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    goto10 got a reaction from Ben17 in Temp Monitoring - Most Accurate?   
    each tool has their own parameters and drivers to handle the motherboard sensors, so each tool does thigs fdifferent
    some sensor apps even tell you they are measuring one thing but give you the value of other
    some motherboards sometimes use bad quality sensors so the measurements they give could be wrong
    yes a probe directly over the cpu will give you the right answer
    i personaly trust more on hwinfo
    but seeing such differneces on all 3 tools, it might be a motherboard with low quality sensors
    what motherboard is it? are you using the latest versions of those tools to measure temps?
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    goto10 got a reaction from Censors in Lenovo thinkpads   
    the quality of the touchpad and keyboard is legendary
    is really confortable to write on a thinkpad keyboard
    the body is really strong, to damage it by hitting the floor you have to hit it hard, motherboard is another story but body can take some abuse
    size and weigth, quality of the laptop in general is great, on dell, in enterprise ty laptops,no, just go lenovo, dell is hot and miss and im being kind there
    lenovo is not perfect, but you pay alot because you get alot
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    goto10 got a reaction from Kilrah in How can I use 2 internet connections on one PC?   
    if you have to choose, and 4g is more stable on your location, i would terminate that dsl service and live with it, i have friends that use similar connection on similar situtions and i understand why you want and need more, but i bet those copper lines they offer you are basically rusted/rotten and speeds come and go so is basically useless
    here is the video
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    goto10 got a reaction from Kearney36950 in Gaming Build (US)   
    amd, if rumors are true, in january or february intel will release new socket and kill the entire line of cpus they have moving things drastically ,the i9 will be 10 cores next year, imagine, how bad idea would be buying a i9 now
    is a safer bet to go with a ryzen, definitively
    from your build i would only change two things, the kraken and the cse, the case is very big, perhaps too big, specially wide, so desktop is filled with it
    the kraken is a aio, i personally don't like anything related to liquid cooling, air coolers give you alot less problems
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    goto10 got a reaction from BTGbullseye in Plz help is noob   
    yes, uninstall old gpu drivers with ddu before installing the rx, enjoy your amd gaming pc
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    goto10 got a reaction from Turtle Rig in PowerColor Red Devil 5700 XT - Strange Noise   
    the noise you describe is called coil whine
    it happens when as you mention a game with high framerates is being played
    some manufacturers use come elements on the electric design on the motherboards that are really noisy, is in general terms normal, it happens to most gpus
    but some are really noisy, some manufacturers might respond under warranty for this noise and replace your gpu with another, that might or might not be as noisy as your current one
    you decide if you return it as faulty or live with the noise, but is a component in the electrical part(chokes,vrm) on your gpu what makes this coil whine
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    goto10 got a reaction from Zando Bob in 2080 Ti sli watercooled   
    i always find sad to see that a person with lots of money, that likes to show off and doesn't have as much common sense as he or she thinks he has comes to a forum to express opinions
    really thinking that whatever they do is what others have to do, not taking ito account pros and cons, just go and do whatever you want, doesn't matter if t works or not
    when it doesn't work, they come saying that program a or game x are to  blame for not working with their configurations
    with your order of ideas just buy 4 titan rtx or wait for titan rtx super, nvlink them in pairs, then install that driver to sli them all 4 together, watercool them, you will need 2 360mm radiators and possibly 2 pumps or one big
    then when windows refuses to use 3 of them and some games refuse to use more than 2, come here and rant against microsoft, game developers, nvidia and x86 for limiting you in how you use pcs, because no one should tell you what to do
    am i following correctly your way of see things?
    people come to this forum expecting decent people replying to their questions, not to se some guy telling them they are plebs
    i bet you pay for every pc you have, never built one by yourself
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    goto10 reacted to Comax in Second Monitor is Not Being Detected   
    Yeah I was. I figured it out: the display port to hdmi cable wasn't working so I just used a dvi and a hdmi cable an everything seems to work fine now.
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    goto10 reacted to Corrupt_Liberty in Spilled water on PC   
    I am so sorry to be the one to tell you this.  It's probably fu**ed.  Without seeing exactly what got wet I can't really help you further.  Likely you already have corrosion, shorted traces, damaged components, possibly more.  Unless you know someone that does board level diagnostics and repair I'd say start saving for a new system.  And if any water got in that PSU you might as well toss that too.  It may be putting out power but the voltages may be off or may not be able to be maintained due to damaged ICs or other components.  I've seen bad PSUs ruin other components.  
