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  1. goto10

    Bluetooth card

    card as in pci express with wifi or just a usb bluetooth adapter?
  2. goto10

    new motherboard, questions about nvme

    my concern with tools is if i should create a boot usb or liveusb tool, this easeus seems to be a tool you install, usually that is the fastest way tp get in trouble when cloning partitons, but i am worried on how tp detect the nvme, ise it as the cloning destination and then boot from it as i mentioned i know nothing about nvme process
  3. cpu has to go, with it the ram and motherboard gt710 is really a bad gpu, has to go too i wouldnt upgrade any of those, i would start with a new build, in your case it would be perfect a r3 3200, 8gbs of ram and start from there but your budget is really limited
  4. goto10

    new motherboard, questions about nvme

    good tho know, thank you for the replies any tips on the install and migration and the configuration on bios?
  5. i built a new ryzen pc, well, sort of new i kept most parts from the old pc, only bought a r3 2200, a gigabyte b450m dsh3 and a corsair 2x4 ram kit i kept the hard disk and ssd from the previous build i found a sort of deal on a adata sx6000 m.2 nvme 256gbs ssd, around 45 dollars more or less i dont like the brand much, but it seems that is decent enough as i found on reviews, that got me confused if is sx6000, pro or xpg, i will have to find out that part on the store because adata doesnt explain if is 1 or 3 products i want to use it as boot drive and to store a couple games i want fast access, gta v mostly i have 3 concerns about the idea 1. the motherboard doesnt have a m.2 heatsink, should i be worried or buy a heatsink? will only be used for a couple games 2. i never worked with nvme m.2 ssds, any tips i should follow? havent found much information on bios details and that sort of stuff in youtube and forums, well, information for a nvme noob like me 3. i want to migrate the partition on the ssd, any tips about that? i think i should use a liveusb like clonezilla to clone from the ssd and then put the image in the nvme, any suggestions on this step? i would like to move to nvme for 3 reasons, use the m.2 slot on the motherboard, gain more fast storage space and learn more in the process, if i keep using sata, well, i will never learn more, right?
  6. i have a a400 and is doing well here, crucial is also good i have a older sv or uv400, more than 2 years and going strong
  7. that cpu will not push to the maximum most high end gpus, perhaps the biggest gpu i would put with in that pc would be a rx580 or 570, nothing more you can put a better gpu, thinking that in the future you will change cpu, motherboard and ram for a ryzen 3000 or 4000 next year often depends on your budget, your plans for the machine, if you plan to sell it later, the psu you already have, the case and airflow it has at the moment, more details
  8. not used or second hand, no, it was oem, tray cpus, they seem to buy them by the hundreds, are units meant to be used by system integrators, not sold per unit so they dont have boxes for the cpu perhaps you never bought a oem cpu on a tray, it looks like this for some reason they had the right heatsink for it on a oem box i bought it because it is cheaper and it came without the heatsink that i dont need, i have a cooler master tx3 evo is not a great cooler, but uses the old mounting system from the old amd cpus and is quiet, something most stock coolers dont offer
  9. i havent bought a oem cpu this way in years, i did it that with my last cpu, i bought it in a store and checked it when i bought it and it was fine, when i got home, it came with a bent pin, not that hard to bend it back and not sure how it got bent weird enough they gave me the heatsink it should have come with in a cardboard box made for this purpose, not the retail box, i was sure that oem cpus didnt came with a heatsink these days
  10. we already replied that modern gpus dont get damaged this way, only for touching it turned on, with water or humidity if you are worried for sending it by air, send it by land, if it is on another country, overseas, it migth take more time, but usually they only check it with x rays when sent this way, rarrly the box is opened, if ever is checked, the problem is transport it with you the youtuber tech yes city transport hardware all the time, he doesnt even put it in bags, he just put it inside his travel bags between his clothes and he has done it in multiple parts of the world, including north america i think you are preparing for the worse and abit in panic, and is innecesary really
  11. i already had a better heatsink, so in the box remains
  12. goto10

    is there a best ethernet cable?

    yes, you shouldnt use nothing under cat 5e, and has to be copper, there are cheap versions that dont have copper, those are garbage i only use cat6 now, is a bit more expensive but doesnt give me problems
  13. with ryzen is always preferred to have fast ram, but also remember that you can overclock ram is big the difference in price? what cl timings have both kits? not only speed is important
  14. goto10

    No POST on New Build

    one of the ram modules is not properly inserted, the top side must be inserted properly are those 4gb ram modules? they look weird
  15. goto10

    Will this help my CPU

    what i see is that you overclocked a q6600 up to 3ghz it should improve performance abit but this cpu is really old, 10+ years, is not the ideal machine to play games, in fact some games will not run because the cpu lacks instructions new games require