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    All Knowing Super User

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    All things Technology.
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    Multiple Degree's across most sectors in the IT field. Chances are I have a general understanding of anything you have to tell me.
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    Cyber Security Incident Response Specialist


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    Asus Rog
  • RAM
    64gb 3200
  • GPU
    2x 1080ti
  • Case
    Stormtrooper (looking for a better liquid cooling tower)
  • Storage
    2x 512gb 950 pro's, 1 512gb 960 pro m.2, 4 x 8tb 7200 rpm drives
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    3x Asus 27" 1440p 165hz (PG278QR)
  • Cooling
    Full custom loop
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    Gen 1 g15
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    M65 Pro RGB
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    G930 headset, 7.1 surround system by Klipsch
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    Windows 10 pro (duh)

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  1. AngryBeaver

    Microcenter deals (local)

    Really?! That is pretty terrible. Seeing that they price-match from most places even amazon as long as it is prepared and shipped by them.
  2. AngryBeaver

    Microcenter deals (local)

    Ya, I was going to get them a 2200g before I saw the deal on it. They had a very limited budget which I had offered to double, but for a 12/14 year old saving more than 200-300 is pretty hard apparently lol. I retired their old fx6300 with a 660ti. Which actually did do pretty good in most games, but games like Apex would have pretty nasty dips and looked like a playdo world :-D.
  3. AngryBeaver

    Microcenter deals (local)

    Just wanted to put this out there for anyone that has one close. My local (and others) microcenter are having some pretty big deals this weekend/week. I tossed together a budget midrange machine for my nephews for about 450 full build. Ryzen 1600 B350 pro motherboard (atx) 8 GB 3200 ram (2x4) 480gb inland ssd 1 Tb Seagate Red dragon rx580 CX500 PSU Cm masterbox lite RBG Total after tax $484 I mention the above because the 1600 was only 69.99 and then the 30 off for cpu/mobo bundle meant I got the pair for about 100. Then the GPU was 170 for the rx580. There was also a deal on the ssd, but that is always the case on their in house brand. Now I know the 1600 is last gen, but if you are trying to put together a new rig on the cheap... they are basically giving them away. Anyways if you have a local microcenter it is worth checking out.
  4. AngryBeaver

    Is this a good PC?

    A few things I will say on this build. SSD's have come way down in price... you can get a 240gb ssd for just a few bucks more and a 480gb SSD can be had for around $45 compared to the 25-30 for a 240gb. The Cooler you have picked out is a 120mm AIO. I wouldn't go with an AIO unless space is an issue or you have one that is at least 240mm of bigger. For the price of this cooler you could get an air cooler which would offer better thermal performance. You can get a Artic Freezer 33 Esport edition for $35-$45 depending on color combination you choose.
  5. AngryBeaver

    Suround sound tech dolby atmos

    They do very similar things, but I find atmos to be better (for me)
  6. AngryBeaver

    First Used Mining GPU Purchases review/testimony

    I have said this in the past that mining on a GPU in general doesn't do much to kill the card any quicker. If anything the mining cards have been taken better care of than most gaming cards. They are normally undervolted and run at lower temps than your average gaming card.
  7. AngryBeaver

    Apex Legends - Poor SLI performance [FIX]

    I have't run in to a single FPS issue... I just can't stand how terrible the servers are. Seems every match we get rubberbanding for a good 30+ seconds.
  8. AngryBeaver

    Spotify banning ad blockers

    Fine by me. I don't use their service and for sure would now. Good thing there are plenty of other options out there.
  9. AngryBeaver

    Suround sound tech dolby atmos

    Normally you only have 2 choices. You can use the default windows driver which will let you use atmos or sonic... then you have the manufacturer's driver which may or may not support them. For my g930 the windows drivers kills the LFE channel and makes it sound terrible. For my Steelseries they all work great, but I prefer atmos due to better object based sound.
  10. AngryBeaver

    $200-250 IPS/VA monitor?

    So the VA panels tried to be a combination of a TN monitor and an IPS. Early on they had the advantage of higher refresh rates than your standard IPS display, but now that isnt really much of a factor as IPS goes over 60hz too now. So if you look at a TN panel you will get better color reproduction and better viewing angles with VA, but you will also have a higher response time. So today VA panels dont really beat IPS monitors when it comes to gaming and tbh of gaming is all you are going to do then TN might be the best answer although with a sacrifice on color accuracy. I just think if you are in a place where you want better colors then saving a little more for a good IPS monitor would be better. That response time does make a difference in FPS and other competitive games.
  11. AngryBeaver

    First pc

  12. AngryBeaver

    $200-250 IPS/VA monitor?

    Stay away from VA panels. IPS is better in the majority of ways. I think the only real advantage VA has is it can produce better black levels, but it still isn't true blacks like an Amoled and it does so at a performance cost in both frame rate and response time.
  13. AngryBeaver

    Suround sound tech dolby atmos

    It really depends on the drivers. Like for example I have an older G930 that will work with them if I use the default windows drivers, but they sound pretty weak because they lose support to the different channels. Now if I install the Logitech drivers for them they sound great, but they no longer can use Dolby Atmos... so if I want them to sound good I am stuck using the decent, but not great Logitech 7.1 software. Now the SteelSeires Arctis Pro works perfect with them and their own DTS 2.0 solution (I prefer the Dobly Atmos). So it mostly depends on the headset and the way the drivers are setup for it.
  14. AngryBeaver

    Will it work?

    It is one of the machines in my lab that nephews play on. I want to say it has a 780 or 780ti. Tbh I have a good few gaming machines in the lab... so remembering what is in what is daunting lol.
  15. AngryBeaver

    Will it work?

    I've had to use those adapters in the past on one of my older rigs. It had a BFG 1000W PSU that only had 6 pin PCI-E connectors. I ended up having to use 1 2x 6 pin to 8 pin and another one that took 2x 4 pin molex to a 6pin pci-e connector. The PSU isn't the greatest, but it still holds its own and it was just a matter of cards back then not needing more than that so an "SLI" ready psu only had 2 pci-e connections.