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    I may not always know what I'm talking about, but at least I sound like it.
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  1. This is the funniest video LTT has put out in a long time. Why didn't they just use that new white 2080 ti (?) that came out?
  2. The word is French in origin, I believe, but that term is used (to my knowledge) all over Canada.
  3. No, I'm talking about when he said "beanies", in Canada we call it a toque.
  4. 20:19, that moment when Linus shows he's actually American.
  5. Really looking forward to when this is finished and working!
  6. My desk is made up of four parts: A dining-room table, a little table I built myself, a piece of wood I have laid across the aforementioned little table another proper desk. The table is about 32"x48", the little table is 36"x20", the piece of wood adds about 24"x18", and the other desk is about 54"x20". They're set on in an L with the table making up one side, the small table in the corner, and the piece of wood and other desk forming the remaining side. All in all, a good amount of space for two monitors, two large speakers, a big amp, and a second PC, not to mention all the extra clutter I cover it with.
  7. Definitely one of the weirder and more abstract things that can go wrong in space, usually you'd be thinking about air-locks, power, vital equipment, etc, but not toilets.
  8. I've updated the firmware (using windows), and I've successfully installed Linux. Thank you for your help!
  9. So I set up a RAID 0 VD on my controller using only one drive, Windows picked it up just fine I and I have successfully installed Windows Server 2016. I'll try again with Ubuntu. It would seem that the server (and any operating systems) can only see Virtual Drives.
  10. Since one of the other servers I have is a PowerEdge 1950, I figured they might have the same RAID card, so I swapped them. I tried again, but go the same result.
  11. I tried it and windows found no drives to install the OS on.
  12. Okay, I'll try that. See page one. I have a screenshot of the error report with all the categories collapsed, just tell me which ones you want to see expanded.
  13. I don't think that's possible in my variant. The backplane is plugged into the motherboard via a 20-pin connector that appears to be for power, the actually SAS cables that come from the backplane are plugged into a board on top of the drive area that has a small heat-sink on it and looks like a RAID card (although I can't be sure, nowhere on it does it say "RAID" or PERC 6/i"). That (removable) card is attached to a sideplane via a PCI-e 8x physical connector and this sideplane is in turn plugged into the motherboard (via a PCI-e 16x physical connector).
  14. What if I only want to install Ubuntu on one drive and have no RAID?