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    goto10 reacted to PBpurple in problem upgrading to windows 10 pro   
    Thank you!
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    goto10 reacted to xg32 in Whats you opinion   
    sell whichever's worth more on the 2nd hand market, if it's the same price, i'd probably sell the older card in the 1080 ti, just make sure ur friend doesn't mind if u end up selling for higher than 200 (if that's even a problem)
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    goto10 got a reaction from Binus Bech Bips000000000 in All headphones not working on pc!! (Worried af right now)   
    headphones go in the second plug in the upper line of connectors, in your case is called l-out or line out
    the microphone goes in the connector called mic which in your case is the first on the upper line of connectors
    the other connectors are for a 7.1 surround sound audio system, so not necessary for your use
    have you entered in bios? did you assembled the pc by yourself?  does the case have those connectors in the front?
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    goto10 reacted to connoraragao in How are the NZXT H500’s thermals?   
    Thank you, may replace fans if I have the extra cash
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    goto10 got a reaction from Mrmaverick18 in Compatibility between b360 tuf plus gaming and team group ram   
    the ram is not that popular, so not much people buys it, should work, but if you want theoretically to be sure, the motherboard has a list of ram kits known to work
    the qvl list is here
    there are other team ram modules listed but not that one
    that doesn't mean it will not work, only means they did not tested that kit
    if you have concerns about compatibility, go for a corsair lpx kit, is really rare to have problems with corsair ram
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    goto10 got a reaction from garrickC in Lenovo IdeaCentre T540, too good to be true?   
    each machine has pros and cons
    this picture

    if you look at it, is the rear of that t540 you are asking for, there is only one sound jack 3.5mm in there, i don't see a microphone or speaker connector in the back, this tells me it is a highly customized motherboard, it has the normal headphone and mic in the front, also has usb type c in the front
    it has some nice features and is a good looking case, but the motherboard and psu are definitively not easy to replace in the future, possibly non replaceable with generic parts
    i personally would build a pc, for the flexibility it offers, a prebuilt always comes with limitations, and i personally keep pc parts for a long time, cases, psus, stuff like that, on this case you would have to buy it and sell it as it is, is very likely you will not be able to change the psu and gpu in the future, only the storage and thats it
    so, is a nice machine, but i wouldn't buy it
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    goto10 got a reaction from garrickC in Lenovo IdeaCentre T540, too good to be true?   
    too good to be true? is a prebuilt sold by lenovo, i don't see anything wrong there
    remember that as a prebuilt, the psu might be small so future upgrades will be limited, otherwise, seems like a decent machine
    about the storage, add a ssd shouldn't be a problem, these machines usually come with space for 2 hard disks, also cables for those to connect to the psu
    i don't know if lenovo voids warranty when opening the pc to add parts, i think it shouldn't be a problem in your case, is a matter of buy another ssd and connect it, then format it on windows, then is ready to be used as a steam library storage|
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    goto10 got a reaction from TVwazhere in Case Recommendations   
    better airflow than a meshify c?
    perhaps a h500 mesh from cooler master, none of the previous ones mentioned have better airflow than that one
    look at this review of it
    personally i would keep the meshify c, in fact i wouldn't change anything on your build, pretty much you have some of the best parts in terms of temperature and airflow possible
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    goto10 reacted to bmichaels556 in Budget PC's on ebay?   
    Hmm... You could probably be looking at something like a few Dell Optiplex compact models with i3's for example. If just a basic media PC for YouTube, watching some movies in 1080p (can't attest to 4K video performance), they'll be very adequate. I'm currently rocking one as a simple file server and it works just fine! 
    Check out Optiplex 3020's on Ebay, especially the small form factor "SFF" ones. 4GB of RAM on a lot of those... Hm.. I mean I think if you're literally just looking to open a handful of tabs in chrome, do some basic office-type tasks, watch movies or whatever the case may be, it should be fairly adequate, even with 4GB of RAM and the integrated graphics.
