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  • CPU
    I7-7700K @ 4.8 Ghz delidded
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Z270M-ITX/ac
  • RAM
    16GB G.SKILL Ripjaws @ 3000Mhz
  • GPU
    RX 580 Sapphire Nitro+
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define Nano S
  • Storage
    Crucial MX300 525GB
  • PSU
    EVGA 650W GQ 80+ Gold
  • Display(s)
    Dell IPS monitor @ 75Mhz
  • Cooling
    240 AIO Fractal Design Celsius S24
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Because the Star Wars franchise was an investment to them and they want to put as little effort into it as possible with the most payout, ergo they wanted an "experienced" game publisher with multiple studios to work on it. On paper, it's a good idea. EA pitched the idea basically saying "Hey, we can handle all the minutia on the technical side, distribution, marketing, etc and we have multiple studios so we can work on multiple games for you at once." That being said I think Disney is finding out why EA is so hated by the gaming community and I would not be surprised if the exclusivity gets dropped at some point.
  3. peanuts104

    [Poll] Rocket League Popularity

    I play regularly. I don't think I'm that good, but it's fun and competitive. The community can be toxic (and I will admit I've been part of the problem sometimes) and sometimes I question how well the ranking and matchmaking system work, but I love that I can sit down for 10 minutes, play a match, and go back to doing something else or sit and play it for a few hours straight. Edit: Just a quick thought. If I were going to contrast it with the other multiplayer game I play regularly, Siege, then I would I would say I prefer RL just because of the time factor. A siege game, even a casual one, takes a lot more time to get through. And it's fun and I love to play it with my friends, but if I'm about to fall asleep in the middle of a Siege match because it's after work and I'm tired, I can't just quit, versus RL it's not a problem because of the shorter matches.
  4. So they just need to steal your head.
  5. peanuts104

    Evaluate my pc build ig

    Unless you want the best overclocking performance, I would get a B450 mobo and save a few bucks. I would also go with the normal r5 2600, not the x version since everything I've heard says that the 2600 overclocks about the same as the 2600x. If you don't plan to overclock then r5 2600x is fine since it will be faster out of the box. I also recommend RAM with at a speed of at least 3000 MHz. Memory speed affects Ryzen a lot and faster memory will improve your experience with Ryzen. Other than that, everything else looks good. Edit: I forgot to mention, you may want to wait before pulling the trigger on this. AMD may be announcing the next generation of Ryzen at CES and if the rumors are true, there will be massive performance gains (although I am a bit skeptical).
  6. peanuts104

    First PC build!! Godlike!!!

  7. peanuts104

    Is it stil worth it buying an RX580 or GTX1060?

    If you're playing at 1080p and 60Hz they are both great cards. I'm seeing more deals on RX 580s right now than the 1060s though. If you can get either for under $180 US then I'd say go for it. I'm waiting to upgrade my monitor before I switch cards.
  8. peanuts104

    Tom's Incoming Foldable Phone Review

  9. peanuts104

    NVIDIA slapped with class action lawsuit over crypto crash.

    It was also a situation where financially Nvidia has deep enough pockets to bet big and AMD couldn't afford the risk. If AMD had bet big on crypto and lost, that might have done the company in.
  10. To play devil's advocate, since I really do think this is a bad idea, with all the accident videos of kids getting run over/killed in accidents/etc, it would be somewhat nice knowing that your child didn't make it to school just for safety reasons.
  11. peanuts104

    iPad Pros Shipping Bent from Apple, new feature

    With a company and customer base so focused on aesthetics as apple, I'm surprised the fanboys aren't absolutely outraged by this slight. $200 walmart tablets don't come out of the box bent.
  12. peanuts104

    Walmart patent to listen to every sound

  13. peanuts104

    2600 running really hot

    That looks good. Might even have some headroom to overclock if you wanted. If you wanted lower temps or more room for overclocking, you could spend ~$20-$40 on a better cooler (hyper 212, Croyrig H7 would be my two recommendations for that cpu), but if you don't plan to overclock you shouldn't need to.
  14. peanuts104

    2600 running really hot

    I see Cinebench recommended most often and it's a good one. I use prime95. Some people say prime95 could cause damage to the cpu, and I've only used it on Intel, so I don't know how prime95 behaves with ryzen. That being said, if you choose prime95, through my research, version 26.6 is the safest one and the one I see most overclockers recommend. If you do use prime95, use the small fft. I like prime95 because if your CPU is cool on it and your OC is stable on it, then you're good. Most other programs won't even come close to getting your CPU that hot.