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    I may not always know what I'm talking about, but at least I sound like it.
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  1. A little ways down on the right hand side of the forum there are three boxes each with a video from one of LMG's channels in it. Normally the video shown is the latest one but today it showed me an older video from Tech Linked, a Techquickie video from 2013, and an LTT video from 2017. Is this intentional or is it a goof?
  2. Computernaut

    New video idea

    10 minutes to find the pieces or to build the computer? 10 minutes is not enough for even Linus to assemble a computer.
  3. Computernaut


    Sounds like there might be something wrong with the display itself. If another monitor works fine then there's no problem with the GPU.
  4. Computernaut

    Can a power outage kill a HDD?

    So then why would it not show up or work when I turned my computer on after the power loss?
  5. Computernaut

    Can a power outage kill a HDD?

    I was doing some electrical work in my house and had to flip a breaker, unfortunately it was the one that my computer's socket is on (the computer was sleeping at the time). When I turned it back on it booted to my SSD, but my storage HDD didn't show up or work. A restart fixed it but it did get me curious as to whether a sudden loss of power could kill an HDD. Can it?
  6. Computernaut

    How to disable secure boot?

    Restart the computer while holding shift, you will be redirected to a menu where you can get into the BIOS; from there, find the secure boot setting and (obviously) disable it. There shouldn't be any side effects except for secure boot not being enabled.
  7. Computernaut

    I WANT to Recommend This... Corsair One (2019) Review

    I found the background a bit distracting in this video, the monitor with 3D-mark running on it was hard not to focus on and the high level of specific detail, not to mention the lighting tone delta between Linus and what's behind him, made the video a little hard to watch comfortably.
  8. The HP Omen X 65 Experium. It's a 65-inch 4K gaming TV with G-Sync, HDR, 144 Hz refresh-rate; the works.
  9. Computernaut

    No real video descriptions? :(

    I agree. Sometimes they do have a little blurb about the video further down. Having it at the top would be much better.
  10. Computernaut

    The Fastest Gaming Laptop We've Ever Tested!

    I don't get why Linus hates those right-of-the-keyboard track-pads. A mouse goes to the right of your keyboard, so why not a track-pad? Also, why is he complaining about the lack of a webcam, if there was one above the screen he would complain that the bezels were too big and if it was underneath he would think that that was a stupid spot just like he did with all the other laptops with webcams there. How many people actually use the webcam on their gaming laptop anyway?
  11. Computernaut

    The REAL Solution to the NOTCH

    I'm all for thin bezels on computer monitors but on phones, especially when it comes at the expense of usability and appearance, I just think it's silly; I was mortified when I found out my brother's phone didn't have a hardware home button (LG K4 2017) but now the joke's on me since I'm getting an LG G3, a phone with the same problem. Anyway, I will wait for this to blow over in one way or another and then laugh at and speculate upon the next silly phone trend.
  12. Computernaut

    LG G3 Custom ROM

    I'm going to be getting an LG G3 and I've heard that it's best to get a newer ROM for it. So I have three questions: 1. Should I bother getting a custom ROM since it's such a hassle and with my luck I'll probably end up wrecking my phone and/or have a very frustrating time? 2. If I do get one which one should I get, I don't need it to be similar to anything since I've never had a phone (although I will have eventually to adjust from it to something)? 3. What's the best tutorial for installing the custom ROM? I've found several guides and they all seem very different in their procedure.
  13. Computernaut

    Strange question, really long pants

    That's the problem, I'm tall but not big.
  14. Computernaut

    Hard riddle

    The grammar of that post is so messed up I legitimately don't even really know what they're asking.
  15. Computernaut

    Strange question, really long pants

    Random weird question, where can I get pants for really tall slim guys? I'm looking for pants with a 28" waist and 36" inseam. I've check all the stores in my vicinity and either the pants are too big or too short. Not sure why I'm asking this here but I'm out of ideas.