    Would love to hear what others have to think. And yeah, these can be had for WELL under $100 each. In fact, you can often find them with hard drive, Windows already installed, the 4GB of RAM installed, and you're basically off to the races for $75, maybe even less. MAYBE upgrade to some cheap 128GB SSD's for added speed? Trust me, it'll help A TON if you're hitting that 4GB RAM limit and start going into the page file. On a HDD, that will slow your system to a CRAWL. On an SSD, it'll still be adequate generally.
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    goto10 got a reaction from Adrian98765 in What is this chip on the motherboard?   
    that is the southbridge, these moterboards are from the time there was northbridge and southbridge chps
    each one handles different things, like sata, pci express comunication, agp comunication, ram comunication, lots of stuff that come more recent cpus handle directly, so southbridge and chipset have changed purpose and location
    some manufacturers decided that temperature was a concern and put a heatsink over them, others decided that a part working at 40°c is nothing and left them without a heatsink
    usually those are the chipset, in a modern pc it is for example the x570 chipset, to give it a name, it handles most stuff on the motherboard basically, what the cpu doesn't handle now, since it does alot, now is used a heatsink and a fan over it, because it consumes more power and generates more heat
    back in the lga 775 era, cases usually had very poor airflow, so a chipset without a heatsink usually always worked hot when moving files between hard disks, so some manufacturers decided to put the heatsink, to avoid getting complains about slow performance and high temperatures, others well, left them be without heatsink
    each manufacturer does things different, sometimes depends on what intel used to promise in terms of power consumption and temperature
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    goto10 got a reaction from chen57 in Case Recommendations   
    better airflow than a meshify c?
    perhaps a h500 mesh from cooler master, none of the previous ones mentioned have better airflow than that one
    look at this review of it
    personally i would keep the meshify c, in fact i wouldn't change anything on your build, pretty much you have some of the best parts in terms of temperature and airflow possible
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    goto10 got a reaction from Meganter in Case Recommendations   
    better airflow than a meshify c?
    perhaps a h500 mesh from cooler master, none of the previous ones mentioned have better airflow than that one
    look at this review of it
    personally i would keep the meshify c, in fact i wouldn't change anything on your build, pretty much you have some of the best parts in terms of temperature and airflow possible
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    goto10 got a reaction from MikeDoesStuff in Stinky laptop   
    the cigarrete smell is basically a glue, sticky material glued to the fan and cpu heatsink, you could disasemble and use some isoprphyl alcohol to clean internal parts, external parts also
    some people use a differen citric cleaner or parfum, to replace one smell with another
    some people when they smell this, they sell the part or pc, because it is almost impossible to remove
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    goto10 got a reaction from NineEyeRon in Is it safe to test PC parts without a proper test bench before installing them?   
    yes put the motherboard in top of the cardboard box the motherboard came in
    there is lots of videos on youtube of youtubers doing just that
    the idea is put the motherboard over a surface that is non electrically conductive and plug everything on it, including psu and gpu
    the problem often is the gpu, if your gpu is big and heavy is a pita to use it outside a case, so if you can' don't install it just the motherboard if it has a onboard gpu, if is a intel cpu probably has a hd630 or something like that, so you can test almost all parts
    to be honest, i never test parts, i just do a visual inspection then i assemble, i only use the cardboard if something failed
    the preassembly outside is only useful if you are going to watercool the pc, and want to avoid bad surprises like DOA motherboard or something like that
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    goto10 got a reaction from tiagorpint in Extending my internet range with either a repeater or a secound router.   
    the best way to do this is use a ethernet cable from your isp modem to your pc
    if you really want wifi and goo signal, you can buy a router, connect it to that ethernet cable i mentioned, the router will give you 4 ethernet ports to connect 4 ethernet cables and also will let you create another wifi signal with another password, so you can have on your room your own wifi separated from the wifi the isp gives you
    about the cable being ugly, you can install it properly, glued to the floor, walls, roof, it depends on how your kitchen connects to the rooom and what is the best path to hide that ethernet cable
    also consider calling your isp and asking them to move the modem to another location, the kitchen is usually not in the center of the house, so they installed it on the wrong place and are providing a bad service thanks to that
  25. Funny
    goto10 reacted to Andreas Lilja in How to play the last of us and the last of us 2 on PC?   
    The PS2 is nearly 19 year old, lol. I feel ooooooold.