs, you're gold, the result should be a 3.xxxxxxxxx result anything else shows instability. Prime crashing cores means unstable, personally I'm not a fan of prime, it needs to run for a long time as it runs through passes of different sizes, people think like 3-4 hours is long enough and think they're stable then run into random blue screens because it hasn't ran long enough.
  5. But then his E-Peen would of been smaller dude, he absolutely needed the K skew or no one would of taken him seriously....
  6. Depends what you've been using to test with? If my PC passes an IBT AVX maximum test then 9/10 its fully stable.
  7. There's more to it than that, if you're really, REALLY pushing your systems like I do, an air cooler just won't do, I have never lost a system on water, but I have lost a motherboard and CPU overclocking on air. Linus said so himself, if you're just using your PC and not tinkering like myself, then custom loops or AIO aren't for you, But i'm yet to see an air cooled pc hit the same voltages and temps as my custom loop. Anyway, I'd like to point something out, the cooling down takes longer aspect, personally not sure where you got that from as i've filled my rads up with boiling water before
  8. Comparing temps from a 6700k to a 9900k is apples to oranges, also loop order doesn't matter, at all. 85c with that amount of rad space sounds ok, personally i hate heat so both my cpu and gpu share a 420mm and a 360mm rad combo. at 1.55v my cpu hits 86c during stress tests. at 1.6v my cpu hits 92c during stress tests but my cpu is only capable of 4.7ghz so isn't worth going about that.
  9. if you get the new set and it does the same, the issue is your bios not the sticks, probably still trying to load the old settings from the old ram.
  10. if you buy good parts you only buy once, give it a try if they say no i highly recommend the CTR.
  11. Ah my mistake i thought it was just a pump top not a res combo unit, do you have funds to replace the res? if so and you want acrylic instead of that black soft plastic you could get yourself a primochill CTR or similar, D5 pump tops etc are universal so any D5 pump will fit a res or top or combo.
  12. I went from a FX8350 which was paired with a good set of RAM 2400 cl 9 i think and a sabertooth 990fx, 970 gpu. The cpu was watercooled as was teh motherboard and card everything was overclocked and the fx ran 5ghz daily. After loads of people said intel would shit on my rig i switched to intel and left AMD behind.... MAN WAS I DISAPPOINTED!!! All these claims made by intel users about how superior and such their chips where exaggerated, in benchmarks i wasn't that far away from them, and fps in games was always well above 60fps... possibly 10-20 fps lower than my inte
  13. the acrylic is fine, the soft plastic needs delicate care, i used to be a mechanic and handled a lot of delicate bike parts etc but its so so so easy for users to screw the fittings in slightly skewed which will chew up the thread. I would contact EK and see if they will replace it, worth a shot, or grab an acrylic top.